A Research on The Relationship Between The Global Economy and The Environmental Protection Issues

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Published: Oct 16, 2018

Words: 2789|Pages: 6|14 min read

Published: Oct 16, 2018

Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Thesis statement
  3. The relationship between global warming and increased number of industries
  4. Carbon dioxide emission from the increased automobiles
  5. Industrial activities and global warming
  6. Globalization and deforestation
  7. Giving scholarly support to the effect of globalization on global warming
  8. Solutions to the issue at hand
  9. Conclusion


The issue on environmental protection and the global economy is quite a sensitive, broad one. This section of the paper sets to discuss these issues and also their significance. Environmental protection is the taking care of the environment on individuals, organizations or the government for the benefit of both the environment and the human species. On this research, the main agenda is to identify the relationship that exists between the global economy and the environmental protection issues. It is mandatory to be aware that where the world is working towards a globalized economy, the aspect of environmental protection must be taken with great care. It should be given the priority and categorize it as such for a better tomorrow and even a healthier one for that matter.

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Just a quick review of what the environment has for us. It has the natural gasses, coal, minerals, salt, gold, and freshwaters to mention but a few. These are some of the materials that the global economy is depleting every day and we ought to be attentive to the issue otherwise we will wake one day and get that the place that used to be so good for our living is no more. If not us, our grandchildren will not breathe the fresh air that we enjoy today(Scott-Cato, 2011, 3-8).

Now, environmental factor is a broad one, and I would not be able to cover it exhaustively, and therefore I will go down only on a particular aspect. Environmental aspects that an organization may have influence and control are regarded as the direct environmental aspects while those that an organization may have influence but can have little control are referred to as the indirect aspects. This is the same about the global economy.

On this study, I set out to discuss the issue on emission of pollutant gasses and greenhouse gasses that lead to global warming. I will discuss this issue in connection with the human activities that usually lead to this. Industrial activities that may lead to the emission of greenhouses gasses includes the spraying activities, burning of materials that lead to the emission of these pollutant gasses and consequently global warming. I will use different scholarly and academic materials to assess and determine the problematic relationship that the globalization with the environment. It goes without saying that the issue of global warming has raised concerns all over the world and activists and human rights ambassadors has not closed their eyes to see to it that the issue is addressed(Finley Brook, 2010, 36-39)

It is important to identify that the issue of global warming is not the only issue that is affecting the environment. There also includes other issues like the increased energy demands, industry and mass consumption of energy that are up to no good and they have continuously affected the environment negatively and lead to its depletion consequently. It has even lead to the extinction of animal species in the world.

Thesis statement

The issue at hand as said beforehand is the effect of air pollution on the emissions of harmful gasses into the atmosphere. This paper is all about the effect of globalization especially on the increased human activities that has seen enormous amounts of greenhousesgasses being emitted into the air. The issue will be related to the deteriorating environments and depletion of the ozone layer plus increased global warming. A good thesis will dictate that I give a stand. Well, here it is, it is quite true that the increased human activities have indeed lead to the depletion of the ozone layer and also has also lead to the global warming.

It is not a simple task to reconcile both the global warming issue and also the conservation issue. It does not mean that we won't try. It is supposed to be each and every one's agenda to protect the environment. Rules, guidelines and also regulations must be put into place, and we make it our rule to enforce and adhere to them.

The relationship between global warming and increased number of industries

Global warming is the gradual increase of the environmental temperatures caused by the greenhouse effects that are brought about by the emission of gasses like the carbon dioxide, ammonia gasses, chlorofluorocarbons plus other pollutants. The graphics below shows the amount of gasses emitted into the air in a period of 35 years. It is of concern that it has raised by about 60%(Finley Brook, 2010, 212)

The issue of human activities (globalization) has to a large extent led to the emission of harmful gasses. I will categorize several issues on this paper that proves to us that actually as indicated the human activities are leading to the global warming.

Carbon dioxide emission from the increased automobiles

It is true that with increased international the number of automobiles has greatly increased. Some places have been opened up to facilitate inter countries trade and have come with the increased vehicles more so the transportation lorries. A good example is the European Union Countries which has led to more fleet of lorries. This is a major source of carbon dioxide emissions. Another common source of carbon dioxide emission is the air transport. Some statistics show that 4-9 percent of the green houses gasses emitted in the air is caused by the aviation industry.

The research also indicates that between the year 1994 and 2004 the amount of the aviation increase by 87%. It is therefore evidenced that with the globalization of the international markets there is more and more of gasses since the air transport is even more frequently used than the road or water transport across the world.

The water transport is not to be left out, though. The study showed that about 3 % of fossil fuels is consumed by the water transport. Again we are told that 70% of goods transported to the European countries and also about 95% of the goods traded between the United States is done through water transport and therefore we cannot disregard that water transport is a significant contributor of the greenhouse gasses (Zaheer, 2013,56).

The three; water, air, and the road transportation have all lead to the increased of global warming and which has led to the increased atmospheric temperature and more dangerously the ozone layer which is the cover that protects the lives of every living thing on earth.

Industrial activities and global warming

Globalization has fostered the increased number of industrial activities in the world. We understand that trans-border trade has led to the increased number of industries in the world. It is a major source of the emissions of the green houses gasses. In the cases of electrical production, there are a lot of gasses produced since it involves burning large amounts of coal, oil and other products that are known to emit the harmful gasses. Statistics shows that the United States takes about 20% of the greenhouse gasses emitted into the air. The more advanced countries are taking the lions share when it comes to the emission of the greenhouse gasses (Finley Brook, 2010, 123).

Other emerging countries have also had their share of the emissions of these gasses due to the rapid developments happening in those countries. It is inevitable for a country to grow if not with the help of the globalization aspect. It is, therefore, coming to the same conclusion that globalization is leading to more emission of the greenhouse gasses.

When we take a case of China, a new industry is opened every week, and these industries are fuelled by coal since it is the most abundant and also the cheapest. Lest we forget that whereas the coal is the cheapest in the world it is the most polluting among all other fossil fuels. And what does this mean? It means that they are putting more industries at the expense of the environment. Again the point to take home here is that China has grown its markets into other countries and it is solely due to globalization that has led to them increasing their industrial activities. (Watson RT, Zinyowera, Dokken DJ ,1997)

Globalization and deforestation

Another important aspect that has come with globalization is the deforestation. Although deforestation has an indirect effect on the greenhouse effect, it is significant and should be addressed with great emphasis. Scientifically plants are known to absorb some amounts of carbon dioxide from the air and convert it to oxygen. Cutting and Logging will lead to low volumes of carbon dioxide being absorbed, and thus this is the same amount that will translate into the atmosphere. This will lead to the greenhouse effect. Again burning of the cut trees will increase the amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. It is estimated that deforestation accounts for twenty percent of the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. (Cameroon, 1996,456)

Deforestation has mainly been brought about by the large demand for farming lands. A good example is a scenario in Brazil where due to increased demands of agricultural outputs by China hey have seen a large extent of forest being deforested. A good observation is that the exports to China from Brazil skyrocketed from a mere 15000 to 6 million in between 1996 to 2003. It is logical that this type of export could happen only by manageable through deforestation of some portion of the rainforest (Watson RT, Zinyowera MC, Moss RH, Dokken DJ 1997).

The above are some of the reasons why we are putting it that there should be foreseen disasters in the future. Globalization has and may continue to lead to the menace of global warming. The global warming will not only lead to desertification it will also lead to other related issues like hurricanes and storms that may endanger the lives of those living on planet earth

Giving scholarly support to the effect of globalization on global warming

There are various scholars that have laid down their energy on working on this issue. Scott-Cato, M. (2011) in their book on Environment and Economy is keen to detail ideas of globalization and global warming. He postulates that the society is stuck between two forces; environment and the economy. The author explores in depth the economic hardships that have the only lad to the destruction of the environment and consequently global warming. He explains vividly and without losing generality that one has led to the other. Like in our case globalization has led to the emissions of greenhouse gasses which have consequently led to the depletion of the ozone layer and global warming. (Scott-Cato, 2011, 453).

A case study on the Amazon rain forest by Scott indicates that increased demand for agricultural has actually led to deforestation. The cutting down of trees is to create space for more cultivation activities. Another issue he addresses is the issue of traffic congestion on different regions. What does this come with? As discussed earlier, it has led to more emissions of the greenhouse gasses and subsequently global warming. Global warming effects included in his work include raised temperatures which have led to the unprecedented weather changes that are tough to predict. To add to this, he identifies environmental disastrous phenomena are likely to be brought by global warming(Scott-Cato, 2011, 453).

He offers his school of thought; he finds a solution to the menace as being a reconciliation of the two: the economy and the environment. And how are we going to do this? He illustrates that incorporation of new markets would be a solution. Another scholar who puts his brain on this is Rob Larson. In his book, he focuses on issues of the societal economic structure, economical problems and works field of the past or the future for that matter. He stipulates that the market has an intended impact on the environment. The effect is inevitable. Larson uses water PH levels and acidity as the main factors that have seen hazard effects of effluents in the water system. The book observes that pollution has led to the increased health issues and other conditions (Larson, 2012, 98).

My last academic material talks on the sustainability of the earth. It evaluates the vital components of the solution that we ought to perceive to sustain the world for our benefit and also the generations to come. Significant events between human and the environment are discussed in details. Some of the events the human beings are involved in have led to the consequential destruction of the environment. Again the issue of increased traffic is one of the events that has led to the global warming as we had discussed beforehand. He has reinstated the idea that these automobiles have led to the increased emissions of the carbon dioxide gasses that are up to no good but the destruction of the environment. It is the same old story here,that thus has been brought by globalization (Assadourin, Prugh &Starke, 2013, 23-453).

The book goes through several industries, the forestry sector, agriculture, fishing to mention but a few. They have been expansively expanded to elaborate their relationship with the environment. It declares that certain cautious steps need to be incorporated to achieve the harmonization of the environment and the global market.

The text also gives a milestone on the solution of the above issues. For sustainability, there needs to be a detailed pathway to achieve this type of environment. The book entails the several agreements encompassed on the UN charter on the environment. It is, therefore, a rich source and a set piece in the path to finding the solution to the problem.

Solutions to the issue at hand

The last part of this paper discusses the solution of the issue above. We know that we have a great responsibility above everything else to take of the environment. Still, for the sustenance of or growing needs, we need to work and grow our economy. An obligation to make the planet earth a sustainable one. (Assadourin, Prugh &Starke, 2013, 455).

First things first, we understand that we ought to change the situation as fast as we can. It all start from the roots. By this I mean us. We should be in the first line to make sure that the activities that we are engaging are not polluting our environment. The economy can work hand in hand with the environment without one destroying or causing harm to the other.

Several measures could be taken to make sustain the environment. In fact, globalization can be used to spread the best ways to sustain the environment rather than using globalization as the cause of environmental pollution. What about the usage of automobiles that do not consume the fossils. I mean the use of clean energy. People could use public service vehicles hence less traffic on our roads. This will go far into reducing the emissions of the pollutant gasses.

Use of solar panels could be used alternatively instead of charcoal in a household. Charcoal produces both carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide that are both harmful and are pollutants (Cameroon, 1996,67)

Another solution is setting up regulations. For example, governments could enforce laws that discourage deforestation. Such laws once foreseen will go far into facilitating a healthier environment. International organizations like the United Nations should also impose laws that are meant to protect the environment. What we should all understand is the fact that we should not grow the economy of the will be like burying our heads in the sands and assume that the danger has passed. We will be shocked that when we rise our heads from the soil, the danger will be waiting for us with butcher knife ready to skin us alive.


In the conclusion paragraph, we intend to see whether we have achieved our agenda. The thesis from the onset wanted to show the relationship that globalization had on the environment. We have managed to show that indeed several causes of air pollution are mainly; as a result globalization.

Emissions of greenhouses gasses from automobiles, deforestation, gas effluents from industries have all been discussed above. They cause the greenhouse effect that has led to global warming. We have also discussed what the global warming means to the people and the environment as a whole. Health issues have been seen as one of the major consequence of the above. Also, hazardous climate changes, tsunami, flooding, hurricane, etc. these have been associated with global warming. Moreover, health issues have been discovered to arise from global warming effects.

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The solutions of the problems have also been discussed. Use of public service vehicles, setting up rules that discourage deforestation, use of clean energy and enforcing laws from the United Nations have been seen through. These are to facilitate a better environment tomorrow. Cohesion and harmonization of the environment cannot be overemphasized. Everybody has an obligation to ensure that the environment we are living on is safe both for us, animals and the future generations

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