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A Review of Nokia Lumia 1020 Mobile Phone Commercial

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The Nokia Lumia 1020 commercial uses comedic visual rhetoric as a means of persuasion, while targeting anyone who uses a phone to take pictures. The idea behind the commercial is that by making the audience laugh, they will remember it better and choose the Nokia Lumia 1020. The commercials begins with the opening of a children’s play, and immediately the audience members take out their phones to capture pictures. As it continues, chaos ensues with these people in the audience pushing and shoving in attempts to get better pictures. The play deteriorates with the chaos happening in the audience. At the end of the commercial, the camera pans to a young couple sitting in the back in a very calm and collected manner. The commercial makes the claim that they can get good pictures with the Nokia Lumia 1020 from the back without having to fight. This commercial uses humor, mainly portrayed through visuals, as an insult against common phones with ordinary cameras in contrast to the calmness that is associating with Nokia Lumia 1020.

The plot of the commercial plays an understandably large role in the overall comedic value of the commercial. Throughout the commercial one sees the building chaos that is happening all around. The fighting in the audience leads to an even worse play performed by the children. Ironically, the audience members do not even seem to care about the play, only getting satisfactory pictures of it. At one point, a man from the audience even decides to disguise himself as one of the characters in the play to get a good picture. Adding to the comedic aspects of the commercial is the fact that it parodies an Apple commercial. It makes sure to focus in on the fact that a large number of the audience members are using iPhones, and at the end there is a woman who says “Did you know that more pictures are taken on an iPhone everyday?” and then gets knocked over.The commercial resolves its plot in a humorous manner, when at the end it shows the couple in the back, who apparently do not need to fight to get the perfect picture, since they have the Nokia Lumia 1020.

Although the plot is a very important aspect of the commercial, it is not the only thing used to portray comedy. The props used in it are also very relevant to how the viewer is to interpret the commercial. In the Nokia Lumia 1020 commercial, most of the audience members at the childrens play look as though they are wearing outdated clothing. They do not look very cool or like they know what is happening in this decade. Those details really highlight the fact that the phones they are using are also outdated compared to the couple in the back with the Nokia Lumia 1020, who seemed to be dressed fairly cool in a modern sense. The camera work in the commercial is meant to point out these aspects of the people. The cameras focus in on all of the chaos, as well as the phone types everyone is using and the clothes they are wearing. The props and camera work are meant to help convey all of the visual comedy that is helping to drive the plot.

The makers of this commercial, Windows and Nokia, are attempting to appeal to the audience by using humor. They have created a commercial that shows very few details about the phone, but really makes you remember it, because you will probably find it funny and laugh. The commercial uses pathos as a means of capturing attention. The emotional appeal, or pathos, is simply that most people love to laugh. It is supposedly good for you, as well. I was really drawn to the commercial because I thought it was funny. It was able to make me laugh, while also making a good point about how common some phones are. This commercial uses the visual comedy seen all through it to create something that the audience actually might enjoy seeing.

The target audience is made pretty clear throughout the commercial. It is targeting anyone who takes pictures on their phone, especially someone who wants the pictures to actually look nice. This commercial makes a specific audience out of anyone who uses an iPhone, since it parodies an Apple commercial, while also portraying the people using iPhones to seem outdated and common. The Nokia Lumia 1020 commercial is also selling a lifestyle. By showing the couple with a Nokia Lumia 1020 as cool and calm, it is saying that if you buy a Nokia Lumia 1020 you can also be cool and calm like them. Once again, the visual elements are very important in this aspect, because they are what is needed to actually show things to the audience.

Since this commercial is built on comedy, that is what is meant to sell the phone. Nokia and Windows hope that this will be achieved mainly by capturing the audience’s attention. When a person sees a commercial like this on TV, it is hard not to laugh. It gives one a break from the normal, monotonous commercials that are always on. Through the comedy used in this commercial, the Nokia Lumia 1020 is compared mainly to the iPhone. One of the main points shown in the commercial is that the Nokia Lumia 1020 is superior. It makes your life easier and also makes you different and cool. At the end of the commercial it says, “Stop fighting. Switch.”, which is a really direct and simple way of adding to the insult of the iPhone and various other phones shown by using logos. This is a logical appeal that is meant to make it hard for the viewers to turn down the Nokia Lumia 1020. It is suggesting that it would be dumb of someone to not get the Nokia Lumia 1020, when it clearly makes one’s life so much easier.

The Nokia Lumia 1020 commercial is all about using comedy as visual rhetoric. Nokia and Windows have taken comedy and turned it into something that they hope will sell their phone. Through the use of various visual aspects portrayed in a comedic way, the commercial captures attention and makes one notice the Nokia Lumia 1020. It portrays this phone as something new and extraordinary compared to other phones that just seem outdated and common. The comedic plot, props, and camera views all work to achieve an appeal that will helpfully sell the phone to the target audience of anyone who takes pictures on a phone. This commercial, in its most basic form, is just simply comedy used as a means of selling a phone.

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