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A Study on Plans to Avoid Adolescent Pregnancy

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Essay Two: Proposal Against Teenage Pregnancy

Having kids can be one of the most exciting things in one’s life, but people are doing it way too early in their lives. Some teenage women are peer pressured by society to get pregnant, and let their emotions get the better of them. A woman could be raped as well, and she could fail to receive any help about it. The issue about teenage pregnancy is a growing issue, and Texas has the highest teenage pregnancy rates in the nation; These problems mainly occur in Dallas. If nobody does anything about this issue, it could eventually be out of our control, and that is why there needs to be certain proposals to prevent teenage pregnancy from happening in the first place. Raising awareness, inserting anti-pregnancy devices in women, and parenting classes can help solve this problem.

If a problem needs to be addressed, then the awareness must be raised. By raising awareness, society will have more knowledge about the problem, and that the problem actually exists. Awareness of teenage pregnancy can be raised by the use of the internet, TV commercials, magazines, and the school itself. These ads would include the emotions a woman goes through, and the baby not looking so good. The ads would also have statistics about teenage pregnancy, and how it affects both the baby and the teenage mother. A teenage woman’s body can’t handle the effects of being pregnant, and the baby suffers as a result. The baby will have various health problems such as lower birth weight, and slower development;

These health problems can cause death during infancy. Boys born to teenage mothers are likely to become criminals, and girls are likely to become teenage mothers themselves. All of this is caused by the teenage mother’s behaviors while being pregnant. Since the woman is likely to suffer from depression prior to pregnancy, she will likely continue to keep doing bad habits such as smoke, drink, and do drugs. The woman is more likely to drop out of high school in order to take care of the baby, and will be in poverty.

Children are expensive, and getting the proper education for a good job will make sure that the woman has a way to pay for the baby. Once a woman receives an education, she will have enough money to get married, and have the opportunity to live a more happier life without such unusual struggles in her life. Since there is enough awareness about drugs and education, adding teen pregnancy to this awareness movement can make people know about this issue.

All women should have anti-pregnancy devices installed into them when they are 12 years old, and not be removed until they are 18. Women will have the ability to start getting pregnant at the age of 12, and the age for anyone to be legal is 18. These devices will kill sperm that will be put into a woman’s vagina, and prevent pregnancy as a result. If a woman actually does have sex at such a young age, there won’t be an issue about pregnancy.

Pregnancy can even occur when there are condoms being involved because they aren’t always 100% efficient; The condom can break, and then the sperm will start to touch the egg. These anti-pregnancy devices will even be able to prevent woman against cases of rape, and it can save the trouble of getting an abortion. There will be less health problems, and there will be no baby being involved in the middle of this problem.

A major downfall about getting anti-pregnancy devices installed in women is not just the cost, but the fact that not all women are eligible for it. A physical examination will have to be performed in order to make sure that there are no problems with a woman’s reproductive organ. A woman trying to remove the device herself will cause serious injury to her body, and this can cause some lawsuits if removal starts becoming a problem. Another downfall is due to religious reasons, and it violating the first amendment of the US Constitution which guarantees freedom of religion. Anti-pregnancy devices are against certain religions, and making a law that violates a religion violates the US Constitution as well.

Everyone should be forced to take a parenting class before becoming a parent, and the age to do so would be 18 since that is the age people can legally get married. When people turn 18, they can choose to take parenting classes, and it will make sure that underage people won’t get pregnant. The stuff that will be taught in the parenting class will deal with how to take care of a child from newborn to 18. It will even include how to deal with different problems the family could experience like marriage issues, and being in a single family.

Once a person passes this course, a license will be given to that person in order to have kids. If people have to go to driving school in order to drive a car, people should go to parenting school in order to become a parent. Not having the proper preparation for having kids could seem as dangerous as not having the proper preparation for driving a car. The damage may not always be physical, but it can definitely be psychological. Failure to take parenting classes while being pregnant would result in abortion. The police could be able to stop a pregnant woman if suspected of teenage pregnancy, and would have to show a license that she passed the parenting class.

It would be very hard to implement this law because there are so many women pregnant right now, and that includes teens. This new law could turn into the new SOPA, where it would be too outrageous of a plan to do. Massive piracy can’t be stopped so easily, so massive teen pregnancy can’t be stopped so easily as well. This proposal also violates freedom of religion because it is a law that prevents pregnancy which is supposed to be a gift from God. Pregnancy isn’t supposed to be a gift from any person, but God himself. The abortion aspect of this law would get people upset since a baby is being killed, and that could also be against certain religions.

Teenage Pregnancy is a tough problem even though it isn’t always intentional. People still need to know about it to prevent the problem from spreading. The anti-pregnancy devices won’t always be effective in the end due to complications caused by the device, and not being appropriate for everyone. There will be more bleeding, and it can cause hormonal side effects such as mood changes.

It feels like a device for people that have problems, and not a universal device. Parenting classes can also be time consuming, and can kill the point of getting married and having kids. If animals don’t have to take parenting classes, than people shouldn’t either. All of this teen pregnancy prevention can also conflict with some religious beliefs, and making laws that would violate freedom of religion would violate the US Constitution itself. Raising awareness, anti-pregnancy devices, and parenting classes are all unique proposals to try and solve a problem.

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