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All you need to know about Crusades

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The Crusades were a two-hundred-year battle between the Christians and the Muslims the over control of the Holy Lands that were important to both religions. The Crusades were a series of Holy Wars that were fought between the European Christians and the Middle Eastern Muslims, during the time period of 1095 and 1291. The main purpose of the Crusades was for the Christians to take Jerusalem from the Muslims, but there were other reasons as to why the European knights were willing to fight. There were many reasons for the Crusades, whether it was for religious, economic or political reasons.

According to the people fighting in the crusades they would be given forgiveness from god of all sins. Another was that it was a chance for people to travel and make money, and gain wealth mainly by killing or taking jewels and other items of worth off dead bodies and looting cities. Other reasons were wanting to defend the Byzantine Empire from the Turks and opening up new trade routes between Europe and Middle East. Between 1095-1099, Pope Urban II succeeded in the First Crusade, taking Jerusalem and it was seen as the most successful crusade in the eyes of the European people.

During the two hundred year long battle there were a total of nine crusades. The first started in 1095 and ended in 1099, where the Crusaders captured the city of Jerusalem. The second was in 1147 and ended in 1149. The third was in 1189, and ended in 1192. The forth was in 1202 and ended in 1204. The fifth was in 1217 and ended in 1221. The sixth was in 1228 and ended in 1229. The seventh was in 1248, and ended in 1254. The eighth was in 1270, and ended in 1271. The ninth started in 1271 and ended in 1272. Not including all the smaller Peoples Crusades all the way throughout. The war finally ended in 1272 ending the 200 year battle.

The Templar Knights were the Christian warriors of God where they originally began can be traced to Jerusalem and the aftermath of the First Crusade. After the First Crusade, when the city switched from Muslim to Christian occupation, there was an increase of pilgrim immigration from the West. The pilgrims from the west needed some sort of protection from the dangers of the city. That’s where the Templar Knights name originally comes from. Around the year 1119, a group of French Knights, decided to set up a civilian protection service with the purpose of protecting pilgrims around Jerusalem from the dangers of the city. In the decades that followed, they grew away from being a bodyguard service, and changed into an elite, paramilitary units within the armies of the Crusades.

As well as being among the Christian warriors, the Templars began to take control of a vast financial network that included real estate, banking, and even a prototypical version of Western Union. From having these assets the Templar Knights grew their wealth and control within the area they controlled. the Templars managed to build up a network of land and property estates in Ireland, England, France, and in the kingdoms of Spain, Portugal, Italy, Hungary, Germany, as far as Cyprus. They had so much wealth and power, “during the Fifth Crusade, from 1213 to 1221, the Pope was using Templars as tax collectors because they had the ability to go around, collect tax, and move it to the Crusades.” (source #3 paragraph 6 lines 6-9).

In conclusion, the Crusades were a terrible time in early history. They were filled with disease, and famine. A clash of different religions ideas and beliefs about about god(s), and control over Holy Land. That time period can be described as litterale “hell on earth” for anybody that is a non-believer, or certain pilgrim groups. Some Pilgrim diaries describe seeing corpses on the pathside where they’d been attacked by bandits and just left to die, and to be devoured by the roaming wildlife. Even in today’s world you can see some of the same political ideas used in the crusades. Just showing that things haven’t changed much from the old-world ideas.

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