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An Overview of Solar Pv Panels as a ‘clean Source’ of Energy

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Over the years people have had a misconception about climate change, but what is really climate change? Practically, is a change in the weather, this is the case due to the amount of rain a place gets about in a year. Also, it could happen due to the change in temperature for a month or a season. On the other hand, it could be also a change in where snow and rain usually fall on earth. Even though the weather can change in just a couple of hours or even minutes, the climate takes hundreds and millions of years. We might not notice have the world have changed due to global warming, but some effects have been that snow and ice are melting, the warming has caused oceans to rise, and that the temperature is getting warmer. Other effects that have a greater impact in the world are hurricanes, coral death, some few natural disasters that surge from climate change. It is not only the ecosystem that is falling apart but also us the humans, climate change increase the probabilities of the spread of diseases, pests such as malaria and dengue.

Humans might think that climate change only happens when temperature change, but are humans that make climate change keep increasing every year. For example, when we drive cars, using heaters, burning gas, oil, garbage, which produce gases that make the air to heat up. Although there are many problems there is always a solution to help decrease climate change. For instance, renewable energy technology. This type of technology has helped over the year to decrease the amount of pollution and the generation of gases that affect the greenhouse effect. For example, some of the renewable energy technology that has been essential for the past few years are, solar PV panels, wind, and hydro turbines, biogas, biomass, solar thermal, nuclear and much more.

Renewable energy technology is the energy gather up from natural sources, which functions are to promote a cleaner and healthier environment, and on the other hand, helps to save money. As I mentioned before there are multiple types of renewable energy technologies, one of those is Solar PV panels. What are actually Solar Pv panels? well, first the energy that the solar PV panels gather up comes from the radiations of the sun, which later on will be the energy that is installed in the solar panels. Solar PV panels are considered renewable energy technology since there are sustainable and infinite since the solar radiation will never end. Is also considered as a non-polluting technology since it does not generate any type of greenhouses gases in the process of the production of electricity.

Solar Pv panels require a process like any other technology source. To have a bigger idea solar Pv panels allow particles of light which are called photons, to knock electrons free from atoms, and eventually, this procedure will generate the flow of electricity. The panels contain cells that are known as ¨photovoltaic¨ which are the cells in charge of converting sunlight into electricity. To make this possible photovoltaic cells are made of semiconducting materials. The semiconductors materials required to make possible these processes are boron and silicon, but mostly silicon. Silicon cells absorb the radiation of the sun, eventually, the sun´s rays interact with the cell and this interaction will enable the electrons to move. When the electron starts moving it will create a flow made up of electric current, which later on will produce electricity known as alternating current (AC) electricity. There are several types of panels but they all depend on the same material which is Silicon. The three different types are monocrystalline, polycrystalline, or thin film. They do not have the same efficiency but still, they have the same physical characteristics.

To afford this process there is obviously a cost. In 2018, most of the people who own a solar panel are paying between $2.71 and $3.57 pdf watt so that they could install a solar panel. Throughout the year the average cost of the PV panels before tax is around $18,840. Even Though the price is very high people can manage the way to save money so that they could afford the maintenance of the solar panels. Every year technology is advancing, which makes possible the improvement of the solar panels. They are making the solar PV panels smaller, more economical, and efficient.

Like any other process, solar Pv panels have its advantages and disadvantages. Even though it has disadvantages it actually has more advantages. Some of the advantages of using solar PV panels these days are, low maintenance cost since solar panels generally speaking do not need a lot of maintenances. For example, to keep it clean you just need to clean it some times per year. On the other side, if you have a solar panel inverter you can change it between five to ten years. Other advantages are that they reduce electricity cheeks, the electric current produce is clean since the PV process does not release any harmful air into the environment since its principal component is the sun’s radiation. Since its first and most important component is the sun there is not any dangerous effect that threats humans and animal health.

As I mentioned before this process has also disadvantages. For example the weather. For this process, the weather is crucial, since the generations of electricity depend on the weather. Solar PV panels depend on the weather since it is more favorable to obtain energy on sunny days than collect energy from rainy and cloudy day´s. Side by side with the mentioned above, solar radiations is not equal in every part. For instance, there are parts in the world where the sun radiates more like Eureka and Alert on Ellesmere Island, Canada. Locations like this that receive more sun radiations are the ones that generate more electricity potential. Although this process is cleaner, it involves pollution. This is caused by the transportación and installation of the solar system. At the end of the day we need vehicles to transport the solar panels, which eventually will contaminate the environment with the gases they produce, but still, it has a smaller impact of pollution and they could be controlled easily. Compared to wind turbines, solar panels are less efficient just because they use more energy than wind turbines. Also because they release less carbon dioxide and at the end of the day they produce more overall energy.

To conclude there are several types of renewable energy technologies that have helped to decrease the amount of pollution over the years. One of those technologies is solar PV panels which were briefly described above. As mentioned before solar PV panels are used to decrease the amount of pollution in the environment and look for a way to obtain energy from a natural source such as the sun´s radiation. The mentioned above are some of the reasons why this energy source is very accepted by the public. In 2013, there were more than 800 megawatts of CPS energy is agended to come online in several countries such as the United States, Spain, South African, and India. Also, China is expected to be the first and largest consumer of PV panels.

In this days companies and humans are searching for a way to maintain a cleaner and healthier environment and that is why there are looking for more solution to contribute to this cause. By using this type of renewable energy have helped the world to decrease greenhouse gas emission which eventually will have a better impact in the world. And because the sun provides the energy needed for this process is considered as a ¨clean production¨ of energy.   

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