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Analysis of the Influence of Mobile Phones Usage on Human Interaction

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Owned By Cell Phones

Just about everyone around the world has a cell phone. These devices have become oxygen to this generation. People couldn’t possibly imagine life without them now that they have taken over their lives. They are handy and helpful with numerous things one accomplishes on a daily basis. They are used to stay in touch, keep people organized, and staying up to date. People use them to let others know what they are doing, and to make plans, and many other things. What this generation has failed to realize is just how deeply these devices are impacting their lives. Cell phones are ruining the relationships people share with each other.

Some may claim that it has positively helped the long distance relationships by keeping in touch. Through Facebook, they’re distant loved once don’t necessarily miss a beat. Seeing pictures and status updates is almost like they’re not apart. But what about the people right in front of them? This may be a plus, but they’re ruining the relationships with people they see on a daily basis. Some may also say that it has made it easier to stay in contact with others during the day without having to make constant phone calls. This may also be true, but what about the friends they tell to “hold on,” because they’re in the middle of a text?

There has been a decline in the interactions between friends and family on a daily basis. This issue has lessened one’s ability to talk with others around them because these cell phones are such a distraction. The most common scenario between two people is where one is asked to repeat themselves due to the other party not listening. They completely missed what their friend had said and it caused them to reply saying, “What?” Personally, I am guilty of doing this. This certain situation can cause arguments. There is a sense of feeling ignored or feeling less important than what is going on in their friend’s phone. My boyfriend and I went through this when he and I first started dating; I couldn’t get him off of his phone. This made me feel as if watching videos on Vine, Instagram, and Facebook was more important than spending time with me.

Cell phones have made it easier to cheat on a person’s significant other. The cheater can easily delete a message and their partner will never know. These devices make it easier to talk to the opposite sex without getting caught. There were only landline phones before cell phones and texting were invented. They couldn’t just talk on the phone with the person right in front of their partner. Now, one can sit in the same room acting as if everything is normal while texting the opposite sex. Texting, Facebook Instant Messenger, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, and all the new dating sites are just door openers for people to cheat. By setting their phone on silent they don’t have to worry about their partner hearing their phone go off when they get a message. They can also put a lock on their phone so that they’re they only one that can get in it. Snapchat, for example, is the perfect app for cheaters. When someone sends a person a photo it can no longer be viewed again once it has been opened. If they’re partner sees someone from the opposite sex had sent them a snapchat their partner can lie about what the pic was. This ultimately ruins ones trust they have for someone.

Cell phones can ultimately ruin the trust between one another. These devices have made it easier to lie to someone. People don’t have to worry about coming up with a quick lie in the matter of seconds because they can take as much time as they want to reply. They don’t have to worry about the person hearing the quiver in their voice or the stutter in their speech. They don’t have to worry about the person noticing them look away as they lie to them like they would if they were face to face. My friend, for example, always asks me to go out downtown with her. She asks me to find a baby sitter, and most of the time I don’t want to go so I make up an excuse; I tell her that I don’t have someone to watch my daughter. She knows all of my baby sitters so she then asks me “What about Meranda?” I give it a moment and tell her that Meranda had said no. If my friend were with me I would have no choice but to ask, but since she isn’t I can just lie. If she were ever to find out that I lied this could ruin the trust she has in me, because what else could I be lying about, since I’m willing to lie about something so small.

Cell phones have changed the way people handle emotional situations. When someone comes across a delicate situation they cower behind the screen of their phone and send a text message. People used to have face to face confrontations or a phone call, but it’s easier to send a text message so they don’t have to deal with as much emotional stress. For example, breaking up with someone is done over text, most of the time, instead of having the dignity to break up with them in person like the generations before. Arguments too, are mostly over text message now because people don’t have enough courage to confront the person face to face. I myself have texted someone how I was feeling instead of personally confronting them because I fear the emotional stress that comes with it. I tend to get really defensive and angry which sometimes causes me to choke up and cry. So instead, I send a text message to avoid such issues.

Cell phones are leading people to lack of socialization. These devices have the capability to do anything and everything! One can watch movies, talk to friends, shop online, and even turn their air conditioning up or down. They can also meet new people through online social groups like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and so forth instead of in person. The wide variety of things they can do on their phone may seem pretty cool, but it has set people up to be hermit crabs. This may seem helpful for people with high anxiety disorders so that they don’t have to feel uncomfortable interacting with others, but how is one ever supposed to get remotely better by secluding themselves? For example, my cousin has social anxiety. It has become so bad that she rarely likes to interact with family anymore. Anytime that I invite her to hang out with me, even if it’s at my house, she will tell me yes to please me; the moment I leave her house and she is supposed to be getting ready to come over, she texts me and tells me an excuse as to why she can’t come. Due to her having the option to text, she chooses not to tell me to my face because the emotional stress is harder for her.

Cell phones are ruining meals people share with their family. I was out to dinner the other night with my boyfriend and our daughter, and I noticed a family of five who barely spoke the entire night because they were on their phones. Dinner is supposed to be a set meal that people share with their family. The main meal where it’s asked how every ones day went and interact with each other. Instead, families are seen on their Facebook, or texting someone else not paying attention to what’s right in front of them.

Parent and child relationships are at stake. Babies tend to look back for acknowledgement or congratulations when they discover something new. If mom is on her phone she could miss every time her baby looks back at her for gratification. Cell phones are such a distraction she could miss all the important firsts. Mom or Dad could miss the baby’s first word, they could miss the first time they crawl, or make their first step. Children learn from what they see. If a child grows up seeing their parent constantly on the phone, the child could think that the device is more important than they are. By doing so, the parent is setting a bad example. These children will follow in their footsteps. When the child gets older and gets one of their own and the parents are begging for their child’s time, the parent will have to remember that this is what they taught them by example. I see it all too many times. These young mothers are always on the phone and they are ignoring their child. These children in turn will look for attention in all the wrong places.

Cell phones are making it hard to have real conversations with people. Instead of talking about real life stuff and what’s going on in one’s life they just bring up what they saw on the Internet. People need to takes a step back and realize how much time they are actually spending on their phone. A relationship can’t be prosperous if all that matters are these phones. People aren’t aware of what’s going on in front of them anymore. They need to start putting the phones down and spending more time with their family and friends and work to rebuild weakened relationships before it’s too late.

Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student.

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