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Analysis on Issues Associated To Illegal Refugees

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Immigration Reflection Journal

I believe that we chose undocumented immigrants as our region of conflict for various reasons. Such topics have been very popular in recent media as well as topics of political debate as well. Although, each of these publicized arenas fail to mention the empathic components of this debate. These include the reasons why these individuals are deciding to flee to America. Many of these immigrants are seeking hope, safety, and more opportunity when they flee their countries. Many American’s question why said individuals do not just take the traditional route and become citizens the legal way. The American Immigration Council states that it is not as easy as one may assume. Citizenship is basically not offered unless you fall under one of these three categories: employment, family reuniting, and humanitarian protection (American Immigration Council,2017). Often citizens in the United States fail to look past politics and wear the shoes of the immigrants, however, by doing so, maybe just maybe, their views on such issues would change drastically.

As Rudnick discussed in her Ted Talk, we are a nation of immigrants. Nearly 99% of citizens living in the United States have ancestors that came from foreign lands (Rudnick,2012). Such statistics reveal that almost all of us are indeed immigrants. This made me realize that the current US immigration policies are highly unfair. Logically thinking, none of us really control these borders, since “Americans” actually stole this land from Native Americans many years ago. How can individuals who do not rightfully own this land tell others who can and cannot enter. I feel this right should be given to the Native Americans. The way that we currently treat immigrants is highly unacceptable. I feel that the Dream Act should certainly be passed, because it allows many of these immigrants to remain in the United States. Although the numbers of this act have significantly plummeted recently, this Act is very significant because it allows immigrants to obtain an education and financial aid. However, upon Trump’s presidency numerous changes have been made regarding these undocumented immigrants. According to Hwang (2017) : “On Tuesday, the Department of Homeland Security issued two policy memos instructing Customs and Border Protection and Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents to identify and deport every undocumented immigrant they encounter. While the memos still prioritize undocumented immigrants convicted of crimes – similar to the Obama administration’s policies – the new policy briefs demonstrate a hard-liner attitude against all undocumented immigrants by widening prioritization to people arrested but not convicted of crimes and people deemed a public safety threat” (Hwang, page 1, 2017). As we can see from this quote, even those who have not convicted a crime are being targeted under Trump’s administration.

In the Immigration Game Experience, which has numerous duplicates, stimulates experiences of border patrol as well as immigrants trying to make their way into the United States. The game is very controversial and displays numerous prejudice examples. For instance, when one is migrant mode, it is extremely difficult to survive and successfully make it through. Just like reality I believe. However, in patrol mode, you have the better advantage. I was unable to survive in immigrant mode, and I feel many others struggled as well. One unjust advantage would be speed, immigrants cannot move as quickly as those in border patrol mode (Webster,2013).

Catholic Social Teachings as well as the college mission statement believes that we should except everyone equally. Whether they are within the United States legally or illegally. All individuals under these principles are deserving of respect and love. None of us can truthfully relate to these instances, therefore, we should never judge or treat such individuals differently. Whatever trouble they are trying to escape is legitimate. We are all children of God, and God places no borders, so neither should the United States.

I have learned a lot from reviewing this region of conflict. Prior to this research, I did not really have an opinion of this topic. I sort of feel sick about hearing these topics on the news constantly. I can somewhat understand why the United States chooses to have such strict rules, however, I feel that they really shouldn’t have the choice. Native Americans are the ones who really own the land, and I am almost certain they would have no issue allowing these undocumented immigrants into the United States borders. I feel that if we, even for one minute put our feel in the immigrants shows, we would realize that they are more similar to us than different. Which means they deserve respect and care.

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