Analyzing the Theory of Life in the Universe: What UFOs Have to Do With It?: [Essay Example], 1236 words GradesFixer

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Analyzing the Theory of Life in the Universe: What Ufos Have to Do with It?

  • Category: Science
  • Subcategory: Space
  • Topic: Ufo
  • Pages: 3
  • Words: 1236
  • Published: 11 December 2018
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Are we truly alone in this universe? Could there be some possible way that within the universe’s vast amount of space that we are in fact the only intelligent life? No, no, no, that is only a blatant lie told to keep us from fearing destruction from outside forces. The possibility of us being the only intelligent life is little to none. The truth is, aliens are real. You see, there have been countless UFO sightings within the past century. On top of that, many people have claimed to have seen and encountered aliens within their lifetime. I firmly believe that aliens are real and that they do reside within our universe.

People have heard the stories about UFO, unidentified flying objects, sightings all across the globe probably ever since they first understood the concept of them. While some of the UFO sightings may just be human-made planes that just aren’t recognized at first sight, the vast majority of them are commonly associated with extraterrestrial life. Some of these Alien UFO sightings may sound very bogus while others on the more realistic side. Well, that’s just the problem with such a controversial topic such as aliens. It’s true, some people do like to make stuff up to gain attention, however, some people are actually trying to plead their case about a UFO sighting. There have been real UFO sightings within the world by credible people. Jimmy Carter, a former president of the UNITED STATES, states that he had seen a UFO. Someday in October 1969, while enjoying another night at Lion’s Club, Jimmy states that a UFO as “as bright as the moon” had flashed before his eyes as he left the club. He stated that “the object hovered about 30 degrees above the horizon and moved in toward the earth and away before disappearing into the distance.” Dennis Kucinich, a United States Congressman and presidential candidate, states that he also saw a UFO. According to Shirley Maclane’s book, “Sage-ing while age-ing,” Shirley tells us, “had a close sighting over my home in Graham, Washington, when I lived there. Dennis found his encounter extremely moving…when he looked up he saw a triangular craft, silent, and observing him. It hovered, soundless, for ten minutes or so, and sped away with a speed he couldn’t comprehend. As one can see, both of these stories have a couple of things in common. Both are from credible people, who are in a similar job position that one wouldn’t usually deem them as crazy, and both of them described similar events. A UFO comes out of nowhere, hovers at a location for a short amount of time, and then simply disappears. These two stories, and many others like it, describe similar encounters when sighting a UFO and it is not just a “coincidence” that the same thing happened. Did you know there is, on average, several thousand UFO sightings are reported each year? While several thousand seems like a small number, that’s only the amount of UFO sightings reported. The percentage of people who do report UFO sightings is tiny compared to the percentage of people who have sighted UFOs but do not report it, meaning that the actually count is much higher. All these UFO sightings truly are evidence that aliens do exist, we just simply have yet to pinpoint where exactly they are. Perhaps one of the reasons for this is the governments across the globe, along with the space organizations such as NASA. Many people, including individuals who have worked for the government/space organizations such as Donna Hare, Karl Wolf, Edgar Mitchell, claim they continuously cover-up UFO sightings going on around the world for their private reason. Whether the government does this or not, UFO’s are still as realistic as they can be and are indeed indications that there is extraterrestrial life living around our universe.

While UFO sightings are probably the most common signs of aliens within our universe, people’s accounts of actually seeing and meeting extraterrestrial life provide a more in-depth analysis on the terrifying truth about them. One of the most famous cases of alien abduction was the Travis Walton Abduction. Essentially, Walton and his friends had been driving home late from work when a mysterious, large, fluorescent object shaped like a diamond beaming down a column of light was discovered. Walton went to get a better look at it and was abducted by the UFO as his friends sped off, fearing for their lives. They came back eventually, only to find that Walton wasn’t there. Five days later, Walton reappeared and recounted the abduction that had happened to him. Another case that was similar to the Walton case was the Barney and Betty Hill abduction. They too we driving home when they came in contact with a bright light. They then were approached by the light that came from a spacecraft where “bipedal humanoid creatures” looked down at them. The aliens abducted them, returning them two hours later with no memory at the time of return aside from the damage they had done to them. Both of these stories describe people seeing a bright light and then being abducted by it. The only difference was that Walton could still recall the events at the time of his return while the Hills could not. The essence of the alien encounters, however, is quite similar between the two further proving the truth about aliens. While some may think that these alien abductions are “uncommon” and “rarely” happen, they happen more often than you think. After the Hill’s had revealed their abduction, as many as 2 million people spoke out about their stories about how they’d been “abducted by aliens.” Wave after wave of people described similar experiences when they come in contact with aliens. Dr. Jacobs, the author of UFO Controversy in America, states, “Abductions are complex series of events and procedures directed by the abductors to passive or controlled abductees. In typical or common abductions, humans are taken out of their normal environment by aliens…A series of physical, mental, and productive procedures are then administered to the subjects…They are returned to their normal environment and within seconds, they forget what has just happened to them.” Essentially, this “typical abduction experience” has been known to be common among most abductees. The fact that a vast amount of people can describe these alien abductions they have experienced with such similarity to one another truly showcases just how real the whole alien idea is. In truth, the immense amount of alien abductions that have occurred unnoticed by most of us reflects and further proves the existence of aliens.

In conclusion, Aliens do exist within our universe at this very moment. The multiple UFO sightings humans have reported along with some of their personal accounts further pushes the point that there is life outside of earth. On top of that, the countless amounts of alien abductions, coupled with peoples own personal accounts of said abductions, add on to the evidence that states aliens are indeed as real as you and I. If we don’t open our minds to the terrifying truth and continue living under a rock, these “aliens” may take opportunity to take control of the situation before we even get to blink. So please, believe in the terrifying truth, that aliens are real, and they are coming for us soon. Perhaps they already are.

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