Animal Rights and Welfare Around The World

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Published: Mar 18, 2021

Words: 1948|Pages: 4|10 min read

Published: Mar 18, 2021

'As long as men continue to slaughter their brothers the animals, war and suffering will reign on earth and they will kill each other, because he who sows pain and death will not be able to reap joy, peace or love.' Pythagoras. Animal rights is an issue that is critically impacting our society due to the fact that they are defenseless and are available to people who are treated in a bad way, in more specific examples for fights such as entertainment, hunting for clothes and different pieces of clothing as a means of use for people in a luxury sign, killing will the purpose of good food, different agricultural activities and the lack of preservation for diversity that is why we must dissuade society from ending this type of injustice and learn more than we know about animals, interact with them, save them from extinction, use them for actions that have a benefit or a contribution to society as a value of transcendence and justice. Every day in countries around the world, animals fight for their lives. They are enslaved, beaten and kept in chains to make them work for the 'entertainment' of humans; they are mutilated and confined in small cages; they are burned, blinded, poisoned and cut alive in the name of 'science'; they are electrocuted, strangled and skinned alive is in the same way we must propose actions and codes that allow us to act ethically and provide a benefit that makes us act as a society.

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The biological reason to exist is to preserve the life of animals, which is why we should clarify the idea of helping these animals to live in dignity and assert their right. The philosophical trend that prevails in this type of cases is utilitarianism. that people feel pleasure in killing an animal by the simple decency of feeling good about themselves, looking good, eating well without thinking about the great lack they are committing for violation of rights and not being fair to society, not giving no benefit to society and contrary affecting the life of a being without seeing the consequences, likewise different activities and actions that the same society takes them in order to earn money and have earnings under any circumstance that has arisen.

We have as a first example the hunting of animals as use in different clothes, clarifying people about this big problem is very important because these animals are becoming extinct and there would be no supply of other things that are necessary to be able to live, in the same way the ego of the people has increased due to this trend of the new fashion with different skins of animals that make it feel more exemplary before others since the main industry of this type of coats come from animals in captivity. Campaigns and new laws should be initiated in which the animals are preserved and we base ourselves on actions that give a benefit to society, prohibiting hunting for no reason, not delimiting different protected areas in growing animals, something very important would be to promote different plans for reproduction in captivity to restore areas and reach a large size for different species and another very important the preservation of natural resources because today more than ever we must know how to use them since they come from them as is milk, meat and eggs. So soil and water are basic resources so that they can live in a good way.

Agriculture is a very important issue because it affects the environment by various activities that have been presented day after day as livestock and animal production as they generate many gases of greenhouse effect that affects climate change and pollution increases since it has been said that it affects more than the fuel of a car and the same in motion. Creating actions that sustain and diminish this activity is a good way that not only affects animals also environment, each of the people consume many dairy products and meats and analyzes have been made that year after year this has doubled, but also livestock and animal production is a very important source of work for all the people in the field since the breeding and production is a of its basic activities to generate money and subsist, however this is too high a price at the same time. The proposal here are regulatory measures in which soil degradation is conserved, to have methods of conservation of the same, control of livestock in specified areas in which these activities are preserved and limit livestock or degradation. In the case of climate increase efficiency in livestock activities, improve diets for animals, reduce fermentation and different emissions and establish plants that concentrate manure and this does not have contaminants derived. Finally in the case of water make better use of irrigation systems and encourage total costs.

Nowadays, animals are used as entertainment for people. One example is cockfighting in which bets are made to see who is the best with the only goal of making money, another is bullfighting to deal with bulls with the aim of killing them and knowing how to introduce the spear to their body and another very clear is that of horses for the races of competition since sometimes they do not keep the appropriate uses and mistreat the horses teaching them how to act in these situations. One of the proposals that should be taken for this abuse is animal protection. Actions must be created to facilitate the welfare and safety of these animals so as not to be exploited, to have a center of attention for each area, area and locality in the which can be made an adequate review from time to time so that analyzes are made of some kind of disease, some virus or something that intercedes in their daily life and that are in good condition The purchases of veterinary drugs must also be regulated since they are usually very expensive and, as such, they do not preserve the animals' lives, use control manuals to use them and consequently avoid the sale of animals in markets and various places. of bad death in those who continue to maintain bad actions and decisions on the part of the people and the government.

The use of animals in chemicals or analysis of experiments is something that must end because sometimes people agree with these products as there are various actions that benefit society as cures or attacks on various factors that affect humans but on the other hand it also has disadvantages in that it is not safe since with the same experiments that are done can generate a disease or a developed virus, the important thing here is that to be using a living being to do this kind of practices, Here, those that are primarily used are rabbits, squirrels, cats and monkeys. In this regard we must stop buying products of beauty and personal care since people only think about looking good but do not analyze all the damage they are doing to this type of animals. There are companies that have 'products of free cruelty' they have signed several declarations of reliability in which the products are of great quality. They give you great benefits and are good because they do not affect animals and preserve the environment, another way is also donating to various organizations that preserve the care of products against animal experimentation, dealing with animal dissection and likewise sue companies or institutions that do this type of actions affecting society in general.

A fact that has impacted much of our society is that Mexico is the third country with more cases of abandonment in the country is why you should analyze the situation before acquiring a pet since the specific objective to acquire one is to take care of it, give it better life, and educate it so that it grows in a healthy and positive community, that is why in my opinion a proposal must be made in which each of the people who adopt a pet is evaluated year after year to see its performance for that they can keep it and if it has not been taken care of, return it to it, in this way it would decrease the abandonment rate and there would not be problems in the streets like mistreatment, accidents either automobile or aggression and especially of killing by morbidity. of ethical acts will cause more peace and reduce violence so that there is equity and justice in the world as well as each of the people will act morally with the best decisions to create a society with considered socially responsible and transcendent.

The incidental capture or capture of unwanted animals is something that the world lives in a catastrophic way because it has a great influence on the environment, biodiversity is something that is getting worse every day and we have to do something to reduce it. An example is fishing that has had many damages because it affects the harvest and care of the environment, these animals are dying due to the contamination of garbage that is thrown every day due to the lack of proper separation and lack of responsibility for discarding in these places as if they were normal deposits when they are not. For this to end we must sign codes and search for government institutions that can regulate these plans and also make analysis and decision-making reduce this type of activities, they must be released to the birds to live in their natural habitat, granting licenses to boats or other means of transport navigators that use instruments for the incidental capture and reduce the attractiveness of boats, is this way with this type of actions and plans of action we can begin to preserve both this type of animals as well as the environment.

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Animals have rights and we must respect them to be an exemplary society, to know how to use resources, to know how to preserve the environment, to interact with animals, to exercise through them actions that give a benefit to society would help us ethically and morally to be better people, living in a world of peace in which we know what ethics is like applying it to our decisions and acting in the best way, not basing ourselves on the models that we already know, that are not met and waiting for someone to do it, we must already corrupt the idea of mistreating these animals that is not at fault, we must make key decisions that help companies that do this type of cruel acts no longer live, in addition to regulating all this type of actions through associations or laws that protect the animals we know how to give a benefit to the society of welfare acts and see different ways to continue growing day by day.


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