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Argumentative Essay: Why College Education Should Be Free in Canada

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Matshona Dhliwayo once said “Money doesn’t grow on trees, but grows on intelligent minds.” Imagine living in an old, outdated, rented apartment as well as working three individual jobs determined to succeed in university classes while saving every penny you can. Being enrolled in a post-secondary education is indeed exhausting and quite demanding. Therefore, life would be easier if the pressure of paying the post-secondary tuition fee was off the students shoulders. Firstly, a free post-secondary education would encourage students to choose a major they enjoy. Next, a postsecondary tuition that is free of charge could also improve the economy and society. Finally, a free postsecondary education would help provide equality and accessibility for every student.

Canada is known to be a free country reserving equal rights and fairness towards its citizens, yet not everyone can obtain an education after secondary school. Thus, a postsecondary education should be free because of students majoring in a topic they genuinely love, helping the economy and society, and ensuring every student receives the equality they deserve as well as having access to the college itself. To begin, parents and students might feel more at ease about studying for the majors that they enjoy if a college education was free. If a student is engaged in what they are studying, then they are way more likely to fully engage with their college classes and receive the ultimate college experience. This could mean satisfactory grades and excellent relationships with others in that field, therefore increasing students’ chances of finding a job in the future. The college system is also leaving many students with significant amounts of debt, therefore many students choices of colleges and programs to major in are limited. Many students are deciding to major in something that they don’t enjoy because of a promised higher salary in the future.

Also, students might attend a college that isn’t good because it’s cheaper even though they possibly got accepted to many other better college programs. For example, in 2018, the total amount of student loan debt in Canada was estimated to be almost $1.5 trillion, which is over 30 percent higher than it was just four years earlier. Many students are also struggling with huge amounts of debt which could make it too difficult to start businesses, move to other cities in search of better job opportunities or simply just change their job, but if there is less student debt it could benefit students greatly in the future. Therefore, if a post-secondary education is free, more students would receive jobs in the future that they genuinely enjoy and will not have to worry about student debts. Next, a free post-secondary education could benefit the economy as well as our society. A free post-secondary education could help many individuals receive a higher paying salary than high school graduates. For example, according to estimates from 2018, “young adults in Canada earn 57 percent more if they have a bachelor’s degree than if they only complete high school.” A free college education could assist in helping increase tax revenues, as well as also increasing the country’s GDP, which would help encourage a healthy and balanced economy. In addition, if more people can get more good jobs from the degrees that they obtained, it would reduce other forms of public assistance, thus there would be a more wealthy population and poverty rates would decrease. In addition, individuals who have attended universities and colleges tend to participate more in social events.

For instance, knowledgeable students are most likely to be engaged in voting, volunteering and donating to make the world a better place as a whole. Moreover, students who are education will make better decision making avoiding illegal actions and discriminatory issues such as racism and prejudice towards the LGBTQ community. There are many instances where prejudice and racism has resulted in many people serving jail time due to hate crimes committed by many uneducated people such as shootings and other violent gang activities, but if there were more students who enrolled in universities and colleges, then there would be less crimes committed. Also, education allows people to recognize what they really are capable of therefore the society would be more powerful and peaceful. Thus, when people are smarter and productive it results in people taking actions and making a positive difference in the world in both the society and economy of the country. Finally, a free college education could help provide everyone with the equality they deserve as well as also helping students have more access to their college. Any secondary school students graduate with excellent results and have great potential, but sadly they may not have the opportunity of attending universities or colleges. Many students are unable to show their talents in the universities or colleges simply because they could not afford it as many students have been raised in lower-income households.

Money is a huge issue that can discourage students from becoming successful in their life, which can in the future decrease their chances of getting married, having children, buying a house, etc. In Canada the amount of money a college or university can demand from a student annually can cost up to thousands of dollars depending on the program, citizenship and whether you are a student of an undergraduate or a postgraduate level but to pursue a higher quality of life it is required to obtain some type of postgraduate degree. For example, in 2017, Statistics Canada has stated that “tuition fees have risen to an average of 3.1 percent when it comes to undergraduate programs.” This increases the poverty rate amongst young adults, because if an individual does not have the proper basic education, they will less likely find a job. Also, addition, there are many people who don’t have the time to be working extra shifts to afford school as well as there are single mothers working multiple jobs to maintain all payments and trying their best to stay off debts. Also, many people may not have the money to afford to move close by to the college, but if a college education was free, many individuals would only have to pay the rent of an apartment, thus they would have the worry of being unable to afford the education off their shoulders. This in turn will economically increase the country by providing experienced workers as well as lowering the poverty rate and allowing companies to expand further. Therefore, a free postsecondary education can help students with equality and also helps give students receive accessibility to the college.

In conclusion, a college education should be free because of students majoring in a topic they enjoy, economic and social benefits, and equality every student deserves as well as accessibility to the college. If a college education is free then the number of students attending are going to increase. Canadians have free education until postsecondary even though we all pay taxes, and most of us value our education greatly, which isn’t fair at all. Firstly, any college student should choose a major they genuinely have a passion for to make sure to live a comfortable life. Moreover, attending college could also reduce crimes and poverty, while also making sure that graduates have an average paying salary. Lastly, every student deserves to be treated with respect and every student should be in proximity to the university for easy access. Free education is a right for everyone: no matter if you are rich or poor. Thus, a free postsecondary education will help better Canada and will help us grow.

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