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Artificial Life: Current Advances and Future Challenges

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Living things are all made up of cells. Cells are the smallest unit of all living organisms. Without cells there wouldn’t be any life. So, once you have made cells you could make life. The characteristics that define life are the ability respond to the environment. The ability to grow. Being able to reproduce and pass down traits. Have the ability to respirate. The ability to excrete.

The ability to feed and use nutrients. If one does have the ability of all these it is not considered as a living thing. An artificial cell is a man-made cell that has the traits and the functions similar to those of a biological cell. In other words, an artificial cell will be able to do whatever you want the cell to do according to what you put in the cell. An artificial cell is constructed by first decoding the chromosome a biological cell. They read each of the cells and copy the code, using that code they engineered a new chromosome. This is done by putting together the pieces of DNA of the old one. Then they inject the chromosome into a new bacterial cell which clones itself. This could mean that scientists are able to customize their own cells from taking the traits that they want from other cells to benefit humanity. The breakthrough in the technology of artificial cell has given humanity a new hope to look upon. If this happens, we will be able to have a chance to reverse the effects of global warming. The breakthrough in this piece of technology also gives hope to individuals who are infected with different sorts of diseases such as cancer. Also, people who have organ failures who need a transplant can benefit because it is too expensive and rare to find an organ that suits the host. The creation of artificial cells may be the solution to all these problems.

Artificial cells can also be able to increase the lifespan of everyone. That depends on if you have the power to do it. This study could benefit, people with diseases such as cancer. Where if the patient has lung cancer, the doctors could use artificial cells to create a whole new pair of lungs using the patient DNA which means that there would be no mismatches. Or when a patient is infected with harmful bacteria they could create cells that fight off the diseases just like white blood cells but stronger and better. This study also has potential in reversing the effects on global warming by creating bacteria which feed on greenhouse gasses specifically carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. Also, if this piece of technology is well developed scientists will be able to give any individual the ability to live for infinite amount of years. This would be done easily just by replacing the broken or damaged organs with new ones. Allowing the individual to never die of reasons such as organ failure or cancer. Artificial cells are like biological cells they need to eat. When you inject artificial bacteria into a patient to fight the diseases which means that they feed on the disease so once they have gotten rid of the disease there will be nothing for them to eat. In order for the artificial bacteria to stay alive they will start feeding on other bacteria inside the patient. Which means that the artificial bacteria that the scientists have just created is acting like cancer.

The concept is same with reversing the greenhouse effect where once people release bacteria that feed on carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. They will just keep on feeding on the carbon dioxide and produce more of oxygen which stop global warming. But it could also cause there to be an imbalance of oxygen and other gasses especially less CO2. So, less food for plants so plants will die. Once the plants die herbivores will die and carnivores will follow soon eventually leading to mass extinction. Same with humans being able to live forever. It is not normal for a person to live forever this could lead to rapid overpopulation because no one is dying and more and more people are being born. This would not be desirable. Some religious citizens are saying that people are playing the role of God in this situation. People don’t have the ability to look at things in the way god does. People are not wise enough for creating life. Because we are not wise enough this may be very dangerous because we don’t have the full insight of the future to do such things. Just like when we created a bacterium where it could feed on oil spills but when the oil is gone what would it eat? It will of course move on to eating other bacteria or smaller organisms. Just like the greenhouse effect example in the paragraph above. Since humans don’t have the full insight one the future it is impossible for us to 100 percent guarantee that the life we create is good and not harmful to us. Because humans are not there yet this will not be desirable. Both Allah the Islamic god and Jesus Christ the Christianity god created the world to be perfect. When something is perfect it means that there need no additional improvements. What people are doing now is adding to that perfection. Then water after water was land. Then there was vegetation fist life. The then sun and the moon giving us night and day.

On day five he created birds and sea creatures. One day six he created land animals including us. This was perfection. What we are doing now is creating life and taking upon the role of god. What both of the got did during the start of the universe was create light. The Christianity god say in the bible that “There can not be other gods a part from me. ” (Exodus 20: 3) what we are doing is defying the laws that god set. “The LORD is the one who goes ahead of you; He will be with you He will not fail you or forsake you. Do not fear or be dismayed. ” (Deuteronomy 31: 8) from this passage in the bible we know that god has planned ahead of us. Which us humans aren’t capable of doing. Humans are now taking upon role of god. But from the way I think humans don’t have the wisdom to do all this because we are still lacking the intelligence to do such things. In order for us to do such things I think we need to be us of the food chain so that everything we do we would not get affected by it. But since it is impossible for us to be outside of the food chain we won’t be able to do these things. Maybe through multiple experiments we may be able to make few small advances in this field of study. But we will never be able to safely create lifeforms because what I see is them all becoming what can be harmful to us. Overall I don’t agree with the creation of artificial life.

Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student.

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