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Benefits of Immigrating to Western Countries: Education, Religious Freedom and Career

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This research paper explains the reasons why people immigrate to a Western country, not an Eastern country. Immigration is to move to other countries as that country’s citizens. Sometime, even they never come back to their hometown if they illegally immigrate. In 18th century, many people had immigrated to other countries to escape excessive taxes or to find other lands for farming however, nowadays, the reasons to immigrate have changed. First, humans would like to get knowledge and to study in a better place. Second, it is for finding religious freedom and escaping from coercive situations. This essay explains what happens to those who reject religion or who breaks the rules of religion. Last, people leave to have a job to the Western countries that have no disadvantages such as discrimination. The following paper describes positive situations of Western countries and negative situations of Eastern countries.

The citizens who dislike their country would like to move in a new country, especially Western countries. According to the report “Million Immigrants in 2017” the authors say, “The nation’s immigrant population (legal and illegal) hit a record 44.5 million in July 2017, an increase of nearly 800,000 since 2016, 4.6 million since 2010, and 13.4 million since 2000 in the U.S”. That report indicates that the number of immigrates is increasing more and more as time goes by. That is, immigrants hope to get better opportunities from Western countries, unlike their own nation. Moving to Western ones has many reasons such as education, religion, and occupation.

A reason why people immigrate for education is that people have awareness about the world and they realize how to live around. Despite what people study is necessary, some countries have a limitation of education which is citizens should not study especially women or pool people such as North Korean citizens are limited educational levels by the government. According to the 2016 Global Education Monitoring Report “In 2014, 44% of children around the world were enrolled in pre-primary school, ranging from about 20% in Southern Asia and sub-Saharan Africa to 85% in Europe and Northern America”. That is to say, more than half of the children could not learn even basic education around the world. The reasons they cannot study are usually gender and poverty. For instance, Africa citizens do not have studying time because it is more important for them to obtain food and cleaning water. The number of school remarkably lacks in the country. In addition, some countries prevent women from being educated because their gender. The law or social recognition treat women who are just to be a mother, and to do housework. Eventually, it occurs immigration to one of the Western countries that have no limitation as well as educational freedom. As Kofi Anna says “Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family”. Many quotations including this sentence show that education is freedom and accountability for people as it is power to change the world. By all means, modern people know how to change their own life unlike the past so, it happens to immigration to study in good places.

There is another reason why people want to immigrate for education. The parents want to give children a better education and environment. Unfortunately, each country has different educational system; usually the Western (particularly US or Canada)’system is liberal arts education and the Eastern (China or India)’ system is professional education. The goal of both systems is to get a new knowledge but, each the method to teach is completely different. According to the report- Blending East and West for holistic education. “It is a common thinking that Eastern society is reserved and conservative whereas Western society is more creative and assertive”. Comparatively, the writer tells different points of both systems. In the East, the prime purpose is an exam and grade for only going to the best university. For example, Eastern Asia (South Korea, China, and Japan) is teaching principles and methods how to solve problems to students instead of discussion or experiment to get a high score. On the other hand, the west educational purpose is what have speical one’s thoughts and interpersonal. Some Eastern parents want their child to be learned by liberal arts education as it helps to think creatively and critically. They began to think that it is important for their children to have critical thoughts through various experiences with multinational friends than acquiring simple knowledge.

Moreover, parents want to live in the comfortable countries where children can grow up well such as countries with good laws or principles for children. To illustrate, if you look for immigration on South Korea web site (it is called NAVER), there are too many information like the method to immigrate because of child’s education. Almost all information is about going to the Western country schools such as Canada, USA and Australia, whereas if you search AUCA (American University of Central Asia), you can just check a little bit texts everyone can write, not reports. Form the site, it is written detailed procedures about schools of the Western country depending on the student’s age and parents’ property. That is, many parents are interested in educational migration to only the West. For a long time, parents prepare to immigrate to Western country because of good education and comfortable environment for their children.

In the 21st century, people are forced religion by the country and even they are killed by the government if they do not believe in. In this case, the official statistics that is how many people moved to Western country for own religion is hard to find as they usually illegally immigrated to there. For instance, some Islamic countries are suppressing religious freedom. One of the religious rules is a prohibiting LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, bisexual, and Transgender) It does not matter in the country that has religious freedom but, a particular religion like Islam treats that LGBT is a sin. To illustrate, March 8, 2019, 400 people in central Bishkek claimed “equality for all” and criticized conservative aspects of Islam country on Woman’s day. One of their claims is Kyrgyz citizens should respect LGBT community that is also part of the society. This case shows that LGBT people are discriminated and they should not be treated equally in social situations.

Muslims must live by a strict code of social rules. As cited by Abudullah Saeed, the report- religious freedom in Islam: The witness of the Qur’an and the Prophet. “They face restrictions on the public practice of religion and strict limits on the building or renovation of places of worship. The government monitors their religious activities, raids private services and sometimes harasses or imprisons non-Muslim believers simply for practicing their faith”. In the event that, the government violently manages that people should not believe in other religions, ignoring citizens’ choice. Muslims are suffering from coercive and conservative Islam tradition.

In the beginning of the American history, the country was comprised of emigrants from Europe, including, of course, there were aborigines. On May 7th in 2010, the president Barack Obama who was USA president declared: “This is America. And our commitment to religious freedom must be unshakeable. The principle that people of all faiths are welcome in this country and that they will not be treated differently by their government is essential to who we are”. He addressed that US government always welcome immigration by religious freedom. In summary, as the reason to keep religion until people give up their own country is that religion is life, rules, and the metal food (pabulum) for them, people try to move to another country, whether legitimate or illegal.

Another reason why people immigrate to Western country is the career. Humans have each freedom like not only education and religion but also occupation freedom in the world; it is exactly called the freedom of the job choice. However, since job choice can be limited by the country’s ideology, environment or prejudice in some country, people seek to immigrate to a Western country. There are two ideologies; capitalism and communism. Capitalism has freedom of economic activity, that is, people can work anything if they want except for illegal jobs. If the country has capitalism ideology, people work to make good and cheap products as they can earn as much money as they work. On the other hand, communism is to share private property due to be blocking the gap between the rich and poor in the country. According to the web site “Reading: The Disadvantages of Communism” into OER service- International Business, the author writes “No matter what field a business specializes in, the same amount of funds will be allocated to each, and each worker will receive the same amount of money. This can cause emotional unrest between workers who wish to be specially recognized for their work. It can serve to create uncomfortable conditions for workers in a society without rank or varying specialty”. That is to say, communism doesn’t have a competition among workers or bosses so that they think themselves they should work suitably. Foursquarely, humans want to earn lots money by having each own reason. People prefer capitalism more as it helps to grow rich individual without any restrictions and to increase economic freedom to citizens than communism. Even though, people make the efforts to change over from communism to capitalism, so it is almost the impossible that they select the method of migration.

Additionally, the choice of career depends on the environment of each country. The importance of the career and treatment by people are different in each country; sometimes it causes discrimination and it makes a difference in the development of the career. Each country has a different environment and natural resources. If a country has a lot of forests, jobs about forests become to develop more than others alike Kyrgyzstan is a continent country so that it is hard to work allied ocean carriers to its citizens. It is not only the different environment but also gender discrimination. According to “Types of Workplace Discrimination” in the balance careers, the author writes “When paying a salary to men and women of the same qualifications, responsibility, skill level, and position, employers are forbidden to discriminate on the basis of gender”. Even though this situation is illegal based on gender, it often occurs in some country. In brief, people select immigration for finding a job they want without disadvantages.

The purpose of the present research essay is to inform the benefits of immigrating to Western country as well as the reasons why people do. In summary, people would like to get a good education in the Western countries for oneself or children due to getting critical thoughts and various experiences. Another key point is that people can choose religion in Western countries; they have religious freedom. Similarly, some Islamic countries are suppressing citizens’ thoughts so that the LGBT community is treated as a sinful community. However, western countries admit that the LGBT community is also a part of the social. Additionally, the probability of discrimination or limitation into the career is lower in Western countries than Eastern countries. People immigrate to get the better benefits to Western countries that staying in Eastern ones.


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