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Published: Sep 19, 2019

Words: 3156|Pages: 7|16 min read

Published: Sep 19, 2019

Water shoes also water footwear forms a protective, active water footwear. These shoes have evolved into a form of utilitarian footwear, a combination of sneakers and sandals. Their popularity has soared, but with a plethora of options comes confusion. In this review, we will help you understand the need of owning this type of shoe, walking you through exactly what it is, how to approach buying one, and the best type for fishing, boating, and, yes, hiking and the benefits of having that type of shoe. Water footwears are intended for use with water-related activities. They are intended to both keep your feet safe and provide comfort while walking, hiking, or running around water (lakes, ocean, rivers, streams, etc.). However, they are NOT intended to keep a user’s feet dry. They are not waterproof shoes (like hiking boots). Instead, they are made with quick-drying synthetic materials that offer aeration and drainage. One can wear them with or without socks and are useful for a vast range of outdoor recreational activities: hiking, walking, climbing, kayaking, boating/sailing/fishing, Canoeing, rafting/whitewater rafting and trail running.

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Just to touch on a few reasons why it is important to purchase this type of shoes; it should be noted that these shoes safeguards a user’s feet from injuries. One should not confuse flip flops or slides, which have their place in a local pool or a public shower, with water footwears which are generally designed for more active pursuits. These water footwears safeguard your feet from spikes, abrasions and bumps of the often-rough underwater world while ensuring that the rocks and sediments are kept out. Furthermore, depending on the design type, manufacturers have blurred the line between water sportwear and land sportwear by creating shoes that works well on land and on water and therefore can be worn on most occasions. In addition, it provides extra grip. These kinds of shoes have been designed with recognition that there is a high chance of slipping and thus the need to have a sole with extra traction. In all the conditions listed above, above-average grip will be an added benefit. Most people will argue out that hiking shoes provide all the above mentioned hence useful to note that there are additional benefits over and above the later. Quick drying and odorless feet are additional benefits that water footwear offer over hiking shoes would after a long and sweaty hike. It would be no trouble to buy best water footwear since they are cheaper, last longer and is the more fun option. Before getting water wearable shoes, it would be best to know what properties to look for in that kind of a shoe and where to find them. This review lays out features that consumers are expected to consider when buying a suitable water footwear. In summary, better water footwear will utilize tackier rubber on aggressive soles – our review dwells on this and other additional properties. Wading in a rocky river? Look for traction and foot protection, including a lacing system that won’t let the shoe slip off. A shoe with ample support, something you can tell from the rigidity and height of the upper part, is also a good idea.

1. Merrell Men's All Out Blaze Aero Sport Hiking Water Shoe


This shoe is built for muddy roads, rocky roads, boulder climbing and hiking. Quality aspect of these is that they're extremely lightweight for those long hikes but still guarantees comfortability. It is not only great for the adventurous man who wants to hike in and out of rivers, but for kayakers as well. Can it get any better?


These waterproof hiking shoes fit true to size, which makes it easy when ordering them. They are fitted with Omni Fit lacing that ensures a glove-like fit.


Because these water footwears were made to accommodate men who like the outdoors, they were designed to get wet. Which is why Merrell included breathable mesh in the upper part of the shoe and Vibram soles underneath. The mesh allows your feet to air out to prevent irritation and blistering. The ventilation feels like air conditioners in your shoes. The best part about these shoes though is the Vibram soles. If you haven't heard of them, they're pretty much the greatest feature ever.


The price is a little on the high side for this product, but this can handle any terrain.


They are very comfortable to wear.

It is easy to get them on and off.

They dry quickly.

The shoes have treads on their sole that makes them grip well even on wet and slippery surfaces.

They have a great lacing system.

The soles are thick and stiff. You can even wear the shoes for hiking.


The sole might wear out with continued use.

The openings on the shoe let in rocks and sticks

2. Vibram FiveFingers Signa Water Shoe


These shoes are constructed with a stretch polyester mesh upper that drains out air and water, allowing your foot to breath easily. Vibram® WAVEGRIP is a durable rubber coating on the bottom of the shoe that gives you the best grip on wet surfaces. WAVEGRIP is a rubber compound that leaves no markings which means you can also wear them inside without ruining your floors.


These water footwears fit better than a glove. Your toes will fit perfectly in the sockets and when on, they feel like you're not wearing any shoes. Not only do these shoes come in half sizes, but they also come in two different colors: black and black/yellow. However, they do run a bit small so be sure to order a half size bigger.


These aren't your typical dorky-looking water footwears. The bold, dark industrial design will have you looking and feeling like the rugged man that you are. Furthermore, the interesting thing about these footwears is that they drain water quickly. Also, they provide decent protection from hard rocks. However, the middle isn't as protected so don't get too wild in these shoes. In addition to this features, they have easy to adjust Velcro straps allowing you to slip in seamlessly.


The price is somewhat on the expensive side, of course, but these lightweight shoes are worth it. Vibram is best known in the outdoor community for being extremely dependable and made with quality.


Light and flexible, almost like walking barefoot

Built to drain out water so your feet won't get soggy

Fit like a glove


A little hard to put on at first because your toes are not used to being separated.

Also, they run small so buy one must buy a size larger.

3. Keen Men's Newport H2 Water Sandal


For those who intend to explore tropical islands, play beach volleyball, or do some hiking, these are the sandals you want. They're built to be aggressive, with a sturdy sole that offers excellent traction and support without sacrificing comfort or flexibility.


The leather upper will protect your feet and will allow water to drain out. They're a bit heavier than your average sandal, but they're capable of handling heavier wear as well.


The bomber lacing system (tightened via bungee cord) will keep the sandals firmly on your feet, no matter how much you run, jump, and play. They can be a bit of pain to slip on, but once they're on, they're never coming off. You won't have to worry too much about offensive odors coming from these shoes either thanks to its Aegis Microbe Shield. The Keen H2 water sandals also feature no mark rubber outsoles that dry fast.


At $80, these are a pricey pair of sandals. However, with these bad boys, you won't need to bring hiking or walking shoes when going to the beach town or a tropical island. They're the all-terrain sandals you need for any vacation.


Amazing traction

Excellent for hiking

Built for active wear


Won't slip off

Doesn't hold water

They keep your feet smelling nice and fresh wear after wear.


Difficulty putting them on

4. Speedo Surfwalker 3.0 Water Shoe


Though these shoes look lightweight at first, you'll find they are surprisingly comfortable and durable when you put them on. The quick-drying mesh upper offers breathability and will help to keep your feet comfy as you walk around poolside or stroll on the beach. However, the thick sole provides good cushioning and arch support, with surprisingly good traction for scrambling over rocks or walking on wet tile/concrete floors.


The shoes are intended to be easy to slip on, though men with larger, wider feet may have a hard time pulling them on. The shoes also tend to be a bit snug, so you should buy at least one size larger than you're used to wearing.


The shoes have a loop on the ankle to help you tug them on with ease. The thick bands running across the forefoot of the shoes' upper gives you better durability than you'd get with pure mesh, but more breathability than pure neoprene. There's even a bit of a toe cap to protect your toes as you walk.


These are a well-priced pair of shoes, and they're lightweight and compact enough you can bring them with you on any beach vacation. They're the perfect shoes for hanging around the pool or strolling on the beach.


The shoe doesn’t soak up water.

It has an effective traction that makes it perfect for use on slippery and wet grounds.

It is permeable to water even when it is fully submerged.

They feature a patented drainage system to quickly drain water from the shoes. This means that the shoes won’t get heavy on your feet.

They dry quickly.

They have a breathable mesh upper to facilitate airflow.

They are ultra-lightweight.

The shoes are stylish.


The soles are thin and soft. They are not, therefore, good for rough terrains.

May be difficult pull on over big, wide feet; additionally, the sizes run small

5. Adidas Climacool Boat Lace Water Shoe


The quality of these shoes is as expected from Adidas: excellent. The breathable mesh upper provides lightweight, well-ventilated protection for your foot, but it's durable enough to withstand years of regular use. The sole is thick, offers some cushioning for your running (though sadly not as much arch support as you might like), and provides you with great traction. While the shoes are designed for use on a boat deck, they're equally grippy on wet concrete, dusty trails, and wet rocks.


The fit is "true to size", though a tad on the snug side. This makes them perfect for runners, as the tighter fit will prevent friction and blisters as you run. The lacing system allows you to pull the shoes as tight as you want for better stability.


In addition to a padded collar, the shoes have a loop that you can use to pull them on with ease. The drainage holes in the bottom of the shoe will allow water to drain (though some people complain debris gets in these holes).


Though slightly on the pricier side of the options on our list, these are a great pair of low-profile, lightweight shoes to pack if you plan on doing some beach running. You may not get as much arch support as you're used to, but they're the lightweight, comfortable shoes that will keep you running mile after mile.


Water drains out quickly


Excellent grip and traction

Full lacing system

Snug fit while you run

Stylish, lightweight

Super comfortable

Broad range of colors

Breathable, and



Not the best arch support

May allow small debris to enter your shoe.

6. CIOR Unisex Barefoot Skin Water Socks


The polyester-spandex blend fits and feels exactly like Neoprene. And, these water socks are much thicker than others on the market. So, you can expect them to last the whole summer, depending on how often you are on the beach or in the water. Although these water socks do not have rubber soles, they do have grips on the bottom which make them great for slick surfaces, such as around the pool.


When wearing these water socks, it feels as if you're barefoot. However, the sizes on these shoes tend to run a bit small. At the same time, that means the material around the ankle is nice and tight, ensuring that no tiny rocks or pebbles get inside.


For an inexpensive water shoe, you can't really expect all the bells and whistles. In fact, these babies are about as simple as water wearable shoes get. However, they are made in three unisex colors (black, blue, and pink) and come with a transparent zipper bag for easy storage.


This is one of the cheapest water wearable shoes. They are useful for those who spend a lot of time in the water, but who want a little protection from sand or slick surfaces. Don't expect years of wear; these are a simple, practical budget option.


Adaptability for different water sports activities

Draining holes in the shoes for quick drying

Variety of sizes for different feet sizes

Slip-on styles for easy removal.

Variety of colors to choose from

Can be worn easily

Can be taken off easily

Appealing to the user because of the model

Ability to adapt to many water sports activities

Can be replaced once it has become defective from your store of purchase

Comfortable because of the amazing features they come with


It can be defective at times or worn out.

Sizes tend to run small, removable insoles may shift/slip around.

7. RYKA Women’s Hydro Sport

Ryka Hydro Sports women’s shoes are one of the best water wearable shoes for women. They are designed with a quick-dry upper and feature a webbing brace that offers midfoot support. The shoes answer to the water fitness needs of women. The sole is made of a flexible material and includes a water drainage system.


Its aggressive design with its adjustable lacing system offers maximum support.

Features mesh covered holes in the bottom to facilitate drainage.

The shoes are extremely comfortable.

The sole is made of sticky rubber to provide better traction even on wet surfaces.

Made of breathable mesh on the upper.

Its webbing midfoot cage offers lateral and medieval support.

Features a speed lace system that facilitates easy wearing and taking off.


Not ideal for hiking.

8. KEEN Women’s Whisper Sandals

Water Footwear Features

If planning to buy water wearable shoes, here are the features to consider;

Material – Natural fabrics and cloths retain moisture, while synthetic materials are lightweight and dry more quickly. Real leather gets very heavy when wet and breaks down more quickly. Synthetic leather is almost as sturdy as real leather, but it is not as easily damaged by water and weighs far less.

Sole – A thick sole may be better for hiking and walking, as it offers protection, traction, and longer durability. A thin sole is better for use on the beach, in the pool, and in the water. The type of sole you purchase will depend on the use of the water footwear.

Toe Guard – A toe guard will protect your toes from rolling or falling objects (such as rocks) and can prevent injuries from underwater obstructions.

Ventilation – Ventilation serves two purposes: to help your shoes, socks, and feet dry more quickly, and to prevent mold. There should always be a breathable mesh to allow for good ventilation.

Drainage – This works hand in hand with ventilation! You will be using the shoes in the water (hence the name "water shoes") and getting them wet, but you don't want the water to remain trapped in the shoes. Proper water wearable shoes include holes and vents to allow the water to drain from the shoe.

Lacing – If you're going to use the water wearable shoes for hiking, trail running, or climbing, you need a lacing system that grips your feet firmly. For more casual use, you may prefer something that is easier to slip on, such as a sandal strap design.

Heel reinforcement – The reinforcement isn't in the heel itself, but in the collar. The reinforcement and padding can reduce chafing on your bare feet (a common problem with water wearable shoes), reducing hot spots and blisters. Neoprene is an excellent material for heel reinforcement, as it's soft, flexible, and offers good insulation.

Support and cushioning – Some water wearable shoes are intended for more active use, so they offer good cushioning and support for your heels, midfoot, and forefoot. If you're going to run, walk, or hike long distances, you'll want shoes with this added cushioning. It will reduce the impact on your joints and keep your feet comfortable over long distances.

Stability – The shoes should provide a stable platform, especially if you're using them to hike, climb, or run.

Types of Water footwears

Water shoes come in different styles each offering different benefit for different occasion; Sandal-Type Water footwear – These shoes tend to come with a thick sole, open toe, and strap lacing system. They may have a mesh lining around the shoe or simply feature a sturdy sandal. They're almost considered sandals thanks to their open-toe design. However, they wrap around the heels and offer better cushioning and support than regular sandals. These offer superior ventilation and breathability, but they're not the most protective for use while hiking or trekking.

Closed-Toe Water footwear – Think of a shoe that's a cross between a sandal and a pair of running shoes. They feature the sandal design (sturdy straps crossing over and around the foot), but with a proper lacing system, padded collar, and mesh lining. They offer good ventilation, comfort, and drainage, and tend to be more supportive and protective than sandal-type water footwear.

Hiking/Active Water footwear – These are water shoes intended for runners, hikers, backpackers, or trekkers. They're built with the same durability, cushioning, and stability as running or hiking shoes, but they feature drainage holes around the sole to allow water to run out of the shoe. They're heavier than other water footwear, making them ideal for anyone who wants a sturdy pair of shoes that perform as well in the water as they do on dry land.

Barefoot Water footwear – Brands like Vibram and Vivobarefoot have designed minimalist running shoes specifically for use in water. They're made of durable rubber, have no outsole, but are lightweight and offer excellent drainage and ventilation. They're good for barefoot runners, beach sports, and water sports. The fact that they're flexible means they can be used by surfers who need a good pair of water footwear.

Elements to consider when buying Water footwears

There are three primary elements to consider when buying water shoes, these are:

Use – The style of water footwear you buy will depend on the activity. If you're hiking, running, kayaking, or climbing, you want a pair of shoes with a sturdy sole and good cushioning and support. If you're lounging poolside or at the beach, you want something lightweight and easy to slip on. Buy a water shoe according to its intended use.

Lacing – The lacing system affects the uses of the shoes. Proper shoelaces are ideal for active shoes, but they're less convenient for lounging. Slip-on aqua socks or strap-on sandal-style water footwear are great for use at the beach or poolside, but they won't stay in place if you're doing hardcore running, hiking, or climbing.

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Traction/Outsole – A thicker sole can handle more heavy-duty use and action, while a thin sole is more flexible for use in the pool, for aquaerobics, or for water sports. The other elements such as style, comfort, colors, etc. are of secondary concern.

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