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Cancer Prevention and Alternative Treatment

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Cancer prevention is by far a better option than trying to treat cancers once they have formed and become a health issue, no matter what age you are or the level your health, it is never too late to start reversing the effects of the toxins and harmful substances that are already in our bodies and to counteract or reduce their probable effects. Everyone is producing thousands of potentially defective or mutated cells in their bodies each day and our systems normally deal with these cells easily and efficiently unless compromised. Unfortunately, one of the many hazards most people have to deal with is air pollution. Many people are constantly subject pollution from automobile exhausts, emissions from industrial plants, recycled air from air-conditioned buildings, the smoke from open fires, cigarette smoke, the burning of rubbish as well as compounds given off from painted surfaces, synthetic textiles, carpets, upholstery and clothing, these all contain many carcinogenic compounds that can directly affect our cells and have the potential of turning them cancerous. Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon or PAHs, are a large group of chemicals found in much of our polluted air, many of these have been individually linked to cancer (over 500 types of PAH have been isolated). 

Most of us have little choice and have to live with these pollutants; fortunately, almost all the world’s major cities have reduced pollution to levels so that in the short term, as long as we take steps to detox our bodies, most damage can be avoided or at least kept in check. Breathing through the nose is our natural defense from bacteria and airborne viruses, dust, and dirt. Studies have shown that having a diet high in Vitamin E, a potent antioxidant and Vitamin C the body’s primary water-soluble antioxidant, can help to render harmless many otherwise dangerous free radicals in all water-soluble areas of the body and can help prevent the formation of some cancer-causing nitrosamines. Apigenin is a potent antioxidant, a flavonoid found in parsley its richest source; it’s also found in artichokes, celery, chamomile, coriander, onion, oranges, oregano, and red wine. Apigenin has many benefits for the lungs, it can help increase oxygen intake, enhance the antioxidant level in the brain, regulate blood pressure and destroy bacterial and fungal infections in the body. Parsley can be eaten fresh, dried, cooked or raw. 

When dried parsley contains more apigenin (about 5% of pure apigenin), than fresh parsley and it is not harmed by moderate amounts of heat when cooking. Parsley also contains in one cup 1230% of your daily requirements of Vitamin K, plus 133% of Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid) and 100% of Vitamin A, other flavonoids, apiin, crisoeriol, and luteolin, essential oils myristicin, limonene, eugenol, and alpha-thujene. These volatile oils, qualify parsley as a chemoprotective food, it can help neutralize carcinogens such as benzopyrenes which are contained in smoke and other airborne pollutants. After studying many different alternative cures and procedures it becomes obvious that the most effective ways to address cancer either for treating existing cancers or preventing the formation of new cancers is to use our body’s natural defense mechanisms to combat cancers, this also applies to many of the other modern chronic medical conditions people have. 

Many doctors specializing in alternative cancer treatments have been hounded, ridiculed and discredited by the traditional mainstream medical profession and pharmaceutical companies, even though they have proven to have a very high success rate. This is because they directly threaten the extremely high profits that are being made by this multi-billion dollar industry at the expense of those very people they claim they are supposedly treating. As most alternative treatments are organic and natural they cannot be patented and/or owned, so there are no large profits to be made to interest the large pharmaceutical companies and the traditional medical profession. Government agencies have closed down many successful cancer treatment clinics around the world, even though they have had a high rate of patient success. The only reason for this is pressure from multinational pharmaceutical companies protecting their profits. Although cancers are increasing at a very high rate they can be prevented if we keep our immune system operating at peak efficiency and refrain from introducing pollutants into our systems. Good wholesome organic foods and a proper diet are essential to building and maintaining the immune system, therefore preventing and controlling cancer. Many independent studies have shown that most cancer cells are much weaker than normal, healthy cells and grow because the body’s natural defenses are compromised because of poor diets and unnatural substances in our foods, which prevent our immune systems from doing their job properly. 

In particular cancer cells thrive on sugar or glucose. All Cancer cells need food like all other cells in our bodies, but unlike our normal cells, that can use either sugar or fat as fuel, cancer cells can only feed on sugar. The answer, remove sugars from our systems so the cancer cells starve to death, all our other healthy cells can live on high-quality fats. GM or Genetically Modified foods could have been the answer to cancer prevention and cure most forms of cancer, as well as almost all modern chronic medical conditions. With the billions of dollars spent on research and development scientists have shown they can now do many complicated, extraordinary and wonderful things, they can produce, plants and animals with desirable characteristics and properties borrowed from other sources to enhance the beneficial, as well as excluding undesirable traits. 

What these scientists and the huge multi-national corporations they are controlled by have done is shameful, and far worse than all the wars and political acts of human genocide combined. They have used their vast knowledge to make huge profits at the expense of everyone. They have made available Genetically Modified commercial seeds to grow crops that are low in food values and lack many of their natural nutrients, are filled with poison so they are pest and disease, resistant as well as being unaffected by the other poisons used in commercial farming for weed control. These crops are designed to be fast-growing, with high yields, with little concern for quality; their main benefit is to the large scale farmer, to supply the huge processed food manufacturer’s demands. These GM crops are not only providing damaged contaminated foods to the majority of the world’s processing industries, but these GM crops are also spreading into the wild, combining with, taking over or destroying many other otherwise healthy crops that cannot compete with their chemical makeup. These GM crops should not be allowed to be grown or consumed and should be eliminated from our planet, who knows what devastation they will cause to our children and future generations. 

By adopting a diet that has little or no carbohydrates, minimal or preferably no sugars of any kind, with a small to moderate amount of protein (excess protein is turned into sugars) 100g to 150g of cooked organic meat, chicken, eggs, fish or shellfish, and/or selected high protein vegetables, seeds and nuts (studies suggest that a normal person needs about 30 to 35g of protein at each meal to meet all their necessary bodily functions, such as growth and development). For energy and proper body and brain function, eating beneficial, health-promoting fats from such things as organic, pasture-raised dairy, unpasteurized and unprocessed butter, milk, cheese, and coconut oil, olives, olive oil and avocado, fish like wild-caught salmon, herring as well as plenty of nonstarchy vegetables (starchy vegetables are high in carbohydrates), like green leafy vegetables, asparagus, tomatoes, cucumber, carrots, onions, garlic and low carb fruits that are high in vitamin A, D, C & K, berries, coconut, nuts, especially brazil, pecans, macadamia & walnuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, and the seeds in such fruit as apples, we can obtain all the beneficial nutrients we need. At the same time starve the cancerous cells of their food source allowing our bodies to deal with them efficiently and naturally. 

There are many beneficial herbs and spices that have been shown to assist the body to deal with cancer because of their nutrient content, like Turmeric (active ingredient curcumin) combined with raw cauliflower (active ingredient phenethyl isothiocyanate) that has had tremendous success in curing prostate cancer. Prostate Cancer is the largest form of cancer in males in the US resulting in more deaths each year than any other cancer. (If this due to cancer or the treatment is unclear) It is most important for people to consult a health professional when dealing with any illness, especially cancers; the hardest thing is to find one who is knowledgeable in alternative treatments and not just following the established traditional medical practices. Most alternative medical practitioners, Doctors, and clinics that specialize in alternative treatments have web sites so you would be well advised to search the net in your local area for those who may be able to help you. Getting as many different opinions as possible before deciding on a single course of action, if you have been diagnosed with cancer, is a good idea. After all, it is your life and or the life of your loved ones that is at stake. 

To conclude the essay, traditional cancer treatment’s cost on average $50, 000 plus or $7, 000 plus a month, with a large portion of this being covered by most health insurances. Because alternative treatments do not use expensive drugs their cost is a fraction of traditional treatments, many (because over 50% of cancer patients using alternative treatments have already had traditional treatments that did not cure them and are then totally broke), are relatively inexpensive and some very effective treatments are almost free. Before agreeing to any cancer treatment, find out their proven recovery rate, some doctors try and suggest they have a high recovery rate based on people who have responded to treatments after 6 to 12 months, but ask them about those that survived over 5 years after their treatment, to get the true cure rates and your chances of surviving. 

Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student.

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