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Causes and Effect of Drug Abuse

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Essay about drug abuse: causes and effects

The effect of drug abuse on individuals and society cannot be overstated. Drug abuse refers to the habitual use of addictive substances, including alcohol, marijuana, ecstasy, and opioids, which produce a pleasant effect in the brain. Despite the known consequences, those with substance use disorder are compelled to continue using drugs. According to studies by Krystina Murray and David Hampton, there are over 190 million drug users worldwide, with a growing number among individuals under the age of 30. More than 7 million people suffer from illicit drug use disorders, including alcohol, tobacco, and prescription drug use. Drug addiction increases the risk of accidental injuries, accidents, and domestic violence. It is imperative to control ourselves and avoid letting medicine turn into poison that harms ourselves, our families, and our society. To address this widespread issue, an in-depth analysis of the causes and effect of drug abuse is made in this essay.

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The cause of drug abuse is generally the psychoactive drug used for a variety of different reasons, why is such as big effect from drug abuse? The reason include the pressure from job, the curiosity from younger age, in particular the use of prescription drugs in children and young people in schools, with the original aim of reducing pain, but turned out became a recreational use to make fun and become an addictive chemical, I heard that the drugs are used as part of a religious custom or an entertainment purpose as a means of obtaining creative inspiration in some country such as “Falun gong” in China, these religious members are hard to find out and hard to wipe off, just like the warms stick to our bones in the society. Show-off is also one of the top reason to kids, in our rap songs, we can easily and simply find out the lyric talk about drugs, such as “Smoke weed get drunk”, “young ni*** move that dope”, “where’s Ali with the mother***** dope, I be balling”, and else. When the innocent kids not getting educated, they will have a different perspective that he looks cool and rich by the using of drugs.

The effect of drug abuse on health, diseases will be friendly appear in both short-and long-term use of drugs effect to out body health. The general health of the person is depending on how often and how much the use the drugs. The impact from drug abuse. They can affect almost every organ in the human body. Smoke cigarette cause lung cancer is known universally.

There are a few ways a person can take the drugs, injections, inhalation and ingestion. Injection is when drug addicts who use needles to shoot the drugs in to blood stream, this way of consuming drug is on a high risk to contract HIV and hepatitis B and C infections, such as the use of ice and methamphetamine, the needle is expensive to be one time use, so HIV virus is easily spread out when people sharing needles, sharing is not carrying at the point. Inhalation is when the drug goes in through you nose to your lung such as when you do snort cocaine and smoke weed get drunk, this will cause lot of respiratory passage problems and lung diseases. Ingestion is when the dopes got digest in your stomach, such as ecstasy and other drugs in pill form.

The side effects of drug addiction include:

  1. A reduced and weakened immune system, the chance of illness and infection got increased.
  2. Heart attacks from abnormal heart rates, collapsed veins and blood vessel infections from injected drugs.
  3. Nausea and abdominal pain can also cause changes in appetite and weight loss.
  4. Increased strain on the liver, this will expose this person to the risk of serious liver injury or liver failure.
  5. Seizures, stroke, mental confusion and brain damage.
  6. Lung disease.
  7. Problems with memory, attention and decision making, which make daily life more difficult.
  8. Global effects of drugs on the body, such as breast development in men and increases in body temperature, which can lead to other health problems.

The drug abuse and addiction have so many ways to affect the family, harmful substances have destructive effects on users, and many people may not consider how other people’s addiction directly involved affect the family. Spouses, children and parents who witness the struggle against addiction by family members can suffer emotional injury, as well as economic, legal, medical and other consequences.

The effects of drug and alcohol addiction to a family can be both short-term and long-term. Peaceful, loving homes can be divided by the strain caused by drug and alcohol abuse. Conflict becomes normal as family members fight to engage in a son or daughter who abuses heroin, for example. Trust begins to erode. Relatives may become more guarded if a relative abusing illicit substances acts with aggression or hides their disorder in secrecy. Marriages can end due to changes caused by addiction. Communication becomes more difficult, highlighting frustration. Family members see their relative endure side effects of drugs or fly into rages when under the influence of alcohol. Others may see their family member lose weight rapidly, becoming unrecognizable. Some may not hear from a loved one for an extended period of time, only to discover they are living on the street or have overdosed. Such shock can cause a relative to endure severe trauma or develop unhealthy coping mechanisms like codependent behaviors in response.

The worst thing is the mirroring ability that the kids have, in younger age, the kids have strong ability to copy your vocals and movements, if children born and raised in a drug abuse family, the use of drug will have a normal and maybe positive image in kid’s brain: dad is always so happy after he do this and use needles, I want to try it someday. Instead of learning the dangerous of the drug can do to your nerves to your body, the kid grow up in a wrong environment will lead the kid interact with more illegal tasks when he grows up.

In a common family the most drag abuse that people addict to are cigarettes and alcohol. In our island American Samoa, the price of cigarettes is $9.5 for one box, and the price of alcohol is $2 or $2.5 for each bottle, one case of alcohol are usually $20, my family own a store and I noticed that there are lots of people rather eat fast bowl noodle to have enough money for cigarette and alcohol drinks. In my village there are two bad father that drink everyday after work instead of take care of their children.

There is a case of a teenager been a drug addict, thief, since 10 years old and he’s being caught by police at 12. His name is protected by the government under the youth policy, when he was 4, his parents under arrest by selling and consuming drugs, he is the only one left in the family, so the parents send him to a temple and wish him to be good. It didn’t goes well, at the age of 10, he start to inject diamorphine like his parents with the most dangerous way: inject to the main artery. At the age of 12, the kids supposed to be studying in school but he went in the isolate room under the treatment to quit drug. Without the care and good lessons from parents, he has no ability to know what is right or wrong, his friend with drug addicted adults that have no stable job, play boys and sells drug. In the treatment room, he told the reporter his two dreams are to go to school and be like a kid. Recording to the data collected from China in 2018, there are around 10000 drug user under the age of 18 in China, this kid is just one of them.

There are five causes that lead kids into a wrong path:

  1. Family influence.
  2. Curious.
  3. Show off they are rich.
  4. Wrong friend making.
  5. Innocent of the dangerous of drug.

Family influence plays a big part, most of the young drug users in the family are in an environment where the family is not harmonious, and is in the way of drug use. There is no warm, loving family, not a parent’s divorce, that is, the long-term no-side education, the child has not enjoyed the family’s love at all. The adverse effect of family is an important cause of drug use in adolescents. Young people in family members who are addicted to drugs are more likely to be exposed to drugs than those in the family who do not use drugs. Some of the family’s parents are divorced or go out for a long time, and the children do not have normal education; some families with good economic conditions, parents overindulge their children, and unconditionally meet the material requirements of the children, so that the children have sufficient material conditions to find the stimulation of drugs and so on, It may be the cause of drug addiction among young people this is what I’m talking about ‘showoff’.

The influence to the society, as we know the weed which is the marijuana already legal in United States. By the influence of this drug, it created more jobs and raise the income of the government. People whom smoke weed said it is just smoke tree leafs, nothing bad at all, that is not the truth. The use of weed will not only harm the single user, it can become a risk to society. In a study done by 129 college students (drugfreeworld) , the people who smoked the drug at least 27 of the 30 days before be surveyed, some critical skills such as attention, memory, learning were seriously diminished. Imagining a student whom move the dope, do you think he can still do his work in class? Also he has to have money to buy them, if he don’t have money but he still wants to smoke weed, what do you think he will do, steal or maybe make more troubles.

I found news from Mexico, in local time October 30th the government shows the video of capturing Ovidio Guzman, he is the son of a Fentanyl drug gangster master Joaquin

Guzman Loera. Later on, the gangster members start a riot which drag the whole downtown into a gun fight, during the chaos, 8 people died and 21 injuries, the government released Ovidio Guzman under the pressure. The president of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez had a explaining speech, he said the arrest of one criminal does not deserve and worth other people’s death, they do not want to fire guns with the gang. I was so confused how weak the Mexico government is. Nowadays a governor release news that the America is behind this chaos, the purpose is the business of Fentanyl.

Fentanyl is one of the the opioids that can play an analegesic role. The analgesic effect of opioids is 50 times stronger than that of heroin and 100 times stronger than that of morphine. It has strong analgesic effect and little side effects. It is still a good medicine in anesthesia and pain treatment. However, it has the same or more exciting and illusory effects, and abuse of Fentanyl can lead to addiction.

Fentanyl Drug abuse has always been a ‘heart disease’ in American society. A report by the National Institute of Drug abuse tells that earlier this year pointed out that 130 Americans die every day from drug abuse, including prescription painkillers, synthetic drugs such as morphine and fentanyl. The Center for Disease Control reported that in 2017, the U.S. has reached 27299 cases of the fatal abuse of fentanyl, an increase of 8964 in 2016.

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Drug abuse is dangerous and it is a serious matter that harm the individuals, families and society. The marijuana is legally run free in United States of America which is already unchangeable, the government put benefits over the health of the people, but hopefully the other countries do not let any drug to be legal. Stop drug abuse either legal drug abuse and illegal drug abuse, the drug medicines supposed to be tool and helper to humans, not becoming poison and let people addict to it. If we cannot fight drug on our own, it is the time that go get treatment in hospital and get help from the professionals.

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Causes and Effect of Drug Abuse Essay

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