Compare and Contrast: Snowball and Leon Trotsky

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Published: Jun 14, 2024

Words: 785|Pages: 2|4 min read

Published: Jun 14, 2024

Table of contents

  1. Leadership Qualities
  2. Role in the Revolution
  3. Downfall and Betrayal
  4. Conclusion

Have you ever wondered how fictional characters can mirror real-life historical figures? In George Orwell's Animal Farm, the character Snowball bears striking similarities to the renowned Russian revolutionary, Leon Trotsky. Both Snowball and Trotsky are intelligent, charismatic, and visionary leaders who are eventually betrayed by their comrades. This essay will explore the similarities between Snowball and Leon Trotsky, focusing on their leadership qualities, their role in the revolution, and their ultimate downfall. By examining these parallels, we gain a deeper understanding of the characters and the historical context in which they exist.

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Leadership Qualities

One of the most evident similarities between Snowball and Leon Trotsky is their exceptional leadership qualities. Both characters possess intelligence, eloquence, and the ability to inspire others. Snowball, for instance, is described as a "more vivacious pig" who can "turn black into white" (Orwell, 26). This highlights Snowball's persuasive communication skills, a trait shared by Trotsky. Similarly, Trotsky was known for his powerful oratory skills and his ability to captivate crowds with his impassioned speeches. Both Snowball and Trotsky possess the charisma necessary to rally others to their cause, making them natural-born leaders.

Furthermore, Snowball and Trotsky are both highly intellectual individuals. Snowball's plans for the windmill and his dedication to education demonstrate his intelligence and strategic thinking. Trotsky, too, was recognized for his intellectual prowess, being a key theorist and strategist within the Bolshevik party. This parallel suggests that Snowball, like Trotsky, is driven by a desire to create a better society through intellectual pursuits and progressive ideas.

Additionally, Snowball and Trotsky share a vision of a utopian society. Snowball aims to create a society where all animals are equal and share in the prosperity of the farm. Trotsky, similarly, envisioned a classless society where the working class would be emancipated from oppression. This shared vision emphasizes their idealistic nature and their commitment to fighting for social justice.

Role in the Revolution

Another important similarity between Snowball and Leon Trotsky lies in their significant roles in the revolution. Snowball, as one of the main instigators of the rebellion against Farmer Jones, plays a vital role in the overthrow of human tyranny. Similarly, Trotsky was a key figure in the Russian Revolution, instrumental in the overthrow of Tsar Nicholas II and the establishment of the Soviet Union.

Both Snowball and Trotsky are portrayed as dedicated revolutionaries, willing to sacrifice their personal well-being for the greater good. Snowball, for instance, tirelessly works on the windmill project, even though it leads to his eventual exile from the farm. Trotsky, too, was a dedicated revolutionary who devoted his life to the cause of communism, despite facing numerous challenges and betrayals.

Moreover, Snowball and Trotsky share a belief in the power of education and the importance of spreading revolutionary ideas. Snowball establishes committees to educate the other animals, just as Trotsky advocated for education and literacy among the Russian working class. This parallel highlights their commitment to empowering others through knowledge and their belief that education is essential for a successful revolution.

Downfall and Betrayal

Unfortunately, both Snowball and Leon Trotsky meet a similar fate - betrayal by their own comrades. In Animal Farm, Snowball is chased off the farm by Napoleon and his loyal followers, who spread lies and propaganda to discredit him. Similarly, Trotsky was exiled from the Soviet Union and eventually assassinated by Stalin's agents.

The betrayal faced by Snowball and Trotsky is a testament to the dangers of power struggles within revolutionary movements. Both characters are outmaneuvered and ultimately silenced by their rivals who prioritize their personal ambitions over the collective goals of the revolution. This parallel serves as a cautionary tale, reminding us of the complexity and inherent flaws within political movements.

Furthermore, the betrayal of Snowball and Trotsky underscores the theme of corruption and the perversion of revolutionary ideals. Both characters start as champions of the revolution, but their comrades' greed and thirst for power lead to their downfall. This reflects the harsh reality of revolutions, where idealism often gives way to corruption and the erosion of noble principles.


In conclusion, Snowball from Animal Farm and Leon Trotsky share remarkable similarities in their leadership qualities, their role in the revolution, and their ultimate betrayal. Both characters possess intelligence, charisma, and a vision for a better society. They play crucial roles in the overthrow of oppressive regimes and strive to empower others through education. However, their downfall comes at the hands of power-hungry comrades who prioritize personal gain over the revolutionary cause. By examining these parallels, we gain a deeper understanding of the characters and the historical context they represent. The similarities between Snowball and Trotsky remind us of the complexities and challenges faced by revolutionary leaders, shedding light on the universal struggles for justice and equality.


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Orwell, George. Animal Farm. Penguin Books, 2008.

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