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Comparing George Orwell's 1984 to Our Generation

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Today the works receiving the term ‘dystopia’ appear regularly many of them and in truth trying to consider the problems and issues of social life but most simply exploits dystopian entourage. Therefore, I will reach why the main idea of dystopia is and why our world is close to self-destruction. The following research is followed to “1984” by George Orwell (1903 –1950) because he best described and revealed the topic of Dystopia.

First, before getting deeper into the topic of this issue, we must determine what utopia is.

Imagine that you are going to any other country and on arrival you go camping. You climb a high mountain and suddenly it starts to rain and you hear thunder in the sky. You hide in a cave and the entrance is filling up with stones caused by landslides. You have no choice but to go the other way further into the cave and you slide down so much that you faint. When you wake up, you are on an island. There is an island inside a mountain. There are people on this island who kindly accept you. Surprisingly, they are incredibly hospitable and pleasant. People start telling you where you are and how their society functions. All people are dressed almost the same, and they all have a purpose and function in their society. They do not know of another world. This island is like the lost Atlantis. This island is Thomas More’s (1478–1535) perfect fictional society “Utopia”.

Thomas More’s (1478–1535) novel “Utopia” was published in 1516. Its full name is ‘Golden book, as useful as funny, about the best structure of the state and the new island of Utopia.’ It is a very popular book in which he depicts the ideal system of functioning of the state and society. In this book, he describes the ideal place where there is no place for war, taxes, murder, where everyone works for the common good. With this piece, the writer also condemns the orders and customs which existed in England then. More than five centuries have passed since the publication of utopia, but it continues to be relevant. So I can give an example Plato’s (427 BC) book “Republic”. Where Plato (427 BC) he proposes that the best government would be headed by a “philosopher king”. The biggest similarity is that each of these books is about ideal society and government. Both, Plato and Thomas More, are offering their visions of what an ideal society would look like. Their books address the same topic. Both men were using their work to criticize their contemporary societies.

However, utopia will never exist in the world. Its’ main disadvantage is that it is impossible. It’s impossible to build it as there is no working model for its construction. The second utopia is impossible primarily due to the fact that the way to it lies in the destruction of normal motivation to work and normal goals of economic activity. And this is fraught with the destruction of humanity as such, or its return to its original, primitive state. Perhaps the last too much public pressure on the individual, because of this all turn. A dystopia is the opposite of this utopia. In the dystopian world for the beautiful cover hides a far from perfect social system and the main character is always in opposition to this regime.

The first mention of dystopia was mentioned in 1726 by Jonathan Swift (1667 -1745) of Gulliver’s Travels. Where the main character meets with fictional societies some of his impressive and others are full of flaws. Scientists and sociologists engaged in useless and extravagant ideas while not caring about the needs of ordinary people. In the novel, Swift showed his dystopia depicting a world in which he gave fictional creatures with the properties of groups that exist in our world and indicated to their lack of wealth.

In the novel in Aldous Huxley’s (1894-1963) “Brave New World” people are not born but raised for a specific role for society in this world. Propaganda and drugs support overall level of happiness in society and qualities human so than are disappear at all.

In 1924 Russian writer Yevgeny Zamyatin (1884 –1937) was published the novel “We”. The novel describes a world of harmony and conformity within a united totalitarian state where freedom and individuality were completely eliminated and this book inspired other authors.

“1984”- a fantastic novel by George Orwell (1903 –1950) with elements of satire is considered one of the most famous and sensational book in the 20th century in the genre of dystopia. Along with such works that I mentioned before (Jonathan Swift (1667 -1745) Gulliver’s Travels, Aldous Huxley (1894-1963) “Brave New World”, Yevgeny Zamyatin (1884 –1937) “We”). George Orwell (1903 –1950) is an outspoken opponent of fascism and communism. He was an English novelist, essayist, journalist, Imperial police officer, and critic whose work is marked by lucid prose, awareness of social injustice.

Four years after the end of Second World War in 1949, George Orwell (1903 –1950) published his book “1984”, in which Orwell tried to continue the outcome of events of the Second World War which had lasted six years and German Nazi-government. Orwell described the horrors of totalitarianism. At the time, he tried to open the eyes of the reader of his book ‘1984’ on how the totalitarian regime is used and today we consider ‘1984’ with fear trying to realize that our states and the world as a whole have moved into the hell described by Orwell.

It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen (p.3) – truly describes the originality of that tyranny. The action takes place in the London city of Oceania. Oceania is a city with a cruel totalitarian system and social hierarchy. People who live there are deprived of civil rights, freedom and individuality where all watching Big Brother (mysterious dictator of Oceania). In this city, residents are deprived with sexual relations and love. Love is a thought crime. The same citizens had bound to give their children in a special organization where they compelled the love for the Party and Big Brother, or trained the future soldiers which were to become police officer-thought. The Ministry of abundance-starved, the Ministry of love was engaged-tortures; the Ministry of truth was engaged-lie. Our protagonist Winston Smith worked in the Ministry of truth. In this city, all residents watch each other as well as TV screens or monitors.

As an example, today, social networks often present in our live and can try to anticipate our every step and action.In addition, this book describes the process where all citizens should watch ‘two-minute hatred’ of the enemies of the people.

In our time, we can observe the same. We have news every time. For example, take the case when Russia took and appropriated the Crimea from Ukraine. Russia’s position was that «Crimea originally belonged to Russia.” And to convince the common people they reported the news every day for two minutes ten times a day. After a referendum (which could be easily faked) among the residents of Ukraine, Russia takes a part of the land of Ukraine. Ukraine has nothing to do because at this time this country was a coup. As a result, people begin to believe it. In fact, what is the difference that the Crimea when it belonged to Russia, with the same logic I can say “give us Siberia since lived there, and Kyrgyz live”. And an interesting fact Crimea is a strategically important place for Russia where there is free access to the Black sea. This can be accompanied by the words of Smith “the most terrible in two-m minute hate was the fact that participating couldn’t be without”. Today, political, religious and commercial organizations also play on the feelings of Internet users.

Another reason why Orwell’s book can be compared to our time is that dystopia novels are becoming more popular at the moment. For example, the film “Hunger games” is a novel – dystopia, which tells about the structure of the world after the global natural disasters, and then the social nature in which the same totalitarian regime as “1984” and during the release of this film, he collected more than $691 million. With this example, I want to show that since the time of Orwell to the present day we develop such a term as dystopia. We are promoted by destruction, power, and strength, and this genre of movies is gaining a lot of popularity. As a result, the probability that someday screen movies printed books can become a reality

In this research we determined d why “1984” is about our time and how such a genre as dystopia is gaining popularity among young people. All these ideas were related to Orwell’s “1984” book. However, it is important to remember that everything has two sides. In the future, it will be possible to consider the positive features of dystopia and how such a term can help humanity.

Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student.

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