Comparison of Snowball and Napoleon in The Animal Farm

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Published: Dec 16, 2021

Words: 1501|Pages: 3|8 min read

Published: Dec 16, 2021

Animal Farm is a masterwork and a dystopian novella. It falls under novella because it is shorter and has a plot that is less complex as novels. This tale tells us a real story of animal revolution. This use of literary devices helps us to reveal meanings and messages. In the novella Animal Farm George Orwell signifies and shows us the power authorities between Snowball and Napoleon.

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George Orwell uses the Animal Farm as a setting to represent Russia and the animals that lived on the farm to represent the individuals in the Russian revolution. 'Pre-eminent among the pigs were two young boars named Snowball and Napoleon, whom Mr. Jones was breeding up for sale' (Orwell 5). Napoleon is a pig who becomes the leader of Animal Farm after the Rebellion. Napoleon utilizes military power to scare different creatures in his capacity. Napoleon demonstrates more deceptive than his partner, Snowball. Snowball is a pig who challenges Napoleon for controlling Animal Farm after the Rebellion. Snowball is energetic, persuasive, and more obvious and work hard comparing to his partner, Napoleon. Snowball appears to win the reliability of different creatures and bond his capacity.

The story of Animal Farm opens on Manor Farm where the resident animals are subservient to their master, a farmer named Jones. 'After a moment, however, Snowball and Napoleon butted the door open with their shoulders and the animals entered in single file, walking with the utmost care for fear of disturbing anything'. Napoleon and Snowball assume a significant job in Jones' farm. They are comparative by their way, they sit in the first line when Old Major conveys his location on Animalism. They are likewise comparable, they share thoughts with different creatures on the homestead. Snowball and Napoleon are raised to comparable administration positions on the new homestead. Another comparability among Napoleon and Snowball is that they have a dream for the homestead. They are comparative in the manner they place significance on imparting this vision to the creatures. This is seen when both present their arrangements with respect to the structure of the windmill. Their dreams are not the same as each other. Snowball considers authority to be helpful. He endeavors to manufacture associations with different creatures. Napoleon considers administration to be control that must be in his very own hands. Regardless of this distinction, they are comparable by their way they trust that vision is a basic part of initiative.

Old Manor has foreseen a world where the animals will rule themselves, live with each other equally and work to better their own lives. 'The animals had their breakfast, and then Snowball and Napoleon called them together again' (Orwell 8). Napoleon and Snowball expect a noteworthy activity in Jones' topple. They are relative by they way they sit in the main line when Old Major passes on his area on Animalism. The two pigs are relative in the way they ingest these activities. They are similarly practically identical by they way they share these considerations with various animals on the residence. Exactly when Old Major fails horrendously, the two pigs are dynamic in spreading the message of Animalism. Besides, both of them include equivalent persuasive positions on the farm when the general population leave. In such way, both Snowball and Napoleon are raised to practically identical organization positions on the new residence. Another likeness among Napoleon and Snowball is that they have a fantasy for the property. Snowball and Napoleon fathom that a basic bit of power is having a fantasy. They are similar in the way they place hugeness on giving this vision to the animals. This is seen when both present their courses of action concerning the structure of the windmill. Their fantasies are not equivalent to one another. Snowball believes expert to be useful. He attempts to fabricate relationship with various animals. Napoleon believes organization to be control that must be cemented in his own one of a kind hands. Despite this qualification, they are tantamount by they way they believe that vision is a fundamental piece of activity.

The animals find freedom and a sense of hopefulness towards the forthcoming years. It was also more suited to the dignity of the Leader (for of late he had taken to speaking of Napoleon under the title of 'Leader') to live in a house than in a mere sty (Orwell 20). The news about the successful rebellion against humans reach the outside world, and the animals across England are heard singing the animalism anthem, and this concerns other farmers who think that their animals may think to do the same. The animals re-establish the Manor farm; they rename the farm and develop seven directives of animalism that they paint on the barricade of the cowshed. Had they been “alert and [known] how to chuck out their leaders (Letemendia 136). Jones tries to recapture his farm are not fruitful as the animals once again led by Snowball appear winners in a battle known as the battle of the Cowshed. The disagreement in policies between Napoleon and snowball worsen the tension between them.

Many years pass but regardless of the animal firm making profits the individual animals work extremely hard for minimal rations. In the novella’s final scene, the neighboring men come to visit and sit down to play a card with the people. Between pigs and human beings there was not, and there need not be, any clash of interests whatever. Their struggles and their difficulties were one (Orwell 41). They could not tell the difference between the pigs and the humans. Animal Farm is a contemporary tale explaining the Russian revolt and a morality fable illustrating anything that may happen when the oppressed, removes the despot. The fable does have some distinguishing characteristics by which we can find it from other forms of narrative. Here he is warning his reader about the subtlety of his allegory: pigs and humans may come to look the same at the end, but they are still essentially enemies and share only a greed for power.

George Orwell presents his characters as types with unique abilities as the pigs being exploiters and the dogs are trained to be vicious but also at the same time; the style is used to reveal personalities. The life of an animal is misery and slavery: that is the plain truth (Orwell 2). Animal Farm is an allegorical novella, the incidents and the characters are meant to symbolize those of Stalin of the Soviet Union and his rise to power. Today, a half century after its first publication, Animal Farm remains Orwell’s highly inventive, if deceptively simple tale of a revolution which promised freedom for all, but which delivered instead privilege for the few, the strong, the well-armed, and slavery for all others (Morse 89). The story also deals with the themes surrounding the existing issue of class disparities in our societies. Class disparities are present before and even after the rebellion, always there is a section of individuals who are the working class that is exploited by the ruling class. Another theme that is well shown in Animal Farm is the authoritarianism. The story is about authoritarian governments where Napoleon who a leader is who cannot be questioned and driven by a personality cult and is lionized even to the point that their reputation tranced them.

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'Now, comrades, what is the meaning of this life of ours? Let us face it: our lives are miserable, laborious, and short. We are born, we are given just so much food as will keep the breath in our bodies, and those of us who are capable of it are forced to work to the last atom of our strength; and the very instant that our usefulness has come to an end we are slaughtered with hideous cruelty. No animal in England knows the meaning of happiness or leisure after he is a year old. No animal in England is free. The life of an animal is misery and slavery: this is the plain truth' (Orwell 2). Old Major, is an old pig who gives an animating discourse toward the start of the novel. He gives an exemplary Marxist evaluate of entrepreneur misuse: the people claiming the methods for generation and the creatures slave away and just get consequently sufficiently only to continue working. A Marxist faultfinder, would state that the novel itself has been abused by our training framework. Certainly, Animal Farm is against Stalinism, yet not all communism is Stalinism. Actually, the novel appears to contend for a third way — not unrest, and not inaction, however rather moderate change.

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