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Consequences of The Reformation in China - The Way to Success

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Table of contents

  1. How Chinese Market Transformed to the World’s Top Trader?
  2. The Pros and Cons for the Economy of Reformation 
  3. How Could They Sort These Problems? 
  4. Conclusion 

What is your opinion of the Chinese Communist party and the system of reform? The main purposes of the text are about the reformation of China. The text also explains the discontent between China and the West. The West controlled globalism and imposed its rules. But the Communist in China was anti-open-door policy (A policy favoured by the USA). China through Deng Xiaoping saw the opportunity to modernise and industrialise with huge labour force and a wealth national treasury, China was able to invest and build in the manufacturing industry, growing to become the economic superpower it is today. Also from the text, it shows that China only took six decades from monarchy to democratization, however, the United States took twenty decades to do that. During World War II, China totally defeated by Japan, but today, China has become a powerful country. In my own view, China has definitely changed over the past decades, China is not only a big economic power, but it also plays a significant in global, turned into world’s leading economic powerhouse. In order to gain the nation’s power, scarified the people human right and the repression has definitely influenced the people’s daily lives. 

I’m anti-Communist, I disagree with how China controls society and its citizens. Mao’s has established the People’s Republic of China, carried out the Cultural Revolution and the Great Leap Forward, which lead millions of people deaths. People who were educating school forced to manual labour and million people starvations in the Great Leap Forward. From childhood, there were taught not to be idealistic and not to follow the others, encourage an individual to be self-reliance and get out of the comfort zone. Education is an important thing for children and nothing is more significant than the college entrance exam – gaokao. The Student studied very hard for the exam in order to get into a better university so that they could work in those big companies, therefore get a high-pay job to have a better living standard. As the Chinese economy has increased significantly, citizens have had a higher expectation of their quality of life. The speedy growth has influenced in both an individual and the nation. 

How Chinese Market Transformed to the World’s Top Trader?

Early China before Xiaoping’s modernisation policies was unable to compete against the superior product of the West and its growing neighbours of Japan. China has ditched its orthodox communist principles to create a Maoist- market economy hybrid. China purposely evades copyright law as it has found a huge market product. The Chinese government purposely keeps the Chinese Yuan low to entice western buyers as its products are cheaper than the West, yet can also have a similar quality. This is due to Western companies trying to break into the Chinese market were forced to share designs and machinery operations with China to be allowed to sell in their market. This tactics by the government gave them the edge to rapidly catch up to the west by using western designs and production techniques given to them by western companies, but also by their espionage. Major Chinese companies are also partly owned and back by the Chinese government which allows them to grow with government funds that can accelerate their domination of western markets, pushing out western companies from their market share. China also keeps high tariffs on foreign products to promote the Chinese company’s growth and a preference of Chinese made and owned products by the Chinese population, who are the largest single market in the world. 

The Pros and Cons for the Economy of Reformation 

The Chinese economy has grown rapidly over the past few decades, there are a lot of advantages to the economy market. Innovation has not only changed China, but it also changed the whole world. China has a greater population than the United State, people who were living in poverty in China were less than people who were living in poverty in the United States. Eight hundred million people have risen out of poverty, the growth has reduced poverty so that cities have an opportunity to improve development outcomes and the citizens have a longer life expectancy. We all know that, now, China has countless homeowners, college graduates, and billionaires. Ages ago, China was a poor country but now it has surpassed by far to the United States. Also, many people were able to start their own business, so that they could earn more profit to main a livelihood. By success, China could develop trade relations with other countries. However, no one could guarantee the Chinese economy will continue in the long run. On the other hand, these huge changes influenced the loss of traditional village life. Especially, farmers, they were struggled to make a living. Rapid growing lead to inflation, which aggravated the citizen’s burden, even the price of basic needs has risien higher and higher such as rice, vegetables, and vinegar. In addition, many of the gains from growth only go to a few people. The benefit not even spread which means people who are unable to adapt to the changing of the economy will be left out of the benefits, which implies the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. 

The cons of China became a superpower country I think the government of China used a swift time to develop great economic success, but what they have to pay back is they no longer have the normal human rights or freedom that they deserve, which included freedom of religion, freedom of speech and the freedom of going on to the internet. Nowadays, technology is being advanced, going on social media is essential, however, the government had limited their rights. They had no democracy, no freedom at all, everything is under control. However, at the time, China has strengthened the repression strategy and the problem of corruption is getting worse. 

How Could They Sort These Problems? 

Well, the only way to solve these problems is to study and get a good result in the gaokao. The gaokao started since 1952, as I have mentioned in the introduction, it is an exam that stressed students and their parents out. They have been told that if they did not get a good mark they won’t be able to work in society and would be seen as worthless in the community. It has clearly shown that even an economic prosperity country obtained education confine, which let the national have an idea that only gaokao would be brought you to succeed in life. 


In conclusion, I think the explosive growth has really changed China, from billions of people living in poverty to now, less than 1% of people living in extreme poverty. Many people have risen out of the poverty and they could have a better opportunity to access healthcare and education, not just food but nutritious food, less corruption and a peaceful and equality place to live China has used a different way to govern their country, they have also borrowed ideas from how Western’s rule their country, but they still stay the Chinese spirit. Deng Xiaoping encourage the Communist party to ask for help from overseas, on the hand, Xi Jinping advocated people to be independent. Both of the presidents have had a different system to control and protect China. Under Deng’s, the manufacturing industry had significantly grown. Under Xi’s rule, he completely refused democracy, and the nation has no rights, even their job was given by the government. As China is getting richer and richer, that where was the corruption started. During the four decades of the economic reform, China has been through all ups and downs. China’s reform has not only benefited the Chinese people but has brought substantial economic and globally significant. Moreover, the growth of the economy has had to reduce income inequality, people were to work in order to avoid poverty and boosted the revenue that the government from tax from business and consumers. However, it also had negative outcomes for people who lived in the village, people concerned and worried about the property boom, the price of normal needs keep raising, it caused a huge impact on their daily life. I reckon people were full of helplessness that a prosperous country defines how successful an individual would be by gaokao. Overall, although the reformation had certainly sacrificed people’s human rights and freedom, I think if the reformation did not exist, China would not be that successful today.  

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