Contemporary Global Challenges

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Published: Feb 13, 2024

Words: 1558|Pages: 3|8 min read

Published: Feb 13, 2024

Table of contents

  1. Iran and weapons of mass destruction
  2. The challenge of terrorism
  4. Social challenges in Modern World
  5. Human Rights and Equality for Women
    Human Trafficking
    Global Economies
  6. NAFTA
  7. The European Union
  8. Science, Technology, and the Environment
  9. Health Care
  10. Desertification

A weapon with the ability to cause death and damage on a great measure and so extensively that its very presence in the hands of an aggressive power is considered a serious risk. Modern weapons of mass destruction are nuclear, biological, or chemical weapons stated as NBC weapons. The UN created the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in 1957. This organization is a protection system in contradiction of nuclear production, technology and knowledge to nations without that competence. Most countries are parties to the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT) which restricts the creation of nuclear weapons to the United States, Russia, the United Kingdom, France, and China.

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Iran and weapons of mass destruction

Iran disrupted the NPT and was issued to international agreements for years. In 2015 the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action was signed restraining Iran’s nuclear creation in altercation for an easement of international agreements.

As of 1990s, there has also been a better consciousness of the risk from biological and chemical weapons. Bio warfare, the usage of disease and poison in contradiction of civilians and soldiers in wartime, isn’t new. For instance, chemical weapons were used broadly in World War I and through the Iran-Iraq war in 1980s. Governments have agreed to bind the research, formation, and usage of weapons of mass destruction, but these pacts are hard to apply. Additionally, these measures are incapable to stop terrorists from performing bioterrorism, the usage of biological and chemical weapons in terrorist attacks.

Obscurity in Iran's weapon attainment dynamics intensifies mistrust, which is the main reason for the current standoff at the negotiating table. Weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) are not appropriate for the Iranian Army, given its non-mechanized nature; its distrustful military position; its present position as a non-nuclear weapon state; and its necessary planning to meet its protective security comforts.

The challenge of terrorism

Terror Acts are normal in society nowadays. Terrorists usually murder citizens and take captives to attain their political aims. Starting in the 1970s and 1980s, multiple countries placed their worry from terrorism at the highest of foreign policy plans. Terrorist acts have gotten media attention.


When Palestinian terrorists abducted and murdered 11 Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympic Games in 1972, a lot of people watched it develop on TV.

The group Basque Fatherland and Liberty (ETA) employs violence as a tool to free the Basque region in the western Pyrenees from Spanish control.

A radical Communist guerrilla group in Peru, known as Shining Path, also used terrorist violence. Aiming to create a classless society, Shining Path killed mayors, missionaries, priests, and peasants across Peru.

On September 11, 2001, Al-Qaeda terrorists led by Bin Laden stole four commercial jets in Boston, Newark, and Washington, D.C., crashing two into the World Trade Center and one into the Pentagon. About 3,000 people were murdered. Barack Obama announced a huge triumph against al-Qaeda in 2011, when U.S. forces murdered bin Laden at his hideaway in Pakistan.

In July 2005, in the London morning commute, four suicide bombers exploded bombs at three subway stations and on a bus. Above 700 people were hurt and 56 people were murdered.

The most lethal happened at the hands of Boko Haram militants in Nigeria in January 2015. Above 2000 civilians were murdered in Baga, Nigeria.

In November 2015, 130 people lost their lives from terrorist attacks in Paris at the hands of members the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), also known as the Islamic State or ISIS.

Social challenges in Modern World

Human Rights and Equality for Women

Women’s rights are vital human rights that were protected by the UN for all people on the planet almost 70 years ago. They contain the right to live free from discrimination, violence, and slavery; to be educated; to vote; and to earn equal wage. There’s a saying, “women’s rights are human rights.” women are permitted to all of these rights. Nonetheless nearly all over the world, women are still deprived of them, only because of their gender. Gaining rights for women is about much more than giving chances to any woman; it’s also about altering how countries work. It includes altering laws, devoting in strong women’s organizations. These organizations are functioning to certify women can vote, run for office, get paid equal wages, and live violence free including sexual assault, domestic violence, and harmful practices like female genital mutilation.

The UN Millennium Development Aims fixed a particular target to decrease poverty, with targets for increased gender equality in education, representation. UN Women found that improvement was not leveled. Internationally, more women are now in school and work. Yet girls are still more likely than boys to be out of school (mainly at the secondary level). And while the number of women in office has increased, they’re only 21.8 percent of parliamentarians. What’s more, women’s rights remain at risk in a lot of places in the millennium goals from violence against women to sexual and reproductive rights. And women who’re already sidelined because of their race, sexuality see the fewest gains of all.

Human Trafficking

A criminal movement of people usually for the reasons of involuntary labor which is human rights violation that has developed in modern decades and has become a huge worry of the international community and the UN. The people who traffic in humans use force, dishonesty, threats, and a misuse of power to abuse individuals.

Victims of human trafficking are usually women. Because they subject them to sexual and other types of abuse. Which includes being a prostitute in a drug ring or a normal club, being sold to marriage, & having their organs taken.

Global Economies

The global economy has altered considerably over the few decades, in the way that it is systematized and ruled by United Nations. These alterations have effects that not only disturb the flow of goods and amenities among countries, but also the flow of people. As we’ve seen, too great a variability in this international economic system can lead to a global economic crisis.


In 1992 the Mexican president Carlos Salinas de Gortari started to work with U.S. president George H. W. Bush and the Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney to create the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). It was authorized and put into effect in the start of 1994. It formed a free trade area for the US, Canada, and Mexico. Various economists have debated that it has been advantageous to business owners but dangerous to others. Industrial employees in the US lost jobs as American companies’ subcontracted jobs to Mexico in demand to use inexpensive work. A related contract named CAFTA (Central America-U.S. Free Trade Agreement) was formed by the US and 6 Central American nations in the mean-1990s.

The European Union

The European Community (EC) was mainly an economic merger. In 1992, it included 344 million people and was the world’s major single trading bloc. The Treaty on European Union was a try to form a true economic and financial union of all EC participants. On January 1, 1994, the EC retitled itself the European Union (EU).

One of the EU’s first aims was to create a mutual currency, named the euro, embraced by 12 EU nations initial in 1999. On June 1, 1999, a European Central Bank was formed, and by Jan 2010, the euro had authoritatively substituted 16 national currencies. The euro aids roughly 338 million people and has become the world’s second-major stand-in currency after the U.S. dollar.

Additionally to taking a single core market for its participants and a shared currency, the EU also recognized a shared agricultural policy. It offers aids to farmers to allow them to sell their goods competitively on the world market. The policy also offers help to the EU’s unfortunate countries and aids for modernization programs, education, and job training.

The EU has been less effective in setting shared foreign policy goals. Single nations still see foreign policy as a national right and are unwilling to give it up. Although EU foreign ministers meet occasionally, they typically don’t draw up a uniform policy. Yet, the EU did form a military force of 60,000 to be used mainly for peacekeeping resolutions.

Science, Technology, and the Environment

Health Care

New technologies in health care have aided progressed modern global society and allowed people to live longer and new productive lives. Scientific research has also led to developments. From 1990 to 2003, the Human Genome Project revealed the secrets of DNA, leading to new ways to identify and treat genetic diseases. The finding of DNA itself the molecule that transmits genetic info from one generation to another was the work Maurice Wilkins, and Francis Crick, who established a united Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1962. There are worries that the changing of genetic info of cells to create new differences could produce deadly strains of bacteria. The option of human cloning, along with stem-cell research (using stem cells from human embryos to research cures for certain diseases), has produced strong discussion in multiple countries.

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Overgrazing, poor farming practices and damage of plants in lands are human-produced factors that abolish the soil’s efficiency. Above 250 million people are openly exaggerated by desertification.


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