Counseling Theoretical Framework and Application

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Published: Apr 11, 2019

Words: 2113|Pages: 5|11 min read

Published: Apr 11, 2019

Table of contents

  1. Theoretical Analysis
  2. Using the Theory With Diverse Population
  3. Theoretical Application
  4. Interventions and Technique
    Cultural Approaches
    Social Approach
    Critical approach
    Communication Approach

The existential theory is the fundamental beliefs, which human beings experience that may cause internal and external conflict with those they interact with. The hardships entailed are believed to stem from a particular human existence. Specific primary factors are recognized upon the application of the Existential Theory. These primary factors may include: freedom of association, responsibility, death, isolation, and meaninglessness (Sue & Sue, 2016)

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Those that are suffering from a external and/or internal conflict may suffer from anxiety. If that is indeed the case a person's psychological, spiritual and social awareness may be reduced (Boszormenyi-Nagy & Framo, 2013). Anxiety and other ailments that may occur from the external and/or internal conflicts may have a long-lasting impact on one’s life. The signs of anxiety may not just be behavioral but may also be physical as well. An implementation of the existential theory was used in The Case Study of Margarita. Margarita suffered from hunger and the factthat she was not in love with her husband. By implementing the Existential Theory it would be safe to derive the opinion that Margarita was suffering from hunger and could not eat due to the internal conflict of not being in love with her husband.

Theoretical Analysis

How individuals behave express emotions communicate and socialize with other individuals is relatable with the Existential Theory. The fundamental background of the argument is perceived to be from the creation theory (Boszormenyi-Nagy & Framo, 2013). The existential philosophy states that individuals believe that everything has a purpose .makes individuals to believe that everything was created with a purpose and with a set of rules. Because of the belief that there are a set of rules and purpose it is evident that there is the possibility of different expression arising from individuals. (Boszormenyi-Nagy, & Framo, 2013). With the premise that there is a purpose for everything, there are individuals that continue to ask certain questions in life. An example would be how was the universe created? For those that believe in the fundamentals of the Existential Theory, there lies the answer. The universe was created with the purpose of sustaining life.

The Existential Theory also aligns with other theories as well. The theories in which Existentail theory aligns with are those that are based upon human behaviors According to a recent study it is thought that psychotherapy is the best treatment for human existential behaviors (Fall, Holden, & Marquis, 2017).An individual that is suffering from an external/and/or internal conflict is given the recommendation to seek assistance from a therapist to help with the concerns. A therapist that is implementing the existential theory will provide the individual with the necessary treatments to help them recover their emotions and mind.

The use of therapy, based on my values and beliefs, has offered a sense of dignity to humanity in general. Those that are suffering from a internal and /or external conflict may have been saved by utilizing the therapeutic process, based on a study the rate of suicide missions have dropped tremendously after the adoption of the existential techniques (Fall, Holden, & Marquis, 2017). Marital issues may be resolved in many families in the world today, by utilizing the therapeutic process. Therapy will restore the respect and love for individuals that may be suffering an internal and/or external (Fall, Holden, & Marquis, 2017).

Margarita has been suppressing her emotions but a therapist may utilize existential techniques to treat her. By suppressing her emotions it has led her to have angry outbursts and no confidence I herself; by doing so she started to hate her husband (Capella, n.d.). However although she suppresses several of her emotions she feels relieved after she has yelled at her husband. Margarita is stuck in a routine where she is feels as though her emotions are not valid and where concerns are minimized.

Margarita’s negative internal conflict has impacted her daily life and made her behave in a manner that is not perceived as “normal” for an individual (Capella, n.d.). Because she is insecure she now has low self-esteem and that has impact on her continuous negative thoughts. Margarita is faced with the fact that she thinks she should’ve dies in the car accident and not her friend and has admitted that therapy has not worked in the past for her.

Using the Theory With Diverse Population

Most of the populations in the world today would find the Existential Theory effective. Reasoning being that the theory educates individuals on the importance of having person control techniques and psychological therapy (Fall, Holden, & Marquis, 2017). Those that have utilized the theory measure and apply its standards throughout their daily lives. In one way or the other several innovations have been achieved. The existential approach has impacted social integration, in a positive manner, because several individuals in a population have been educated and received medical services (Fall, Holden, & Marquis, 2017).The Existential theory has been utilized in several medical facilities to lessen the mental-emotional feelings in several countries (Boszormenyi,2013).

Individuals from different backgrounds have come together to aid in lessening problems related to psychological concerns.. Because of this it has encouraged others within the society to advocate for change and awareness based on the effect of existential theory to the lives of human beings in the community (Fall, Holden, & Marquis, 2017). The need to advocate for the importance of psychotherapy in most of the institutions in surrounding communities is valid (Harvie et al., 2017). Margarita, as well as other individuals should be offered the support to seek therapy without the fear of stigma. Existentialists understand that as individuals they have the free will to make a difference. Existentialists want to help others and show them that they can live life with a purpose.

Theoretical Application

Because Margarita does not have control over her internal conflict she has been subjected to a negative life routine. Because of her negative life routine it is important that she set individual goals. The purpose of the individual goals are to help her become confident,awarem and have more free will. In order to begin to reach her individual goals she must first be truthful. being truthful. Margarita will need to be truthful not only to herself but to those that she interacts with as well. If Margarita is truthful to herself she will begin to understand the conflicts and be able to resolve her conflict (Harvie et al., 2017). Margarita claims that she is not suffering from depression , or the fact that she is angry , however she has angry outbursts during the first argument she is involved in. The fact that she is suppressing her emotions is not healthy or helpful for her current conflict. Another individual goal will to be able to learn to love those that important to her and not only them but to be able to love herself as well. If she learns to love she will build her confidence and be able to end the negative thought process. Learning to love will overpower the negative emotions such as depression and anger (Harvie et al., (2017). Margarita’s third individual goal is to accept herself . In order to overcome her internal conflict she will need to be in a position to accept herself and love her life. Once the first two have been accomplished she will understand that she indeed does have the free will to make the choices in her life.

Interventions and Technique

Unlike other therapy models, with Existential therapy here are not specific interventions utilized .instead the therapist that is implementing this approach will draw interventions from other models as needed. The intervention that would suit Margarita would be the here-and-now approach. The therapist will have Margarita go over situations and scenarios that maybe causing the internal conflict and offer the reminder that she needs to not fixate on the past but rather the situation that is in the present. As the therapist it is important to focus on the present with Margarita and in doing so it may be necessary to focus on how she deals with her anger towards her husband and the loss of her friend over the span of a few sessions. During these sessions it is important to how these events make her feel now and not how she felt previously. In order to end the negative pattern it is important to start in the present (Corey, 2017).

With the existential approach the therapist is not viewed as an expert but instead as a guide (Corey,2017). The therapist must assure Margarita that she is no alone and the feelings that she is suppressing are normal. The therapist could do so by trying to relate, empathize, be authentic, and keep that therapeutic alliance strong with the client (Corey, 2017)

Cultural Approaches

The complicated approach and patterns of idea, emotional and beliefs that guide members of the society is the definition of culture (Ivey, D'Andrea, & Ivey, 2011). The cultural methods may interfere with the theoretical analysis of a person in one way or the other. (Ivey, D’Andrea, & Ivey,2011). Margarita’s culture is important during her treatment, essentially because it is who she is. Margarita must allow the therapist to understand what her version of free will means and the boundaries that may not be crossed. There are three types of culture approaches to consider they are: social approach, critical approach and communication studies.

Social Approach

To approach the culture socially is necessary. It is deemed necessary because Margarita has a poor relationship not only with herself, but her husband, and the people surrounding her as well. During Margarita’s treatment it will be necessary to address this conflict because her anger has isolated her husband and the friends that she once had as well. Once the negative cycle is broken Margarita will be able to positively address the anxiety that she is suffering. Social approaches allows the individual time and opportunity to showcase their inner self, by loving others in the society (Ivey, D'Andrea, & Ivey, 2011).

Critical approach

The critical approach allows a person to develop his internal and external self by developing his behavior to fit the required threshold ( Fall,Holden, & Marquis,2017). Margarita needs to release her anxiety, understand her free will, and find the value in her life while working on her present day self.

Communication Approach

By allowing for open communication the client and the therapist will be able to understand the situation and discuss it together. (Fall, Holden, & Marquis, 2017). During therapy sessions Margarita will be able to speak freely about the emotions that are affecting her .Knowing how the client perceives life and their understanding will allow the therapist a better understanding of why the client is seeking treatment. In the case of Margarita it will allow the therapist to understand the root of her negative thoughts.

A strength of the theory is that it increases the counselor’s ability to relate to the client, whether it is in relations to the challenges they incur in their day to day life or within society (Gladding, 2014). The reason being is that many individuals prefer a person-centered type therapy. As stated before the therapist does not act as though they are in expert in this approach but rather they are their equal. Another strength of the Existential theory is the focus on client’s free will and their ability to make their own choices . The Existential approach steers individuals away from negative thoughts and behaviors by showing them they that they are in control of their choices and actions (Corey, 2017).

A limitation to the Existential theory is there is no data on the effectiveness of the approach Reason being is because there are not any specific interventions and each case, is case by case. In addition there are not any trainable programs that have been developed yet (Corey, 2017). Because of these limitations, Existential therapy is not the first choice for many therapists because as stated before the focus is on the here and now whereas most models start with the past of their clients.

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In the case of Margarita an understanding between herself and the therapist will be necessary for her to succeed and accomplish her individual goals.. Although there are limitations to the Existential theory approach Margarita’s case study has shown the importance becoming self-aware and the need for one to have free will In addition Margarita’s case has explained why it may not always be important for the therapist to be seen as an expert, but instead as a guide that is on the same level with the client.

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