Who Am I: Creative Writing

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About this sample


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Updated: 21 November, 2023

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Words: 1040|Pages: 2|6 min read

Updated: 21 November, 2023

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  1. Prompt Examples for the "Who am I?" Essays
  2. "Who Am I" Essay Examples
  3. Who am I: Creative Essay
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Prompt Examples for the "Who am I?" Essays

  • Self-Reflection and Identity
    Explore the concept of self-reflection and the journey to discovering one's identity. How has self-awareness evolved throughout your life, and what factors have contributed to your understanding of who you are?
  • Emotions and Self-Perception
    Discuss your emotional landscape and its impact on your self-perception. How do you experience and express emotions? How do they shape your self-image and interactions with others?
  • Self-Esteem and Self-Obsession
    Examine the dynamics of self-esteem and self-obsession in your life. How has your self-esteem evolved over time, and how does it relate to your self-obsession or self-care? Share personal experiences that illustrate this evolution.
  • Social Interactions and Introversion
    Reflect on your social interactions and introverted tendencies. How do you navigate social situations, and what happens when you step out of your comfort zone? Discuss the balance between introversion and extroversion in your life.
  • Leadership and Taking Charge
    Describe your experiences with leadership and taking charge in various situations. How do you approach leadership roles, and what qualities make you effective in these roles? Share examples of when you've assumed leadership and its impact on those around you.

"Who Am I" Essay Examples

Who am I? This is a question we have all faced many times, from a multitude of sources. Ever since elementary school when I was asked to write about my family and myself, I disliked self-reflection. This was in part because I did not have the vocabulary to present my thoughts and majorly due to the fact I was scared of what would come of a true reflection of who I am. So enough of that, who am I? I am phlegmatic emotion is not a thing I have a capacity for. I am always asked, “Are you upset about something?” “Why don’t you get as excited as everyone else about things?” and my answer is simply “I don’t”. I have never experienced grief. Even as a little kid, at the ripe age of 9, my grandfather died. When I was sat down and told by my parents that he had passed the night before I simply said “okay”, looked to my dad and said “you look like you’re pretty upset about this, do you want me to take care of you?” This was not just a case of being too young to understand, I have had best friends die even in the same room and other family die as well and still failed to ever feel sad about it. I feel like I need to be stronger than everyone else in an emotional sense, because if I fall apart then there is nothing there to keep everything together.

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I used to have extremely low self-esteem and friends with very high self-esteems so naturally this caused me assume a superficial mask of high self-esteem. But as time passed my self-esteem grew and this false high self-esteem bloomed into borderline narcissism. I am self-obsessed and care too much about how I look dress and act, but my self-obsession doesn’t affect me caring about others. Also as to not contradict myself I feel I should add I do not view caring as an emotion but rather a natural instinct.

I feel uncomfortable when I’m not with my own “squad”, or group of friends. In these situations I tend to put up a “bubble” and stay out of conversation. I enjoy observing people and will wait until I know I have something worth adding to the group before joining in. But when this bubble is popped, by someone pulling me into conversation or coming up to me, I am outgoing and some would even say funny.

I am a leader. I am a piece of coal in a world full of rocks, when pressure gets high most people crack and I, well I shine. If a situation calls for someone to step up and take charge I cannot refuse, especially if it means I’d be helping someone or a group. This is something I have learned about myself fairly recently. I have an aura about myself when I take charge; it is that of former great leaders like Nelson Mandela and Hitler, those who even on seemingly futile platform are able to still gain followers. There is just something about me when I take charge that demands both respect and obedience, even as a generally passive and not very confrontational person.

Who am I: Creative Essay

Who am I? This is a question that I should ask myself everyday, I consider myself as an individual person, with a body and a soul, a person who makes mistakes, laughs, cries, hurts, smiles, and loves. My life is full of meaningful relationships and memories. I am loved, supported, and encouraged by my family. I am highly ambitious person and has a big dreams for myself, and also for my family. I want to become an Accountant someday, because I don’t know, I just one to hold and count large amount of money, and also because the salary of an Accountant is big. I am type of person who likes to set goals, weather to its to run my own business someday, or maybe ‘CPA’ will be added in my last name.

As a college student, sometimes, I no longer go on gala with my friends, because of many school works. My parents have made it possible to get me into college school even if we’re lack of money, this is all for me to learn on and to be a good person in future. I am person who makes many mistakes, but I’m willing to fix and correct my mistakes, We all do mistakes, and it’s not a bad thing, it’s how we grow and become better. I am a person who laugh so hard but I am also soft-hearted, I cry easily even at small things. I am a kind person by heart, and I intentionally never try to hurt people, I have a little bit attitude problem, I usually get angry without any reason. I love to read books, apart from reading books, I also love watching animes, dramas, and other movies. I also love playing volleyball, in game field I usually made friends with our competitors. Though, I am rarely free from my routine works, but whenever I am free, I love playing guitar and draw sketch especially when it’s raining, and I’m bored. I have also an interest at online gaming. Furthermore, throughout my life, I was assigned to do all of the house chores, because I am the eldest daughter, I’ll do everything for them.

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I love my life, my school, and my purpose and aim in life. I want to do something good for my family, I mean life to be great gift for some special purpose by God. Therefore, I value time in my life and strive hard to be successful someday. You know, successful and failure are closely associated with one’s achievements and losses. One who achieves anything today has lost a thing yesterday, there is no completely successful person without the mixture of both failure and success. That is to say, If I failed many times, this will you were will made me stronger ever. I am person who works hard and is trying to improve an improvise until I get the success I desire. This all expresses WHO I AM.

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The essay is about the author's self-reflection and tries to answer the question "Who am I?" The essay starts with the author's experience with self-reflection in elementary school and gradually moves towards answering the question. However, the essay lacks a proper structure and transitions between paragraphs, which makes it difficult to follow. The author uses a mix of formal and informal language, which affects the overall voice of the essay. The essay has some grammatical errors, such as missing articles and inconsistent verb tense. In terms of focus, the essay needs to provide more depth and details to the author's experiences and personality.
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The essay requires improvement in terms of its organization, grammar, and voice. The author needs to focus on improving the essay's structure and transitions between paragraphs to create a more cohesive flow. For example, the author jumps from discussing their lack of emotions to discussing their self-esteem without proper transition. The essay would benefit from using more sophisticated vocabulary to convey the author's thoughts. The author needs to avoid the use of casual language such as "enough of that" and "weather to its" and instead use more formal language. In terms of grammar, the author should pay attention to the use of articles and verb tense consistency. For example, in the sentence "I am phlegmatic emotion is not a thing I have a capacity for," the author should have used "the" before "phlegmatic emotion." Additionally, in the sentence "I am highly ambitious person and has big dreams," the verb tense should be "have" instead of "has." To improve the focus of the essay, the author should provide more depth and details to their experiences and personality. The essay would benefit from using specific examples and anecdotes to support the author's claims. Overall, with improved organization, vocabulary, grammar, and focus, the essay has the potential to earn a higher grade.

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