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Criminals Are Made, not Born: The Factors Impacting The Criminal Behavior

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Table of contents

  1. Are criminals born or made?
  2. Social media
  3. Environment
  4. Lack of support
  5. Conclusion

Are criminals born or made?

Criminals are made, not born. The following essay is going to prove it. Individual learn crimes through outside influences or the events that happened in their past cause such as nature and the environment in which they surround themselves. Nobody is born a criminal it’s traumatic experiences or the lack of experience that makes a person commit crimes. We see crimes daily in our life and being your not born a criminal but all the society you surrounded yourself. Criminals are made by the social media, environment, and lack of support.

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Social media

Social media has become a popular tool that has been used for crimes lately. Social media has been a big influence lately because we can communicate from long distance and knowing what trending on media. Everybody wants to follow the path of celebrities and some of those celebrities are bad influences to society and people want to be riding the wave from other people in media like if they have a lot of money and want to be like.when celebrities became a focus of public interest and becoming a celebrity a career goal. Feeding off of this celebrity culture, social media has resulted in offenders posting pre-crime confessions, videos of themselves committing offences, and post-crime footage holding evidence and bragging about their criminal acts. The regular online posting of terrorism videos and the numerous terrorist group internet sites further exemplify how social media is used to produce online performance terrorism specifically tailored to multiple audiences. The over-sharing that lies at the core of self-incriminating performances is an extension of the significance that social media has come to play culturally. In the article “social media has changed the way people commit crimes’ it stated at some people would be so greedy or petty that they would “first is a sort of ‘informed consent’ performance where the actors are aware of the production (sometimes recording or filming it themselves) and at least tacitly support its subsequent distribution’. Some of these would let the influence of the social media lead to them record what happened so they can all the credit and become internet famous. That some people become so obsessed with the distorted version of reality they see online they feel compelled to act. The pressure to look perfect to impress new peers, not to speak of friends and family back home, can be even greater of these people get so mad over little things on the internet and probably don’t know if its a bot that you’re arguing with it. Several students who have died had projected a perfect image on social media their feeds packed with inspirational quotes and filtered images showing attractive, happy kids who seemed to excel with minimal effort. But behind the digital curtain they were struggling emotionally. Yeah some people want to be popular but in reality it’s just not worth because it’s not you their only people with for the clout you have. These kind of people who want to be cool would do anything to act cool and it would lead to them committed any crime and these kind people when they are committed an act they are not think right or have no feeling. Most of these crimes are committed by teens because they are really addicted to social media and would get butt hurt but thats social media. The sad part about these social media that they would do anything so they can people think are cool for some kind of crime and every since technology has been invented a lot of those people take to to media and don’t help out.


Most of these young people have a bad environment that they surround themselves and can affect their childhood and later on life and lead to go the wrong directions that why he have lately a lot of crimes committed than we ever had. Just being in a high-crime neighborhood can increase our chances of turning to crime ourselves But being in the presence of criminals is not the only way our environment can affect our behaviors. Some of these young folks are in influences environment because they don’t have no positive role model they can look up but if they don’t go to school they only they have learned how to violence and making a rise of these young kids ruin their life by their bad environment and the parents raising them. Children are less likely to offend if their parents can help them to become involved in activities or interests in their local community. This can include youth clubs, sports clubs, uniformed groups and church groups. Some of those people can interact with other people having a good feeling and not surrounding themselves with bad influences in their neighbor can lead to crimes. Some of these young teenagers have to grow up quick for having to take care of their parents because the bad influences they involved themselves and having to have to work because that’s the only they can survive. They would do anything to have food for their little brother or sister can and be able to survive in this world. By them going to school can help them have a better life and better future that lead them to get away from the bad environment that they lived.

Children can very easily grow up and become criminals when parents are in jail, doing drugs, playing violent computer games with them or out committing crimes themselves. Children learn what they live. The child therefore grows up knowing that he or she is in control and is ever right. He or she becomes a spoilt child who believes that he or she must always have their way in everything. This has negative effects on the relationships that the child gets into. Coexisting with others becomes difficult and such a child is more likely to make more enemies than friends. Bad parenting would lead to them having a bad influences that some of these young kids look up to their parents because those some of those people know more about life and have experienced what they have thought but they are just showing the wrong way. In the article “effects of bad parenting on your child“ but most of these people have grown idolize the wrong people and “child grows up in a family where there is a lot of abuse, whether physical or emotional. This also occurs when a child suffers from neglect as a child.”. They having abuse parents would lead to them have bad things that they would affect and traumatized on life and lead to them to abuse other people. Having a bad environment having a bad childhood and follow them their whole life and having them have bad behavior and following the easy path that would lead to the wrong directions.

Lack of support

One of the most common traits include a lack of family support, both emotionally and otherwise. An individual’s family lacks the ability to problem solve and often is unable to communicate effectively. Family members often don’t possess the ability to express emotions in an appropriate manner. More often than not, they are also involved with criminal activity. Some of these criminals have no support and lead to crimes because they feel lonely that they should make more people loney or comfortable. Family is a high priority in people’s lives because those help them to overcome obstacles and having a better environment for their family and that they would antisocial or criminal behaviour would lead to feelings of guilt, shame and lowered self-esteem. They have nobody to lead to the right path in life. All of the negative a person has towards perspective things in life because they surround themselves with people that have bad influences or always thinking negative when things aren’t going their way. Having your parents being to have high standards for you but leads to for you have to have high pressure to having to meet those standards because they are higher class and because they see things on social media other parents showing off their kids and they expect the same thing from you. In the website “secure teen“ it’s important to have talks with your parents and “teens become violent or show signs of juvenile delinquency only when they’re facing disturbance at home. Broken or disturbed families with bad relations can cause teens to go astray and become violent.”having to speak out and don’t be afraid of what your parents because they are not living your life everybody has different perspective.

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People can go through the same experiences and have completely different perspectives. One can see it as an opportunity or motivation to better themselves and one follows the same bad tendencies and weaken themselves which ends up in them committing crimes.

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Criminals Are Made, not Born: The Factors Impacting The Criminal Behavior Essay

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