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Developing Proper Waste Disposal Management Essay: Stimulating The Solicitude of The Students

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The project proposal aims to address, give awareness, and solution to the problem of waste management in Angeles University Foundation. The researchers have observed that garbage cans are provided within the school premises yet it is not clearly labeled. This particular reason goes down to one presumption – proper waste disposal is implemented but not duly observed. Proper waste management is a necessity since there are hazardous wastes which can be a threat to the environment when not handled properly and safely discarded.

As per Republic Act 9003, proper waste disposal must be imposed for the protection of public health and the environment since wastes can carry toxins and bacteria. This proves that a clean environment can lessen the chance of obtaining illnesses. Awareness, attitude, and practices of the target community can greatly contribute to the betterment of proper waste disposal implementation.

As the phenomena are calling us and the words reuse, reduce and recycle are once tingling in our head, let us also try to refuse. Refuse to pollute and refuse to practice unhealthy habits which can worsen the state of our environment. The proposed solution in this paper will help not just the chosen community itself but also the well-being of the citizens involved.


Waste Management is defined as the collection, transport, processing or disposal, managing, and monitoring of waste materials. The term usually relates to materials produced by the activity of humans and the process is undertaken to reduce their effect on health and the environment. Countries over time experience development with the growth of industrialization and globalization. Due to various reasons, urban areas are facing many challenges. Unhealthy disposal of solid waste is one of the important problems in many societies, and waste recycling is considered as a solution for managing solid waste. Waste Management is a great challenge to environmental sustainability, it not only shows the challenge but also it shows the social handicap. Sustainable use of environmental resources and services is very important for sound environmental development. Thus, the human way of life has placed a lot of pressure on the environment because of their high consuming behavior which is accelerating simultaneously with economic development. This matter has raised awareness of sustainable development which integrates the natural world and the human social world towards future prosperity. Therefore, development practitioners, policymakers, and international organizations realize the point that there must be a harmonious co-existence among human society, development, and the environment in order to achieve sustainable development.


One of the problems that the researchers observed is the improper waste management in Angeles University Foundation. The study aims to give awareness and solution to the problem of waste management in the said University. The results in the proposed study will be used to help the researchers to make developing proper waste management of Angeles University Foundation to stimulate the solicitude of the students be possible.


Improper waste disposal has caused several problems to the environment and to the health of many people in the community and because of the risk and impact of waste and toxins, it has become significant for people to be educated about proper waste management. Just like other pressing matters in society, the people in the community need a constant reminder about the importance of waste management to encourage action and sustainability. This study would help the government, community, school administration, students, and future researchers in the following ways:

  • The Government. This study would help the government know what policies and regulations they could implement when it comes to proper waste management. This study helps improve public health preservation since environmental waste can have a significant impact on the general public.
  • The Community. This study would encourage everyone in the community to take part and be responsible of their own waste. They can use this study as a guide on how they could take part for the sustainability of our environment.
  • The School administration. This research paper could be used to encourage the school administration to implement regulations regarding the proper management of waste in the campus and this research could be used as a reference for them to develop their existing rules for the safety of the people in the school community.
  • The Students. This study serves as a reference for the students as they take part in sustaining the environment. The students are the future leaders and it is a must for them to learn proper waste management in their school.
  • The Future researchers. This material would help the future researchers as a basis for their study as they develop new ways for finding solutions to the problems regarding the proper waste management and they could add this study as their literature for their future investigations.

Review of related literature

This chapter contains related literature having bearing on the study. Topics included are Environmental Awareness, description of Proper Waste Management, Practices for waste management, and effects of Improper waste management which gives important concepts and ideas for the development of the study.

A. Environmental Awareness

According to Ferry, Humans are fast-paced creatures, always wanting and needing whatever they desire as quickly and efficiently as possible. This attitude our society possesses has created multibillion-dollar individuals and corporations, has seen humans achieve the unachievable in regards to wealth and prosperity, and ultimately has created the desire for the human race to always have the newest technologies, regardless of the carbon footprint each individual leave on our ecosystem. This is nothing new; the human race has been driven by greed and selfishness since the beginning. But as a whole unit, society has slowly started to decide the real, true purpose in life is not a success, not money, not security, but environmental sustainability. As cited by Raghavan, V., et al. Environmental awareness has been raised globally in this modern era but it is still often not practiced by many. Humans are aware of the different consequences that can be brought by the neglect of proper waste disposal but the negative response of the people fosters more chaotic situations. As studied by C.D., Raghavan et al. revealed awareness of e-waste disposal is lacking. The environment in which we live is very important and it directly affects our lives which cause of pollution and outbreak of diseases in many parts of the world.

B. Proper or Solid Waste Management

Solid waste management is a discipline under different which concerns different aspects of humans and wildlife. The practice of proper waste management is defined as the right storage, collection, disposal, transfer, and processing of solid waste materials. Proper waste management is considered to be a demanding activity for each individual to do in a daily basis. The government, however, came up with the proposal of recycling materials to lessen the production of plastics and other materials which ends up going to landfills. A policy has been passed for law which addresses and promotes environmental concerns. The Philippine Republic Act 9003 addresses the proper waste management and recycling in each and every community. The law implies good governance for awareness promotions and the use of modern and appropriate technology and programs. The achievement of the goal can result to a cleaner and better environment. It can also result to more sustainable living, a lesser threat to the public’s health, and avoidance of damage and toxicity in our surroundings.

C. Effects of Improper Waste Management

Recent studies conducted in the United States revealed that millions of wastes are disposed of improperly. This has become a challenge to the government as well as the environmentalists for it provides serious threats to the health of the people and to the environment. To manage this, the authorities strictly implemented waste management regulations and there are penalties for violators in order to enforce and promote proper waste disposal practices throughout the country.

The government has been challenged to manage waste disposal because it is increasingly becoming more serious. The responsibility of the citizens is not only to practice proper waste disposal but also to also encourage other people around them to do the same.

D. Methods and Practices of Implementing Waste Management

As mentioned by Palafox in his article “Ecological Waste Management” Solid waste management should shift for more sustainable approaches to mitigate climate change effectively. These approaches include recycling, composting, and waste prevention. Given example is the Marikina which is well-known for its well-maintained cleanliness because of its effective programs and strict implementation of solid waste management policies. One of its remarkable programs is the Food Waste Truck Program, which implements the collection of kitchen restaurants and food stall wastes that transform as fertilizers for the city’s urban garden. In addition, Eco-Savers Program is also considered as one of their effective programs which aim to raise awareness about the importance of proper waste management to youth and children and is used to let them participate in the recyclable trading activity. Which makes the mantra ‘cleanliness starts with one’s own home’ possible resulting to practicing to waste segregation that will lead to planet preservation.


In addition, Segregation is also considered as one of the most important activities or practices that could help waste management. We need to promote and implement segregation for effective waste management in urban areas and to reduce the size of landfills gradually to come up with to no landfills in four-five decades from now. Also, demonstration projects on waste segregation including recycling, and campaigns for waste reduction were designed to ascertain people’s attitudes and behavioral responses toward 3R practices. This practice for waste management initiatives shows a positive impact on people’s attitudes and consciousness about resources and waste management.

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