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Different Benefits of Space Exploration for Humankind

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There are many mysteries in space that scientists have not found yet, but have they explored deeper into outer space to find somethings that will help us understand earth? Researches have found that there are many benefits of space exploration when it comes to understanding our planet, they have also found how does it help us with understanding the climate changes and the history of the solar system and how does understanding other planets in the solar system helps us understand our own since some researches have found that the planets that share many aspects in Venus and Mars that are similar to our own planet.

To start of there are many benefits of space exploration when it comes to earth, it leads to direct benefits of exploration including the enhancement of life such as improvement in economic properties, environmental quality, safety and security. Space exploration discovered one major environmental benefit. As NASA researched and revealed a growing hole in the ozone layer in the South Pole. That Lead to the first global agreement addressing the the global environmental problem. The agreement was revealed to be there should be restriction on damaging the Chlorofluorocarbon which can contribute to the loss of the protective ozone layer, which blocks ultraviolet rays from the sun. This exposes more people to UV radiation, the radiation can affect not only the environment but also humans since it can cause people skin cancer. Other than health and safety benefits, space exploration has also helped us with educational, not only theoretical but even when NASA revealed researches about outer space, it gave benefits to help us with a lot of technological things we use in our daily lives. Space exploration helped us with figuring out what kind of planet we are living

When it comes to understanding Earth from a historical point of view, it’s important to look back on how the sun was created. It all started five billion years ago when a large cloud of matter in the galaxy called The Milky Way, which the galaxy that contains all our solar system and planets including the sun, the cloud inside the Milky Way was condensed exploded until it caused a fusion. This fusion is what caused what we call sunshine full of heat. That Sunshine is what happens to be the solar system center and earth’s source of light Sun, as scientist studied our sun they figured out that without the existence of Sun, Earth would cold full of ice and just like Antarctica, which as matter of fact rains 166 millimeters per year since it’s a continent made up of ice, glaciers and many other forms of ice. The heat that we receive from our sun drove away lighter Helium and Hydrogen elements far away as needed. This made it form the 4 gassy planets – Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune – that are far away from sun which that means that they are the coldest out of all the planets in the solar system, The closest the planet is to the sun the more heat it contains which means Mercury is lifeless and humans could die from the heat it contains and since Earth is the third planet it contains a balanced heat and coldness which makes it possible for humans to live in. This research proved that space exploration, humans would not know what is the importance of Sun.

Climate change happens when the weather of earth stays at it is for a long amount of time, the minimum of climate change can be a few decade and the maximum can leads to millions of years forward. Climate change is also known to be when earth’s weather status stays the same for a long period of time because of the increasing levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide used for fossil fuels. Climate change is a broadside dangerous role of space information. It’s a long way across the globe to measure the exact amount of the ice sheets on earth, and it’s requires a lot of things to be able to that, But thanks to space exploration scientists found an sufficient way which is a satellites operated by different Space Administrations to a clear image, measurements and clear of the increasing scale of ice to help them solve the climate change problem. The space administration did not release the satellite around our Earth only but also to other solar system planets to understand more about climate change. And due to sending other satellites to other out space planets, It was revealed by NASA that 4 billion years ago (1 billion year after the explosion of the cloud and fusion that caused the creation of the young sun) a kind of gas syndrome “Runaway Gas Syndrome” transformed Venus to a hot and a lifeless planet of acid rain. Venus is not the only planet but it turned Mars to a dry dust planet. Finding all this information about other planets made scientist aware and careful and gave them the idea for climate change taking a serious, careful step forward on earth such as minimizing the helium from the moon itself for future clean energy. There was even changes in spaces researches to for tracking purposes, from GPS to semiconductor solar cells, it is assisting to reduce emissions, it already helped by GPS guided navigation by shrink fuel expenditures on sea between 15% and 21%.

Earth has similarities with other solar systems planets like Venus and Mars. First of all the three of them are close to each other, which makes it possible for them to have a lot of similarities, Both of the planets (Mars and Venus) can be viewed from earth in certain situations and the two of them are 2 of the brightest objects viewed at night according to researches, Venus and earth are basically the same size when it comes their diameters and mass, but Mars is slightly larger than the two planets in both diameter and mass since it is farther away from Venus and there is difference in distance between Mars & Earth. Even though The three planets share similarities there are differences such as the temperature. Temperature varies in each planet making Venus the coldest between the three with average of 461 Celsius and Mars making it the coldest with estimate temperature of -46 Celsius , while earth is in average of 100 Celsius which makes it land between the two planets. Exploring Venus and earth can help us with understanding our own planet, even scientist proved that Mars is a planet full of life and that it probably in future decades from now people will be able to live on Mars so studying Mars even more can benefit us to understand our own planet.

At the end, scientists have found that there are benefits of space exploration in many different ways including education, the history of space that proved that there are ways to help earth, problems of climate change that made scientist explore other planets and find solutions to solve the climate change problem, in my opinion I believe that space exploration can help us with varies different aspects and it can will help us few decades from now on when scientists find new useful things that can help us understand earth even more. 

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