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Theories of The Existence of Other Life Forms in The Universe

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To think that we are the only living things in the universe is quite absurd. The Universe is made of ninety-one billion light years and we have only discovered four percent and the rest is just dark matter. The idea that out of the ninety-six percent that has yet to be discovered, some theories claim to believe that there can be no such thing as life in that other ninety-six. There can be other galaxies, planets, black holes, and maybe even other dimensions not known to man.

If we widened our spectrum on what life is and what it contains other than carbon and water-based life forms; there can simply be over millions of other species that have evolved differently, have different forms of technology and ways of living as well. If other life forms were to exist, what would they look like? Would they have grey skin and big black soulless eyes like the media usually portrays them as or would they look exactly like us and function the same as well?

It’s surprising that humans manage to make up less than one percent to even have us be noticeable in this universe. That ninety-six percent not discovered is considered as dark matter, where possibly millions of different planets, galaxies, and species may exist. In the universe there has been calculated around ten sextillion stars, that is around ten thousand stars for every grain of sand on earth. If one out five of those stars is somehow related to our solar systems sun, that is five hundred billion, billion suns out there. Scientist also estimates that every one in five suns can have Earth-like planets which obtain life, and different species and environments.

Conflicting Theories have stated that there are no other life forms out there, implying out technology isn’t advanced enough, or our earth is the only planet sufficient for life or even it is just impossible, which is out of this world, especially if there are more stars in the universe than people on earth. Many can say the universe is like a sandbox because it has the ability to create and manipulate galaxies and planets.

There are also many different theories based on life forms outside of our world. Such as the Probability Theory that estimates there are one hundred to four hundred billion stars in our Milky Way Galaxy, and that half the stars have planets, the average being around eight planets per star, with many moons. The odds of the Earth being the only planet with life, even intelligent life, is one in eight hundred billion for planets. Though that doesn’t narrow it down by much, scientist would use the Drake Equation which was made by Dr. Frank Drake, by inputting seasonable estimated values to substitute the variables. One suggested that there are ten thousand civilized worlds in the Milky Way Galaxy.

Another Theory is the Goldilocks Theory which states some planet may too cold for life. Some planets may too hot for life, and some planet can be perfect. The perfect planet would be holding liquid water and having a moderate temperature. There is estimated that there are eight trillion planets in the universe, and if every one in eight had a star to keep the water liquid; that theory decreases the probability of being alone from one in eight billion to one in ten billion. These theories can’t be trusted but they can very much be true. Soon enough NASA will have technology that can bring us travel light years away to discover if any of those theories are true.

There is still so much to be revealed in this vast universe and so much to be learned. Every day someone out there is thinking of new equation like Dr. Frank Drake or creating technology so advanced that we may be able to travel across the universe, even if it might take days, months; and years it can all be worth it, in the end, to be able to experience something absolutely out this world; For all we know Aliens could be on this planet at this very minute talking to us, interacting, and observing our behaviour; to maybe one day to take over this place we call our home, Earth.

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