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Discussion of Whether Romeo and Juliet Were Really in Love

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In William Shakespare’s Romeo and Juliet, a duo of teenagers in complicated love that they we’re willing to risk everything, including their lives just to spend their lives with each other. Romeo had fell out of love too quick with Rosaline to fall in love with Juliet. Following Romeo also thought he could fall in love with Juliet after that one day of seeing her and Juliet believed he did so they wished to get married that day after. Help from Friar Lawrence to keep Romeo and Juliet together, he was known as a very holy man but helping them had lead to the death of the two. As proven from Romeo and Juliet, true love is not possible in our society because of the quickness of how fast they fell in and out of love with each other. Nobody in life cannot fall in love after one day, have patience and take the time to get to know that person and growing a bond with somebody can help for a strong relationship in order to be “in love”, you don’t always have to rush things. 

Romeo and Juliet prove true love is not possible in our society because of how fast they fall in love and fall out of that love. Romeo had been “in love” with Rosaline but he had stopped loving her to be with Juliet in such a quick matter. Friar Lawrence addressed Romeo for falling in love with Juliet when he had just been in love with Rosaline “Is Rosaline, that thou didst love so dear, so soon forsaken young men’s love then lies Not truly hearts, but in their eyes”. When you want to be with someone and you love them your with them for a long period of time, maybe it could be forever. People, mostly teenagers, but adults can be included, don’t usually understand that love doesn’t leave when you’re truly in love with someone. it takes time for that love to wear off. You can’t be in love with someone, and leave them like you don’t love them anymore. If you can it was truly no love there. 

Not only had Romeo fallen out and in love so quickly from Rosaline to Juliet, but Romeo and Juliet had pointed out true love is not possible in our society because you won’t and can’t fall in love after a day of seeing someone. In life you can’t see someone and possible get married that next day like Romeo and Juliet did because they thought it was “true love”. Romeo had seen Juliet and automatically got attached to her and felt love for her. “Did my heart till now? Forswear it, sight For I ne’er saw true beauty till this night. After Romeo had snuck into Juliet’s house they wished to get married that very day after. That’s not true love. When you first meet someone you can’t call that true love or call it being in love. You can of course like someone but like and love are two different things. Build that bond with someone to get to know things you don’t know about them before you rush anything. Get the chance to learn them as a person and go through the things you need to before calling it love. Rushing things can end things quicker than you think. 

Myself is an example of how true love is not possible in our society. When I was 13 years old, I thought I fell in love with this boy, I had just got to highschool and he was already in highschool. Now I realize how young I was to even know what true love was but I thought I was in love just as how Juliet was in love with Romeo. I wanted everything to be perfect, and I wanted us to last forever. It’s been a time where everybody thinks something is going to last forever. My parents were telling me that they didn’t think he was good for me and they seen and heard him doing girls wrong. I was in love so I didn’t listen to any of it. Later, close to a year of us being together this boy started acting different than usual. He barely talked to me, stop wanting to see me, just being a teenage boy not wanting to be bothered with a girl anymore. Then much later comes and I had got snaps sent to me of this boy I was supposed to be “in love” with and he supposedly loved me but was with another female. I wasn’t mad or anything just shocked. The way things were going before I had never thought it would happen behind my bad but trustworthy enough he would come to me and be real. I just know if you truly love a person you would come to them as you feel, don’t go behind their back and do them dirty. True love is not possible when you choosing to be toxic with someone when things are starting to get hard, try fixing things. True love only comes if you really want it. 

It’s apparent that true love is not attainable to a lot of people in this society nowadays. Romeo and Juliet had very complicated love and did anything to keep that love between each other but shown to me some of the acting taking upon Romeo he fell out of love very quick with someone to fall in love with someone else. Relationships could be taken very differently if people weren’t so complicated. Although Romeo and Juliet has a strong love for each other, any teenager or person in general should know when true love is there and not there based on what’s going on in that relationship or what they’re going through. If people in society today didn’t take love as a game, they could actually find true love. Not taking love as a game could avoid many complications and hurting in a relationship.  

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