Discussion on Whether Video Games Cause Violence in Youth

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Published: Jan 28, 2021

Words: 1438|Pages: 3|8 min read

Published: Jan 28, 2021

Imagine you enter a room with the sounds of gunshots ringing in your ears. Video games have been blamed for youth violence. However, there has been a long history of violence before video games have ever been thought of. There may be effects on the youth but not violent effects. Violence is a powerful subject on its own. The use of force in a way that harms a person or property defines the word violence. Studies show that destructive video games educate children to be rewarded for their violence. Take into evidence that parents do not watch their kid's game like they should. 'Another problem involves the lack of parental oversight,' according to the Psychological Science Journal. Teenagers between grades 8 through 12 report that 90% of their parents or legal guardians never check the ratings of video games before purchasing and only 1% of parents or legal guardians had ever prevented a purchase based on its rating.

'Why Violent Video Games Shouldn't Be Banned'?

Video games have displayed epidemic growth in the past decades. They have progressed from their modest provenance in the computer laboratory to a modern rank as one of the superiors in the worldwide amusement multibillion dollar business. A lot of common video games in the present times are distinguished by their capability to allow players to role-play in different sequence of events.

Acknowledging to the retail, intrigue of violence, a lot of the scenarios include acts of destruction and violence which are executed by the player on the screen. Regards have been elevated for the reason of this over disclosure and consequent desensitization to destructiveness is enduring on humans, exclusively demeaning in belief that video games are expeditiously conforming the maximum contemporary pass time hobby for kids in the developed world. Altercations have been expressed that the violence in video games is precisely accountable for the increase in rampage by the youth. However, others propose that particular accountability takes priority and as such video games don’t end up in any destructive behavior.

As can be assumed from this, there are several conflicting viewpoints on the impact that gruesome games have on humans. The Merriam-Webster online dictionary defines a video game as a computerized game that is played on a video screen and regularly underlined as quick action. Games from the computers are also known as videogames and conforming to the Encyclopedia Britannica, any game is mutual if it is performed by computer chips. Machines that computerized games are engaged through general ambition shared and arcade, handheld game consoles, personal computers, consoles and video consoles that are linked to television sets. Video games as an apprehension indicates the entirety of these arrangements or more specifically, those games used on electronic devices that have screens like television or arcade consoles.

The culture of video games is a way of life that is new and its meaning comes from video games. This culture originally began when the digital revolution of the last decade developed the film branch quickly. Based on the Media Analysis Laboratory of Simon Fraser University, the very first video game, 'Space Wars', took PDP1 computer that was room sized and was worth about millions of dollars. This was located in the MIT basement and was created by Steve Russell. With this invention, it showed the possibility of computers as a gadget for fun and has had an enormous impact on children's culture in today's society.

The gaming industries do have large warnings on games and cases of what they are playing. Legal guardians or parents should be watching what their kids are playing. According to The South End Weekly; 'It should be up to the parents to keep track of the kinds of video games their children are playing.' This is why there is a rating system in the games, to prevent children under the age of the rating from being exposed to material that is inappropriate. Game decision can be made by the parents by checking the rating.

One of the aspects that generates video games particularly eager to result into violence in the actual world is the biggest level of commitment that video games have. Funk et al. believes that the extreme obligation may add the chances that game behaviors will establish outside the game circumstance as a result of the engaged cooperation that video games desire of the gamer.

Approximate investigation further demonstrates that kids who were unveiled to violent video games engrossed in fantasy plays in which they imitated the behavior of the destructive characters in video games. This adequately shows that the high engagement of video games concludes in children wanting to play out the gruesome behavior in real life. This necessarily leads to the dependability of rampage by humans as a result of the effect of electronic games. Those admirers contradict his point by claiming that humans have the ability to diversify simulations by the real world. Even if this is still a problem, it does not take into development that the high sensitivity of youths and the power that media and in exceptional video games have on peoples' lives.

Although admirers of video games as a major reason of carnage in the depth of kids point out that these games represent rampage and murder as “cool and trendy, it must be acclaimed that video games are not the only correspondence in which such ideas are spread. Ferguson highlights the fact that brutality as amusement has constantly been a feature of conventional correspondence and aforementioned, video games and their results should not be examined in confinement. Aforesaid, rampage in younglings should take into examination into the numerous newspapers and television productions of destructive and Hollywood movies sentimentalize rampage rather than putting the criticism mainly on video games.

Acknowledging to the large numbers of research in which recommend the pessimistic result of video games, it would reasonably pursue that laws would be put in place to secure that this communal carnality is disciplined. Nevertheless, this has not been the problem and construction of gruesome video games remains to be abundant. Ferguson cites that even though the studies on the results of correspondence destructive behavior on younglings and the consequent decisions that correspondence intensity is mainly damaging to the youngling’s mindset, there are no requirements to obey structures in place that discourage the deal of gruesome games to younglings. The absence of regulation is mainly because the numerous forbiddance laws suggested have been disputed in courts mainly on scientific and constitutional premises. Ferguson points out that some judges specifically judged challengers of video games who were accused for tendentious demonstration of the current studies on the results of video game brutality henceforth enormously weakening the credibility and objectivity of these anti-game critics.

Challengers of correspondence brutality point to the increase in felonies flutter while the 1980’s and 1970’s which was enormously presumed to be generated by brutality in television. Afterwards, anti-game students demonstrate that the same could result of video brutality. Ferguson restates that this is a deception since documents show that gruesome felonies in the United States society lessened in the 90s, which is when the brutality video games started to develop into popularity and progressively brutal as the years proceeded due to specialized breakthroughs.

As mentioned, the affirmation that video games effects in the rise of brutality cannot be approved by information henceforth indicating that gruesome video games could be more gentle than it presently is. Nevertheless, challengers of video games indicate that the bare evidence that gruesome felonies reduced at the concurring time that video games occurred into the image is enormously circumstantial and does not indicate that brutal video games do not have pessimistic results on humans.

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As such, video games do not make gruesome humans as challengers of video games indicate. Meanwhile this altercation could grasp several facts, many pronouncements demonstrate that video games lead to a rise in the brutal achievements of people who take part in the games. It is consequently possible that as long as video games are engaged by brutal younglings, the gruesome status of such humans has undoubtedly expanded as an effect of the brutality in the video games. They are a chronic teen occurrence and they can provide expansive variety of occurrence to the entity. As has come to show by the altercations conferred in this essay, video games can be used to advertise specific sentiments. Nevertheless, it must be remembered that games can also be used for informational and peaceful intentions. Game creators should accordingly be advised to make fewer brutal video games and instead aim attention on the beneficial and benign aspect of video games. By doing this, the incredible informative capability that the games handle can be utilized for the improvement of humankind. 

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