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Essay About Martin Luther King Jr. and Characteristics of His Leadership

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Conventional wisdom claims that racism is a belief that a racial group considers itself superior to other racial groups. The highest rates of racism in advanced countries. When it comes to racism, our minds go unconsciously to blacks and the false and inhuman traditions of slavery. Racism has been around throughout history, and there has been racial segregation in almost all societies and nations. Racism is the preeminence of knowing a race over other races. In fact, racism is a particular type of prejudice, which is based on inaccurate arguments and the generalization of some characteristics to a group of people, in an unsustainable way. Racism is racially motivated if anyone allows their fanatical beliefs to prevent further growth and racial segregation. All ethnic groups are deprived of a particular race, housing, political rights, educational opportunities or social interactions. My whole life I have heard people say that there have always been those who stand against injustice and defend the rights of those who have been oppressed. Martin Luther King Jr. was one of those who was recognized as the leader of the African-American Civil Rights Movement and was campaigning for injustices to black people. In this essay, we examine the characteristics of this leadership from a variety of dimensions.

In his speech in 1963,17-minute speech, King maintains that ‘ I have a dream’. Americans today tend to believe that the speech is one the inspiring speaking from the aspect of public speaking during history in the US. There, Martin Luther King begins his speech with the argument that we are here alongside the Lincoln Memorial, who had abolished slavery 100 years ago, but still black people did not achieve their rights. American people tend to think that the important thing to happen is that it’s actually the first time that people hear and read the TV show, but mostly on the radio and in the US, and on the streets of the world, and get acquainted with the face of Martin Luther King. Basically, his followers are saying that the name of Martin Luther King is tied to the American black civil rights movement.

The movement, in 1955, was followed by the arrest of a black woman, Rosa Parks, who was not raised from a white seat on a Montgomery city bus. The arrest of Rosa Parks led to a movement that began with the bootstrapping of Montgomery’s buses. A year later, the District Court in the United States canceled Montgomery’s buses. Following this success, King in 1957 formed an organization called the ‘Christian Leadership Conference of the South’. Martin Luther King’s commitment to not resorting to violence and peaceful efforts to achieve equality led to a calming demonstration that he organized on American society and Martin Luther King had a great contribution to the success of the civil rights movement. The demonstration took place on August 28, 1963, and on the one-hundredth anniversary of the proclamation of the Slavery Declaration issued by Abraham Lincoln in Washington, DC, bringing about 250,000 people to the Lincoln Memorial Monument. Following King’s March and speech, the pressure of citizens on the government of John F. Kennedy began to submit to Congress the ratification of civil rights bills and this became one of the most important national issues.

Martin Luther King had many successes. His followers argue that Some of his most important achievements are Support for quiet protests during the strike in Memphis city scavengers, Leading the bans on Montgomery Bus Company in Alabama, famous speech like I have a dream, His major role in the formation of the South African Christian Leadership Conference in 1957, advocating for the protection of civil rights and non-violence. My own view, however, is that Civil rights law, The law of the right to vote, Immigration and Nationality Services Act, The law of fair housing transactions.

In the comparison between Obama ex-president of U. S and Luter King Allen (2013) argue that Obama and King have a wide range of similarities in the leadership and its effect on black people. My own view, however, is that Luther King is a historical figure, an interdisciplinary figure, a thinker whose ideas are still fresher after fifty years, but Obama is no longer the case in the same year that he left the White House because he was not a thinker. In addition, Obama never wanted to be a moral leader and could not at all. I think the Nobel Prize giving him was a mistake. Obama is quite a political figure with all the mistakes that politicians have in the world today. They are people who talk, but they do something else. Obama, therefore, is fundamentally different from Luther King, but it should be noted that, if Luther was not Kenny, Obama would not be. Yet a careful analysis of the information reveals that Obama has a more sensible mindset among American presidents, but some of his positions separate him from someone like Gandhi’s Luther King, a non-violent struggle. Most important is the issue of peace, which can be said Obama has been a hotly-fledged president, but Martin Luther King, like Gandhi, like the Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu, has been the true face of peace.

Smit (2018) is surely right about emotional concepts of human life that nowadays, only one character of Martin Luther King is featured, a dream that speaks merely of love and equality. Many times, speaking of concepts such as love, equality, social justice, and peace between religions, seems very simple, or a kind of deception it cannot be parallel with which the rough reality of human life and destiny, even the oppressors believe these terms. Although I disagree with Smit much of what he says, I fully endorse his final conclusion because Martin Luther King was essentially a fighter person and heavily criticized the system. The question is, how can these transcendental concepts not be the means of suppressing systems that promote their use and make them survive more? I still maintain that anyone who speaks of love, friendship and nonviolence is not necessarily a passive person, not a comedic struggle. The history of Latin American struggles gives us some interesting examples. There were priests like Oscar Romero, who even died in this way, or a figure like Gustavo Gutiérrez, who founded the liberation theology. They are like Christians, like Luther King, who speaks of the basic concepts of Christianity, including love and tolerance, but they are also combatants.

Luther King, if he spoke about these bases, continued his struggle, and so he was murdered. When he says ‘I have a dream’, he does not absolutely think that, for example, a monotheistic non-classical society will be formed, but he wants to create a value revolution and challenge that American dream, a dream which is summed up for many in the wealth and individual success.

In the recent discussion of Whitaker (2018) about the revolution of values, a controversial issue has been whether Martin Luther rejects or defends the political revolution. he argues that he provided the ground for a political revolution, but this political revolution is worthless without bloodshed and on the basis of a revolution. Such a thing can never be raised in Marxism, because Marxists often overlook the values, while the issue is underlying.

My own view is Martin Luther was exactly involved with critical thinking of values. it means when talking about poverty and misery among the blacks and looking for a solution, we must transform and build a society from below. To find a black president to go to the White House does not solve their problems. We must change our attitude toward each other, the attitude of blacks towards whites and white whites than blacks.

According to Nguyen (2019), the strategy that Martin Luther King took in the period of his leadership is that, King’s leadership has identified him as the main face of the civil rights struggle in the public, and for this reason He was careful to preserve his image for the vast majority of the US and make it acceptable to them, on the contrary Malcolm, the main figure of the ‘nation of Islam’, was known as an armed struggle and a division in the world. King with these methods strongly opposed and tried to portray the public’s imagination as a moderate, not a radical.

Nguyen (2019) insists that in many respects, this moderation has caused him to hire a large number of whites and join them in the movement. King was not only a symbol of hope for blacks but also for progressive whites. He also tried to keep the civic resistance movement united, and at a time when Americans were increasingly interested in freedom and equality, trying to connect the various groups of activists to the followers. I have always believed that he was a conceptual leader due to the fact that I can rely on the documents that Nguyen mentioned in some lines above. He was so skillful to recognize what was needed in a different situation that he was involved in and he could equip himself with the knowledge of social intelligence. I acknowledge that he could appeal followers with reliable actions because all of the black and even white people could trust him and it was the trigger of his success for the next steps. His target in achieving the equality between black and white people was the dream that he talked about it in the first and the historical meeting of him. nd he made much effort to meet it by convicting all listeners with honesty and faith.

Vischer (2012) has debated the theory of moral in his book that it is extremely useful because it sheds insight on the difficult problem of being an ethical leader in the society of those U. S when Martin Luther was starting to explain about the racism and the equally between black and white people. He argues that a leader like him tolerate all of the temptations of not being influenced by the interest group. He believed in ethical leadership because of the context of what he learned in his education and brought up period. Martin Luther King was so genius in speaking and it was the most powerful skill that he has as a leader. It shows that he could improve his emotional intelligence in the ground of influencing the audience.

He argues that it was highly likely that if he had not that skill he might not attract the followers in the first meeting. In other words, he could not meet his vision which was the black people right that the whites. In addition, I consider that Martin Luther used the great man theory in the period of his leadership. He attempts to make a considerable fundamental difference in the ideology of his followers. Because we can see that he could change the treatment and attitudes which were some necessary part of life at that time. He underlined some structure and impression which were unseen at that time. But he could explain that with the insight of what he had believed in it. This was one of the key successes of the great man and make others trust and follow him in his words.

From my point of view, he could reflect an interaction between the character traits and the various situational factors like openness to experiences, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, neuroticism. He faced dilemmas that require choices between a political person who can take advantages from the government and being quite against all inequality than black people or being a person who is tied with moral and values. I agree that He could internalize a strong set of ethics, principle and right conduct based on a value reveloution. because of this analysis I agree with Whitaker (2018) about the revolution of values in his leadership. He shows his ability as a powerful leader with aligning the value of his followers with those he was looking for. Martin Luther provided the extrinsic motivation for black people who could imagine that one day they can vote in a democratic country.

His leadership was including the integrity, vision, empathy, and consistency and because of all these four factors, he could do the right thing. An important consideration is how thinking about a value-laden issue or ethical dilemmas which he was involving them. But he could make a decision about ethical behaviors and even he murdered because of his belief and his ideology. Now if I want to mention some distinctive traits that he had and it was a capacity to produce an effect on followers was the influence tactics. He was skillful to use words exactly his own word to influence others. In other means these traits can be measured by speaking power. I can say that he was equipped with expert, referent and legitimate power. Thus, having access to this source of power could affect the followers to move.


I strongly believe that Martin Luther was a person with a method of critical thinking and high social intelligence due to the fact that he could behave in different political position that even were different with the education he graduate. he as a conceptual leader could help black people to achieve their right with influencing and motivating them with a wonderful speech . People like Luther King, with their campaigns in the United States, have shown that the most miserable people can achieve their civil rights. Though there is a strong will, intentions that are based on a sound thought, and if it is accompanied by a moral leader of personality such as Martin Luther King, it can modify things to a degree, then no matter how small this change is.

Naturally, humanity cannot be completely changed, and the issue of good and evil is always associated with man, but what can be changed is human judgment, whether it is about events, about cultures or about humans themselves. He implemented the ethical leadership in his period oh being leader and he proved it that when somebody has insight and incentive for an aim nothing can distract them from meeting it. His ideology lied in the movement of people who didn’t know a speech can put them on the path of being equal with the whites.

People like Luther King will help us strengthen our judiciary so that we can prevent the emergence of people like Stalin and Hitler, or wars such as the two world wars, as far as possible. We continue to read and teach their works for learning valuable experiences. . with the lesson of this great leader I try to make an effort that it will equip me with the essential skills. It will grant me the ability to face the future with sufficient and adequate experience. I am so keen on doing enrichment research on influential leadership skills to elevate my abilities and goal to be a successful leader in the work environment and daily life.


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