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Essay About My Grandpa in My Childhood Memories

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In this essay on my childhood memories I want to talk about my grandfather. My parents were busy with work most of my childhood. Therefore, my days revolved and heavily relied on my grandpa. Barsegh, my grandpa, is a work oriented man with dry and rough hands, a bulk body, brown fluorescent eyes and grey slick back hair, who is hard as rock but has a soft spot for family and loved ones. My grandpa moved to America when he was around 50 years old with nothing but his family. He grew up through hardship, working long hours since anyone could remember, yet he still helps his sons run their businesses to this day. He contains a strong, driven mentality and is always determined to get the job done, whether it comes to paperwork or working on a car. His perseverance alone is something I admire, however every day I continue to understand his love for family more and more deeply.

My grandpa is the reason my childhood was filled with memories that I will always reminisce upon. From preschool to elementary I always woke up before the sun began to shine and got dropped off at my grandparents’ house while my mom left to go to work. The dark yet soothing car ride from my house to my grandparent’s house allowed for a couple minutes of much-needed, extra sleep. Once I dragged myself to the front door steps and walked in, I headed towards my room with the TV, while my grandparents got their final moment of sleep. After the sun poked out and awoke the neighborhood, we ate breakfast and I got ready for school. Not only did my grandpa drop me off at school but he also picked me up. Waiting before the gates opened for me to leave to school was somewhat calming and therapeutic because of the morning silence. After picking me up from a long day at school and going home to eat, my grandpa always loved to either go biking with me or take me to the park. These were two of my favorite activities as a kid that I always looked forward to them the entire day. This may seem like a small act but it meant so much to me as a kid, and even more now. As a child I was too unaware to understand the great lengths my grandpa went to keep me happy even if he was exhausted or busy. He devoted a lot of his time and energy to enlighten my day. Through time my grandpa’s devotion and selflessness became more apparent and I began to understand the sacrifices he made for my family.

My grandpa not only experienced the happy and delightful parts of my childhood, but also the bloody and painful instances too. For example, when I was around 8 years old, it was near sundown of a hot day when my grandpa drove me to the park. Going to the park was one of our favorite activities since it always led to long lasting moments and memories. Whilst walking closer and closer to McCambridge Park my energy level was like an ocean wave, constantly rising and sinking until I could run onto the playground. Not even ten steps up the playground stairs and I was in pain and tears. I went to run up to the slide when suddenly my shoe clipped the stairs and my teeth sunk into, and slit open, the outer edge of my tongue. The feeling of part of my tongue dangling off was unlike any other. The only person who managed to calm me down was my grandpa during the stressful drive home. He reassured me that everything would be alright and even made me laugh by explaining how I could eat all the ice cream I would ever want to help with easing the pain. Although this was a scary part of my childhood memories, my grandpa’s sincerity and care supported me. His sympathetic energy influenced me as a child permanently. Through constant love he taught me that life helped those who helped and cared for others. My grandpa’s actions during my childhood still impact who I am to this day.

In elementary school I was a clumsy kid who got hurt often. Whether it was scraping my knees and elbows on concrete or slicing my tongue on the playground, there was always a new injury. One would think having only one mouth injury would teach a kid to be more careful however this wasn’t true for me. It was time for art class in 2nd grade and almost time to go home after a tedious day at school, when I went to get a sip of water from the fountain. As a kid I would always put my left hand on the desk to the left of me and put my right hand on the desk to the right. After placing my hands I would lift myself and swing with my legs. But, this desk swing was unique to say the least. After swinging my legs back, my hand slipped and my two front teeth dug straight into the ground and pierced my gums inwards. The blood came out in a consistent stream from my gums and would not stop. School ended while my gums were still bleeding uncontrollably. My grandpa, waiting outside to pick me up, knew something was wrong because it never took me this long to come out after school had ended. He alerted my teachers and quickly became aware of the accident that had occurred. For half an hour, no one at school could even get the blood from my gums to slow down or stop but it took my grandpa only a couple minutes to think of a quick resolution. He poured out his water bottle, individually picking out the ice cubes, and handed them to me. This caused the blood to subdue to the cold pressure of ice against my gums. My grandpa’s quick thinking suppressed the pandemonium in the room. Throughout my life my grandpa has sprinkled much of his wisdom upon me and each life lesson has always been helpful to me in some way. Barsegh always knew how to think fast and his rapid actions have become a personality trait of my own. My grandpa always reminds me of things that will be useful and resourceful to me throughout my lifetime. From how to make barbecue properly to how to change a car tire, my grandpa has taught me the basic necessities in everyday life. Without his guidance I would not be near half as resourceful and knowledgeable as I am today.

In conclusion, through the years, my grandpa has still kept his many physical values such as his brown eyes and rough hands but more importantly he has still kept his one of a kind personality. Barsegh is someone who I attempt to be like and will always strive to live similarly to. At 74 years old my grandpa still goes on hour long bike rides, exercises daily, works around the house and backyard constantly, helps his children with their everyday lives, and above all, loves his family more than anything. Barsegh’s presence over time has developed and molded my overall character. As a child my grandfather moved to America with nothing; not even understanding the common language. His perseverance through hardship, for his family, is what allowed my parents and I to be in such a blessed position in life. My grandfather’s demeanor and work ethic reflect on who I want to be for my children and grandchildren in the future. 

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