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Evaluation of The Advantages and Disadvantages of Fiber Optic Transmission

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Science continues to develop this world and aid humankind to improve our technology by using science. Optic fibres are no exception. They have been used for all sorts of things including medical use which is the main focus of this report. But to also understand the pros and cons of optic fibres as well as compare them to determine whether optic fibres essential for us humans or not. According to BBC Bitesize, optic fibres are a thin rod of high-quality glass. There is very little light that is absorbed by the glass but the light that is past through the optic fibre undergoes total internal reflection; which is a complete reflection of a light ray that is greater than the critical angle boundary(“The critical angle and optical fibres”).

According to Cyberphysics, optic fibres are used to transmit signals in the form of pulses of light in distance over 50km. It is because of total internal reflection that they are able to guide light for long distances. Research from Cyberphysics also state that optic fibres are able to guide light for so long because of the walls of the fibre don’t absorb any light as long as the incidence is greater than the angle of incidence. Science has enabled the optic fibre to be 100% efficient because of total internal reflection which causes 100% reflection. For a total internal reflection to occur, two conditions need to be in place. First, the refractive index of the first median is greater than the refractive index of the second median(“Optical Fibres”).

The second condition is that the angle of incidence must be greater than the critical angle(“Optical Fibres”). As stated before, science had developed this world to aid humankind. Optic fibres have aided us as well and it is because of its science that it is able to achieve guiding light and transmit signals for a very long distance. Optic Fibres are resposible for the worlds cable TV’s and for the worlds high-speed internet. There are more efficient than copper cables for telephone lines because they can carry more signals than copper cable telephones lines(“BBC – GCSE Bitesize Science – Other applications of light”). Carrying signals to and from places is the job that you would see optic fibres in use. But optic fibres are not only used for just TV cable and high-speed internet.

According to BBC- GCSE Bitesize Science, Optic fibres are being used by endoscopes. Endoscopes are used to examine the inside of the body which uses a bundle of optic fibre to transmit the image around corners(“BBC-GCSE Bitesize Science- Other applications of light”). When doctors are exposed to such technology and are able to use this to their advantage; they are able to diagnose diseases such as cancer or to see clearly what they are doing during surgery. [image: ]In addition to the medical use of optic fibres; there are many advantages that they have which make optic fibres very efficient to use.

According to FS. COM, one advantage that optic fibres have is that they are resistant to electromagnetic interference. This means that even though that the environment might have power issues, heating, ventilating or any other industrial interference; because of optic fibres have a very low bit error, fibre is able to resist to electromagnetic interferance(“The Advantages and Disadvantages of Fiber Optic Transmission”). Another advantage that is convinent is that optic fibres come in a small size (2mm) in which save for fibre optic transmission(“The Advantages and Disadvantages of Fibers Optic Transmission”). Optic fibres have are also well protected because the data that is being transmitted is through light.

Therefore, there is no way to detect the data being transmitted(“The Advantages and Disadvantage of Fibers Optic Transmission”). Optic Fibres are a wonderful tool that has given aid to humans by allowing cable TV and high-speed internet; as well as give aid to medicine and make surgery easier. But, optic fibres do have a few disadvantages that might be worth thinking about. According to FS. COM, one disadvantage is that optic fibres are very fragile. This is because optic fibres are made out of glass which is easy to break. In addition to that information, glass is affected by a number of chemicals including hydrogen gas; meaning that it is a problem for underwater wireing, so extra care is under consideration when deployed underground(“The Advantages and Disadvantage of Fibers Optic Transmission”).

The fact that optic fibres are fragile; it is also hard to install because it is not easy to splice and when if it is bending too much it breaks(“The Advantages and Disadvantages of Fibers Optic Transmission”). Then comes the the price. With this much quality, you wouldn’t find this come at a low price. Even though installation costs drop by 60% a year, installing optic fibre is still more expensive than copper cables(“The Advantages and Disadvantages of Fibers Optic Transmission”). In 2017, in Arapahoe Colorado USA, installation of optic fibres shot up to $10,560 capital cost per unit(“Fibre Optic Cable Installation Unit Cost Entries- ITS Cost Database”). Optic fibres have really benefited humans in terms of the medical use because surgery will be safer and more efficient now that optic fibres are being of use and help doctors to make better diagnostics. A percentage of the world does have the leasure of cable TV and high-speed internet but there is the fact that this development isn’t exactly worldwide in terms of having countries with rural areas. Of course that wouldn’t be the goal for having high-speed internet in the villages but have this technology improve any state of medical care that is being provided. Science has really made big changes is this world so with the development of optic fibres, There might be a better fututre for humans to use this to care for the sick.

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