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Evaluation of The Film Adaptation of The Spiderman Comics

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The comics to the movies the Spiderman trilogy is one of the most loved super heroes of all-time. The Spiderman comics started in 1962, by Stan Lee and Marvel Comics. A 17 year old boy named, Peter Parker is bitten by a radioactive spider and is given abilities to Genius-level intellect. Proficient scientist and inventor. Superhuman strength, speed, durability, agility, stamina, reflexes/reactions, coordination, balance and endurance. Precognitive spider-sense ability, cling to most solid surfaces and webbing ability. Utilizes wrist web-shooters to shoot spider web material. The two main notable Spiderman adaptions were the amazing Spiderman comic and Spiderman the movie. In this report, it will see the origin and plot of Spiderman, analyse the differences between the Amazing Spiderman Comic and Avengers Infinity War and evaluate how successful the adaptation was from one of the most loved super heroes.

Origins of the Amazing Spiderman Comics

The Amazing Spiderman Comics was first published in 1962 by Marvel Comics and sold over 340,200 copies in its first release. This comic was up for sale and was sold for $1.1 million and is now one of the most known super heroes of all time.

The comic features many elements such as his famous red, blue and black suit, his ability to climb was and has homemade web shooters. The main characters of this comic is Spiderman or known to many as Peter Parker, many other secondary characters are Uncle Ben, Aunt May , Gwen Stacy and the first villain of Spiderman, the Chameleon.

Plot and characters of the original

The Amazing Spiderman Comic is one of the most cherished super hero comic ever. The plot of the first comic first starts where Peter is a nerdy kid who is picked on by many at his high school. Peter than asks some kids from school if they want to go to a radioactive convention, they all deny and Peter goes by himself and then when wondering around the convention is bitten by a radioactive spider, which gives him Wall-crawling, enhanced strength, speed, reflexes, durability, stamina, healing and agility and Spider-Sense.

Peter immediately feels the bite and goes outside for a breather. When outside he is almost hit by a car but then jumps out of the way due to his new powers. After this Peter decided to climb the wall and did, then when at the top he accidentally crushes a metal pole. Peter now realises that he has super human abilities and then enters a boxing competition and wins $100. After the match, a TV producer and says that ‘he can make a fortune’. When he is home he creates a new suit (which is the suit wears for the remainder of the comic) and creates his super hero name and makes his own web shooters. He goes on the TV show, ‘the Ed Sullivan Show’, and the crowd went wild.

Later on, in the comic a thief runs by and Peter does nothing about it. The cop then asks why he did not trip or hold the thief and Spiderman said that that was not his job it was the polices job and he was only looking out for himself. This constructs Peter to be selfish and uncaring to others considering that he later a criminal away. As he returns home in aunt and Uncle give Peter a microscope and then he told himself that he will now only help his aunt, uncle and himself. This constructs Aunt May and Uncle to be kind and caring, mainly Peter. One day Peter comes home from school and sees the police at his house talking to Aunt May to say that Uncle Ben has been shot and murdered. The police man said not to worry about the suspect because he is stuck in a warehouse. Pete changes to Spiderman and tries to stop his Uncles murderer and does but the murderer is the person who he let run away when the cop was trying to chase him and Peter didn’t do anything. After that he realises that with great power comes with great responsibility. This now constructs Peter to be unselfish and caring to help others in need.

Analysis of adaptation of Spiderman

The first movie of the Spiderman trilogy was released in cinemas on the 29th of April, 2002. The film has a similar start, Peter Parker, who is in high school and was a nerdy high schooler. The difference at the start is that Peter in the movie goes on an excursion to a laboratory. During the excursion Peter is bitten by a radioactive spider and given inhuman abilities.

In this adaptation Spiderman slightly changes, in both Spiderman’s, he is constructed to be a nerdy, unpopular high schooler who is bitten by a radioactive spider and then changes his life forever. Before being bitten in the movie the actor of Peter (Toby Maguire) is an unmuscular kid, who has no proper physique, until he is bitten and then has a defined muscular body, this is shown by his biceps and abs being very defined. In the comic Spiderman seems to be more bulk with also defined biceps and quadriceps. Another part of the movie that did was not used was that Spiderman in the movie had organic web shooters (came out of him).

The attitude of Peter Parker in the movie did not change, Peter at the start only cared about himself and his Aunt and Uncle but no one else. This may be due to the fact of Peter being a kid and his hormones are changing causing him to be selfish towards others. Aunt May and Uncle Ben are both still caring and kind towards Peter, this might be due to the fact that they adopted Peter making them more kind to make him feel like they are actually family, this is shown in many movies like Shuzam (2019) and the Blind Slide (2009), and can also be relatable in real life.

Effectiveness and success of adaptation

The adaptation of the new movie is quite similar; however, the movie appeals more to the modern audience and how the movie can be relatable to some real high school and college students. The comic doesn’t properly get people to relate and can’t show true emotions unlike the movie. The movie defiantly connects more with kids than the comic.

Both Spidermans are constructed to be a positive role model for kids, and has character traits of strong, independent and the after the bite and person who will stand up for what is right. The most significant change from the comic to the movie was that we could properly see construct into a different attitude on life, people and his powers. This was good construction in the movie that made the movie a lot better.

The comic was one of the most loved comics of all time, but the movie was way bigger and appealed more to younger ages, this is due to kids not wanting to read but watch movies. The movie had a lot more action than the comic which would appeal to people’s enjoyment of awesome fight scenes. Overall, the movie was very creative and had many twist from the comic which made the movie better. In my opinion, the success of the Spiderman adaptions was very successful and has become one the best superhero films of all time. 

Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student.

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