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Evaluation of The Reasons Why Students Engage in Cyberbullying

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Cyberbullying is the use of mobile phones, prompt messaging, e-mail, chat rooms, or social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to annoy, impend, or threaten someone. Cyber bullying is a problem that has been aggregating rapidly these past couple of years (Willard, 2007). The following are some of the Causes and Effects of cyberbullying among students.

Causes of Cyberbullying

Motivated by Revenge

There is a predisposition for some kids who are victims of harassment to find a way to strike back. They feel correct in their movements because they, too, have been stressed and anguished. By bullying others, they feel a sense of relief and justification for what they experienced. These kids will go after the bully directly, or they will aim someone whom they recognize to be weaker or more susceptible than them (McQuade, et al. 2009).

Believe the Victim Deserves It

Bullying often revolves around a person’s social status at school. Some kids will choose to cyberbully others based on the school’s perceived social ladder. By contrast, a mean girl might cyberbully another who excels academically because she is jealous over being shown up in class. Other times, one girl might cyberbully another girl because she believes she stole her boyfriend (Willard, 2007).

Looking to Alleviate Boredom

Kids, who are bored and seeking entertainment, will sometimes resort to cyber bullying, to spice things up or to add some excitement and drama to their lives. The Internet becomes their only source of entertainment and an outlet for getting attention (Litwiller & Brausch, 2013).

Give in to Peer-Pressure

Sometimes kids will cyberbully to fit in with a group of friends or a clique. As a result, these kids succumb to peer-pressure to fit into a group at school, even if it means going against their better judgment. They are more concerned with fitting in and being accepted than they are worried about the consequences of cyber bullying.

Think Everyone Cyberbullies

When young people believe other students are bullying online, they are more likely to engage in the behavior themselves. In their minds, it does not seem like a noteworthy problem because their peer groups consent in the behavior (Willard, 2007).

Hunger for Power

Cyberbullying can be a display of social status. Kids who are prevalent often make fun of kids who are less popular. They use the Internet to disseminate relational aggression. They also spread rumors and gossip and may even banish others through cyberbullying. They also might cyberbully to diminish the social status of another person (Litwiller & Brausch, 2013).

Believe They Will Not Be Caught

The anonymity of the Internet gives kids a false sense of security. They believe if they post things anonymously that they won’t be caught. What’s more, kids who cyberbully do not necessarily see the reaction of the victim which makes it enormously easy to say and do things they wouldn’t otherwise do.

Lack Empathy

Most kids who cyberbully believe it isn’t a big deal. In fact, several studies have found that as many as 40% of students who engaged in online bullying reported not feeling anything after bullying online. Instead, many kids reported that online bullying made them feel funny, popular and powerful. (McQuade, et al. 2009).

Effects of Cyberbullying

Victims Become Cyberbullies

While this does not always happen, many cyberbullied victims will later become bullies themselves. They will use forms of cyberbullying as a way to dismiss their hurt and agony.


Depression is a common concern of any type of bullying, particularly cyberbullying. Any child who has been cyberbullied should be vetted for depression. If necessary, they should meet with a school counselor or psychotherapist. (Litwiller & Brausch, 2013).

Thoughts of Suicide and Suicide Attempts

Sadly, one tragic consequence of cyberbullying is suicide. There have been several cases of suicide linked to cyberbullying. One horrific story is the Megan Meier case, who was cyberbullied by a mother and her teenager, along with someone who worked for them (McQuade, et al. 2009).

Affects School Performance

As with all bullying cases, the victim’s schoolwork can be negatively affected. The student may dread school, Performance will suffer, and they could not care about how well they do in school. (Litwiller & Brausch, 2013).

Reputations are Damaged

Even decades after the internet made a debut; some people still believe that anything they read online is true. Someone can post a spiteful rumor about a teen, and some will accept it as fact. They may never learn that it was invented to hurt someone. The teen’s reputation can be damaged. In very rare cases, the teenager’s employment could be affected when potential employers read a rumor online (McQuade, et al. 2009).

Causes Children to Have Low Self-Esteem

Kids lose a lot of confidence making it hard for them even to communicate with others.

Conclusively, the causes and effects of cyberbullying are fatal and could lead to detrimental consequences if not addressed or prevented. Parents and guardians should always be on the lookout since most people who fall victims are kids and those who engage are most likely those who suffered the same.

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