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Exploring The World Revolves Around Me Fallacy

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The world revolves around me is a fallacy that most people commit just about every day. Although they do not realize they are doing it, it just happens. This fallacy falls under the self-evidence, which is talked about as part of egocentrism, and is not egocentrism itself, but a fallacy that falls in the line of. Egocentrism is the inability to differentiate between self and other. Also, egocentrism is the inability to precisely predict or ponder other ideas rather than their own. “The world revolves around me” is a fallacy, like egocentrism, this fallacy means if one believes something is true, then it is true enough to be true. By taking what one believes in and using it as a form of benchmarking for true and false, then test one’s own belief, is to test it against reality and the world of ideas beyond our own perspective. Although I have already defined what “The world revolves around me” fallacy is; it is time to put this fallacy into more perspective. The world revolves around me is a fallacy because people have their lives, are entitled to their own opinions and I am a person living in a society and must get along with others.

Fromm states that narcissism is the result of a person’s effort, where the work itself keeps the person in contact with reality, so the narcissism is self-limiting. There are two differences between social and individual narcissism. One, social narcissism is when one feels that they do not fit in with people in the group. One reason is because they are not interested in what the group is doing, or they do not think or contribute in the group activity. On the other hand, individual narcissism people may feel that they have low self-esteem, and tend to want to shut themselves out from society. “The world revolves around me” is a fallacy that a lot of people have. These individuals think that their way is the correct way, and that it is the only way it can be done. They think that everyone should bow down to them, as if you are their servant. The above two concepts relate to each other, in the following way. That narcissism and “the world revolves around me”, is that one involves a person with low self-esteem and the other involves someone who thinks he or she is far more superior to the other.

My mother is a really good example of this fallacy. She is very anal about the way she wants and does things. For example, we have two different of dinner forks, one is made from thick metal and the other thin. She finds it necessary to actually separate them by the thickness, ridiculous. Also she has to have the glassware and plates arranged in the dishwasher a certain way, as well. My mother is phenomenal at telling someone else how to do something a certain way, when she doesn’t do it that way herself. For example, we have four dogs that have to go out in the backyard, and she tells me that she sits out there with them until they do their business, and then they come in. Sometimes she doesn’t sit out there with them because she is in the middle of something inside, understandable. However, when I let the dogs outside and do not sit there until they are done, she gets on my case about it, and then we wind up in an argument. One other thing that she does is after cleaning up a dog’s mess and sanitizing the area with some kind of cleaner, she has to make absolutely sure it is dry when it is cold enough that it will dry by itself. I guess this falls under this fallacy, maybe not. Maybe she is right, maybe not, I do not know. However, she is entitled to her opinion.

My friend mike is another good example of this fallacy. He and I visit just about every week and talk about different things. But he has this uncanny way of talking about things. As we are having a conversation about something, he will start a sentence and then hesitate in finishing that sentence. For the simple reason that he really does not know what he is talking about. He will swear up and down that he will never tell you something that is not true. For example, we could be talking about the smart phones and he swears that he knows what it costs to make either a Samsung Galaxy or iPhone, and that all smart phone companies do the same thing. He thinks he knows what he is talking about by saying that all cell phone companies do this. He will tell you that he looked it up online, but he did not. So, I am sitting there and going along with what he is saying, thinking to myself, if you know what you are saying, then prove it by looking it up on your one thousand-dollar iPhone. He shrugs it off by saying “I do not have time for that”, which leads me to believe that he never actually looked it up. One more example is he likes to bring up the past a lot. Like what happened between us and Japan during the time period of when Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, which forced The United States to take harsh actions on Japan, which forced Japan to bomb Pearl Harbor. This is what opened up the Pacific War, which was the theater of World War II. To this day he holds a grudge against Japan. So, whenever he sees a Honda, Toyota, Kia etc., he refers to them as Jap pieces of shit.

This fallacy occurs when a person believes strongly about an issue, everyone else must believe it also. What a person believes is not necessarily true. One’s belief or desire for something to be true is not enough to be true. Reality does not have to conform to one’s beliefs. Ones beliefs have to conform to reality. Everybody else does not have to share another’s beliefs. For instance, if I believe that abortion is morally wrong, but I cannot require that others feel the same way. They are entitled to their own opinion and have free will to believe what they desire. Believing that the world revolves around themselves intolerant because we live in a free society and must conform to rules and regulations of successful communication with others and respect the rights of others. They also have a right to their opinions. Good relationships with others are needed to live in peace and harmony in our society.

The world revolves around me is a ridiculous concept. I may be important but so is everybody else. I should consider issues from another’s point of view and realize there is more than one answer to the world’s problems. I am an amazing creature whom God created to be happy, to love, and be loved. Let me accept how God created me and be the best that I can be. I am very important, but so is everybody else. There exists a world of ideas beyond my own perspective that must be considered and respected.

Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student.

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