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Factors that Influence Mass Migration

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Humans as a species we are always striving to improve our lifestyle, from the Neanderthals to modern day humans the objective is survival and commodity. Sometimes in the need to survive, it is necessary to migrate either far away or somewhere close, but what are the circumstances has lead the modern human to leave their homes & families to move to other countries? Throughout this research I will be explaining the factors that play out in the decisions people make to move to either a different country, continent or somewhere within the borders of their country of origin.

Mass Migrations have always occurred, but eventually there has always been different circumstances that lead people to make such a drastic move, but with the current situation in the middle east such as the civil war in Syria and the current threats of terrorist which have left many refugees no option but to move towards Europe or the United States. Meanwhile Citizens from Pakistan, India and the Philippines seek better opportunities in the booming nation of Qatar. The other mass migration occurring in the globe is coming from South and Central America. Gang violence, corrupt governments and drug cartel problems is at the top of the list of reason why in countries such as Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and Venezuela many people are deciding to leave.

Some of the sources used for this research were found in the Clovis Community College, an article by Dr. Kelly M. Greenhill, named Migration as a weapon in Theory and in Practice, can give us an insight how migration can be used to affect other countries. meanwhile an Article found in The New York Times by Rod Nordland, mass migration crisis and it may yet get worse, explains how the waves of mass migration from the middle east can have an even bigger effect upon other nations across the globe.

As humans we have always moved from one place to another as part of our nature. The reasons to move can vary from environmental purposes such as natural disasters, political, social and economics. Sometimes migration is not a choice but a need, it is our survival instinct. Fleeing from a war, violence caused by gang and drug cartel violence it is now very common. Besides tragedies and misfortune being the main reason why humans decide to migrate, some do move for work, school and family reunification.

It is often said that to reduce immigration form third world countries is to develop the country and its economy, but this model fails to recognize is that development does not stop immigration, countries that have been developing for multiple years such as Mexico, Turkey and the Philippines still have some of the highest immigration rates in the planet. In fact, this is a reverse theory, it is known that countries that start developing its infrastructure or other sectors, attract more migrants because of the opportunities that are produced.

A few decades ago the Gulf state of Qatar was only known as a small trading outpost, nothing would really happen besides pearl trading, after it was found that Qatar could produce enormous quantities of crude oil it was modernized to resemble a capital city it which has only been possible because of its migrant workers. Qatar’s population has only tripled since they were picked the 2022 FIFA World Cup, this attracted many foreign workers to move into Qatar.

For blue collar workers, Qatar offers a job, regular income and the ability to support a family back home, but the cost for a migrant worker is way too high, often their passport are held by their employer and their working conditions are not the best. White collar workers get the best of opportunities, it is very common for them to be paid high salaries and they do not pay certain taxes such as home and income tax.

War never changes, unfortunately in a war there is always a loser and very few winners. The peaceful uprising against the president of Syria seven years ago eventually turned into a full civil war. Before the conflict began, many Syrians were complaining about the high rates of unemployment. A huge mistake made by the Syrian government was the use of deadly force against protestors whom demanded the resignation of president Bashar al-Assad. These actions lead the citizens of Syria to arm and defend themselves against a violent regime, as the president Assad promised to dismantle those who he called “terrorist”. As well as causing thousands of deaths, there are 5.6 million victims seeking asylum abroad in countries such as Turkey, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark and the United States.

Across South and Central America, Violence has increased, El Salvador a huge example of people just trying to survive, after a fierce Civil War that lasted twelve years from 1980 to 1992, it left many citizens without a home and some even losing their family members. Throughout the 1980s the war between guerrilla and government produced multiple human rights violations such as, torturing, mutilation, kidnapping and rape. During the war many people fled El Salvador seeking a better life. After the war was over fast travel to the twenty first century, violence has not stopped, thousands of people keep leaving because of the violence that increased. After the war ended many people had no choice to either join the gangs that were slowly forming across the country, both MS-13 and Barrio (Street) 18, both would fight for territory across the country from the next years. Not only are many gang members killed during all these constant standoffs between both gangs, but also innocent lives are taken. These types of violence have lead many of those who have not fled the country, to either join the gangs or probably be killed.

It is known that a corrupt leader and government can cause major damage to a nation, hundreds of Venezuelans are left with no choice but to leave their nation, this crisis can be compared to the one in Syria, it is one of the biggest migration crisis in South American history, many citizens are choosing to go the safer route and moving to their neighboring country Colombia, which have led to an increase in its population, all these had the Colombian government suspend the issuance of temporary visas for Venezuelans. The current crisis has seen an increment on the death toll of Venezuelan citizens where children are at the top of the list for malnutrition and lack of medicine. Starving people and persecution are the main reasons of death amongst Venezuelans, roughly 250,000 Venezuelans have migrated to Colombia since August 2017.

As humans we have the desire to survive and better ourselves, humanitarian missions have been carried out by multiple governments, but the amount of people in need increase every single day, Latin America has seen the aftermaths of civil wars and crisis. After Fidel Castro’s 1950 revolution, many citizens that were displaced headed towards the United States, During the civil war in El Salvador a quarter of its population parish, leaving many with nothing left.

Sometimes the aid that is given by some other countries is not enough to help a nation comeback from the ground, nations being torn apart because of their weak leaders, or the corruption amongst the government that can make their citizens stressed and seek for better lives. It is a fact that humans strive to survive and will do whatever it takes to increase their wealth and to feel more secure, immigration is a very delicate topic, many oppose, and many are for it, but like it was stated previously, there will always be people seeking for a better life.

Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student.

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