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Funny Laws Being Enforced All Across America 

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Table of contents

  1. Arizona
  2. Texas
  3. Rhode Island
  4. Georgia
  5. Alabama
  6. Wyoming
  7. Indiana
  8. Idaho
  9. Washington
  10. Nevada
  11. California
  12. Colorado
  13. Connecticut
  14. Delaware
  15. Florida
  16. Georgia
  17. Hawaii
  18. Idaho
  19. Illinois
  20. Kentucky
  21. Louisiana
  22. Maine
  23. New York
  24. Pennsylvania
  25. South Dakota
  26. Virginia
  27. Wisconsin

The law is serious business and when you are in offense of the law you are considered a criminal. While you may know the more serious crimes you may not know many of the ones found on this list today. And since we all want you to be law abiding citizens of the great United States we decided to give you just some of the funniest laws in a couple states across America that, though funny are entirely legal.

This essay will inform ourselves of the laws so we know how to act if we live or have to visit these states.


In Arizona, it is illegal for you to cut down a cactus. Residents may already know this but tourists be wary. You can’t simply see a nice cactus and decide to cut a piece to take home as a keepsake. So no, sorry for your black thumb, you’re going to have to go buy your own cactus or suffer the consequences and be sentenced to 25 years in prison!


In Texas you cannot just up and sell your eyeballs, nope it is totally illegal to sell those. So while you may be able to get away with selling your other body parts you have to think twice before you decide to sell your eyeballs.

Rhode Island

If you are low on toothpaste and toothbrushes we urge you to do your shopping before Sunday or after. In Rhode Island, it is illegal to sell a toothbrush and a toothpaste to the same customer. If you are in a bind, you could always take a family member to the store with our and let them purchase one of the items.


In Gainesville Georgia you are legally required to eat fried chicken only with your hands. Yes, you read that one right. So you better be aware of your surroundings and put that fork down if you see the police close by.


In Alabama Bear wrestling matches are legally prohibited. Though this is funny we can see why this should be illegal. Who would think that wrestling bears would be a good idea anyway?


Wyoming can be beautiful and when we see something beautiful we want to take a picture of it. Just ensure they are no rabbits in your picture. From the months of January to April you cannot take a picture of a rabbit in Wyoming without a permit. You have been warned!


When in Indiana you have to watch what you eat and not just because you are watching your waistline. If you plan on taking public transportation, you cannot eat garlic or onions four hours prior to your trip. I don’t know much about Indiana but in case they have breathalyzer machines that test for these food items I would just say stay safe and eat after your meal.


In Idaho, a man cannot legally give his fiancé a box of candy that weighs in excess of 50lbs. Think women everywhere will agree with this law because why would someone want to give his fiancé more than 50lbs of candy. Who are you trying to get fat sir? Save yourself the wright of your fiancé and the potential for a criminal fine.


Wonder if we really should share this one? … Well, why not! Motorists entering the town with criminal intentions must stop at the city limits and give the chief of police a telephone call indicating such. This is a good idea to keep crime levels low, but does it actually work?


In Eureka Nevada, a man with a mustache cannot legally kiss a woman. This is a bit confusing but ok, it’s the law there so if you intend to kiss women be prepared to a. shave the mustache or b. don’t kiss and tell.


In California, animals cannot mate in public within 1,500 feet of a place of worship, school or tavern. If you see any strays looking like they are about to be in offense of the law you should probably stop and have a word with them. Help them to figure out just how far they need to be to be at a safe 1,500 feet to avoid prosecution. Because animals need to be able to have fun sex too.


In Colorado, it is illegal to mutilate a rock in any state park. We don’t think this one is funny but it was maybe the strangest. We do believe that respect should be given to state parks and the things that make them up. Think about it, if everyone mutilated a rock what would be left for our parks two decades from today?


In Connecticut, your barber cannot legally hum a tune while cutting your hair. We can see where that may be annoying as well so a funny law it is but it makes a bit of sense.


It’s illegal to serve alcohol in a dance club if there is dancing taking place on the same premises. Yes, this one may make some amount of sense too, some people can’t hold their liquor and dance without the potential to harm others in their vicinity.


It is illegal for one to have sexual relations with a porcupine. We’re just going to leave that one right there.


In Georgia, one cannot carry an ice cream cone in a back pocket on a Sunday. We would hope it’s not a regular habit for Georgians to be carrying around ice cream cones in their back pockets.


It is illegal to place coins in one’s ear. We can also see why that would be unsafe as well.


It is illegal to sweep dirt from one’s house into the streets. You should be ashamed of yourself if you have ever done this in any state.


In Illinois you can drink legally at 21 years old, but, yes there is a but – you would have to be enrolled in a culinary program first.


This one is so funny we had a hard time writing it. In Kentucky, you cannot dye a duckling blue and sell it by itself. You would have to have at least six of these blue dyed ducks for sale at one time.


In Louisiana, you cannot deliver a pizza as a gift to your friend. Yup that’s right, no surprise deliveries please, your friend must know or else you will be fined $500. This is food for thought.


It is illegal to place advertisements in cemeteries. This is a little funny but also understandable, no one wants to see a sacred place that is now their loved one’s home being turned into a billboard.

New York

When in New York it is illegal to congregate in public with people wearing masks or face coverings that could disguise their identities. Please leave that mask off until you get to your masquerade party.


In the state of Pennsylvania persons convicted of felonies may not legally operate Bingo games. We don’t understand the correlation, but ok.

South Dakota

Movies that show police officers being treated violently or in any offensive manner are forbidden. I wonder how they track what the citizens are watching.


The only animal that can be hunted on a Sunday in Virginia and they can only be hunted prior to 2 am. At 2 am you have to pack up your hunting gear and head in.


Wisconsin restaurateurs please ensure your ingredients are available. You are not allowed to legally substitute butter with margarine unless your customer specifically makes a request for this substitution.

These are just some of the funny laws you will hear about in the different states and they are just a selection.

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