Analysis of The Relations Between The Characters in The Game of Thrones

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Published: Dec 18, 2018

Words: 1842|Pages: 4|10 min read

Published: Dec 18, 2018

Jon Snow, Robb Stark, Eddard Stark, Bran Stark, Daenerys Targaryen are some of the main characters in the book “Game of Thrones.”Jon Snow is the bastard son of Eddard Stark. He is raised by Eddard and his wife Catelyn Tully alongside their children and Theon Greyjoy at Winterfell. His surname is Snow because he lives in the North and does not know who his actual parents are because it is kept secret by his “father.” Jon Snow’s true parents are Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen.

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Lyanna died giving birth to Jon, and Rhaegar got killed by Robert Baratheon in The Battle of The Trident. His actual name is Aegon Targaryen. Jon wishes to escape his bastard status and joins the Night’s watch. If he does a good job he will get an offer to change his surname to Stark. Jon does his job extremely well and is chosen as lord commander. Robb Stark was the oldest son of Eddard Stark and was the rightful heir to Winterfell. He was often accompanied by his adopted dire wolf, named Grey Wind. After the execution of his father by King Joffrey Baratheon, he was named King of the North and tried to avenge his father and rescue his two younger sisters Sansa and Arya who were held hostage by the Lannister family, but got betrayed in an arranged marriage by Walder Frey and he and his army got killed. This wedding is called the “Red Wedding.” Lord Eddard Stark was the head of House Stark, King of the North, Lord of Winterfell and the King’s hand to King Robert Baratheon. He was also known as Ned Stark. He was a man of honor, loyalty and husband to Catelyn Tully and father of Robb, Sansa, Arya, Bran and uncle to Jon Snow which he raised as his bastard son. Lord Eddard Stark had three siblings and their names are Benjen Stark, Brandon Stark and Lyanna Stark. Eddard Stark got executed by the “son” of King Robert Baratheon later after Robert’s death. He discovered that Cersei Lannister and her twin brother Jaime Lannister were actually the true parents of King Joffrey. He told Cersei that he would tell Robert the truth after his hunt, and Cersei ordered her cousin Lancel Lannister to give Robert too much wine during his hunt so he would get fatally wounded. On Robert’s deathbed Eddard did not reveal the truth to Robert, but rather to his two younger brothers Stannis- and Renly Baratheon. This caused them to make a claim to the Iron Throne. Cersei and Joffrey took over the throne, and Eddard ordered an arrest on Cersei and her children. Eddard got betrayed by his own men because Cersei had already bribed them. Eddard got imprisoned for betrayal and later executed in front of his two daughters Sansa and Arya after he got told to confess treason so his two daughters could be saved.

Brandon Stark, called Bran Stark is the son of Eddard Stark and Catelyn Tully. He is a very good climber. One time Winterfell got visited by King Robert Baratheon to make a proposal to their daughter Sansa Stark to marry their “son” Joffrey Baratheon. At their time in Winterfell Bran climbed up the castle and heard some noises. He looked inside a window and saw the king’s wife Cersei Lannister having intercourse with her twin brother Jaime Lannister. Bran promised to keep it a secret, but they could not take the risk. Jaime Lannister then pushed Bran from the window, and he fell down the castle hoping he would die. Bran survived, but got paralyzed in his legs. After this incident, Bran started to chase a Three-Eyed Raven. By doing this Bran got magical powers where he could see the future, the present, the past and control animals. He used his abilities to assist his family in the war against the Night Walkers. Queen Daenerys Targaryen, the mother of dragons, the breaker of chains, is the only daughter of Aerys- and Rhaella Targaryen. Rhaella is Aerys’s sister. Daenerys is the youngest child among her two older brothers Rhaegar and Viserys and unknowingly the aunt of Jon Snow. She was forced into marriage by her brother Viserys to the Dothraki for an army after their brother Rhaegar had lost and died fighting for the Iron Throne to the Baratheons. Daenerys got three dragon eggs as a gift from the Khal(king) of the Dothraki. Her dragon eggs hatched after she put them on fire. When people saw the dragons, they became fierce of her. After her husband Khal Drogo died, she became the Khaleesi (queen). She named her dragons Drogon, Viserion and Rhaegal which are named after her two brothers and her dead husband. Daenerys wishes peace among the kingdoms and fights villages with her dragons and army to release the slaves from their slave-owners. “Jon Snow”

The book Game of Thrones is written by the author George RR Martin. It is about the battle among the kingdoms in a fantasy world. It is about good versus evil. I chose this book because I have seen the TV series, and it was amazing, exciting and thrilling. I wanted to write about something I knew quite well because then I could remember more details. George Raymond Richard Martin is an American author and scriptwriter. He is best known for writing the book series “A Song of Ice and Fire.” I did not choose the book because of the author, but because of the TV-series.

Eddard Stark was born in Winterfell and died in King’s landing. He was the Head of House Stark, King of The North, Lord of Winterfell and King Robert Baratheon’s Hand. He was the second oldest child among his three siblings. His father was Lord Rickard Stark and his younger brother and sister were Benjen and Lyanna Stark. His older brother was Brandon Stark.

Eddard was Catelyn Tully’s husband and Jon Snow’s uncle who he raised as his bastard son. In addition, he was the father of Robb, Sansa, Arya, Brandon and Rickon. Lord Eddard Stark inherited Winterfell and his brother’s bride after his older brother Brandon, the rightful heir to Winterfell and his father Lord Rickard´s death. His father and older brother were executed by the Mad King Aerys Targaryen because they protested against “the kidnapping” of Lyanna Stark by Prince Rhaegar Targaryen. Lyanna Stark was Robert Baratheon’s betrothed. House Targaryen’s actions caused a war where Eddard allied with Robert Baratheon, House Arryn, House Tully, House Lannister and House Greyjoy for the removal of House Targaryen from the Iron Throne. This was known as Robert’s Rebellion. House Baratheon and Stark triumphed after Ser Jamie Lannister, who served in the Kingsguard for the Mad King, stabbed him in the back to prevent him of using wildfire against his own citizens after he knew he was surrendered and had lost the battle. Robert took the throne, married Cersei Lannister to make an alliance with House Lannister after he got the news that Lyanna died. He also named Jon Arryn as his hand. After Jon Arryn’s death, Robert went to Winterfell to ask Lord Eddard to replace him. Eddard changed the theme every time he asked for it, but accepted his proposal after he received news from Jon’s wife Lysa Arryn, who is Catelyn´s sister, that he was murdered by the Lannister family. In addition to this, Robert proposed to Eddard that his son Prince Joffrey and Eddard´s daughter Sansa should marry each other.

Eddard accepted his offer and went to King’s Landing with his two daughters to set the wedding. At the time the Baratheon’s were at Winterfell, Eddard´s son Bran climbed up a tower and spotted Robert’s wife having intercourse with her twin brother Jamie through a window. Jamie could not take the risk of him revealing this secret, so he pushed Bran from the window and believed that he would die from the fall. Bran did not wake up for quite some time, but when he did he found out that he could not move his legs. He was paralyzed. He had also lost memory of who pushed him down the tower. Eddard got suspicious and started investigating. At his time in King’s landing, he questioned the Baratheon’s legacy. He discovered that the child of a Baratheon always had black hair. That meant that Robert’s three children were not his because they were blond and had no claim to the Iron Throne. They were Cersei- and Jamie Lannister’s children that were born of incest. Eddard told Cersei that he would tell the truth to Robert when he returned from his hunt. Cersei would not let that happen so she ordered her cousin Lancel to give Robert too much wine during his hunt so he would get killed by an animal. Robert got fatally wounded and was dying. Eddard did not reveal the truth to Robert about his children, but to his two younger brothers Stannis and Renly. This caused them to make a claim to the throne. Eddard was named to rule the Iron Throne by Robert while he was on his deathbed until Joffrey was old enough. This he wrote in a letter and delivered to Cersei. Cersei said that it was Eddard who wrote this. Eddard then told Joffrey that he had no right to the Iron Throne. He then got taken custody because of treason to the Iron Throne. In Eddard’s cell, he got visited by a man named Varys who said that if he confessed treason he would be sent to the Night’s Watch. Eddard did as told, but things did not go as planned. Joffrey did not listen to his mother that he would be sent to the Night’s Watch, but he rather ordered him to be decapitated in front of his daughters Sansa, who was betrothed to Joffrey and held hostage, and Arya.

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This act caused the War of the Five Kings. As punishment for Sansa because of her father’s betrayal to the Iron Throne, Joffrey ordered her father’s head to be placed in a spike in the Traitor’s Walk in King’s Landing. Sansa was still held hostage, while Arya escaped in the crowd while watching her father’s decapitation. Joffrey forced Sansa to look at her father’s head alongside other members who served her father. Joffrey loved seeing people upset at him because then he would have an excuse to punish them. This is why he forced Sansa to look at her father’s head, but Sansa maintained calm so Joffrey would not get his satisfaction. Eddard’s son Robert was named the King of the North and was at war against the Iron Throne to rescue his sisters and avenge his father. This caused the Lannisters to go to war against Robert’s brothers and the North, which could all have been prevented if Joffrey’s madness and stupidity had not executed Eddard. Eddard Stark would want to be remembered as a martyr of the North. He was an honourable, loyal and beloved man. He was a good father and raised good children who became just as him and fought for what they believed in.

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