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Good and Bad Sides of The Way We Lie

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Lying is a common behavior, most or all people do lie, but what causes them to lie and not be truthful to the person there speaking to? There are some instances in which lying is good but from the overall part its bad; one instance when lying is good is when one or more lives are at stake, take for instance a situation like Anne Frank, her family is protected by a family that had lied to German soldiers to protect her and her family from being taken and getting thrown into a concentration camp this situation is moral and right.

Another example of when telling the lie is good is when the honest fact would hurt the other persons feelings or emotions and self-confidence for example, a person named Henry wouldn’t tell the brute honest truth to a girl named Melissa who had gotten into an accident which caused her to be unattractive and in the accident it left a scar on the child’s face Henry says it is not so bad and Melissa is good looking as usual or take for instance a conversation that is brought up, Courtney has a new baby she says isn’t he the cutest thing in the world ? Jake who is sitting next to Courtney and the baby internally says that’s the ugliest thing I have ever seen in my life, but Jake responds to Courtney with the baby and says “Wow that’s such a cute baby”. These instances or examples are good to lie in because your opinion in these conversations always holds a value and can ultimately affect the person’s life, the point of all this is that there are rare occasions where it is better to tell a lie rather than saying the truth. These examples that were provided all fall on the spectrum of being polite or protection from harm.

Another instance in which why people lie is they find it fun and they get enjoyment out of it, they create a fake persona or a fake lifestyle and they perpetuate this onto another person, for example a girl named Ashley and a man named Turner have quick small talk about cars and Turner brings up that he drives a Lamborghini and winks at Ashley as he talks about the luxury of the car and everything the car provides, but in reality he takes the city bus and has to buy a bus pass every day, in this example Turner lies only for enjoyment of trying to maybe get Ashley’s number or go on a date with her, he may have a mindset that all women are only interested in money so he brings up that he has a luxurious car so he could easily get Ashley’s attention faster and take her on a date, Turner decision of why he lied would be that he gets enjoyment and maybe an ego boost since he got a woman’s number. Another reason why people lie and this maybe the most common in children is that they want to avoid punishment, an example of this would be a kid named Logan is told by his mother to go clean his room and on his way to his room his little brother throws a ball at him, Logan decides to throw the ball back and he misdirects the throw and it hits a window, the window is broken and glass is everywhere, Logan’s mom comes into the scene and yells “who did this” Logan the older mature brother points his finger to his naïve little brother, who is protesting against Logan in why he pointed at him, Logan telling his mother that the little brother had thrown the ball and hit the window, Logan’s mother tells Logan’s little brother that he can’t play outside and is grounded for a week, and Logan single handedly walks away a free man resulting into his little brother being grounded for a week and not being able to play outside. In this situation Logan knowing that when he had broken the window he knew some sort of punishment was going to come up, so he pins it on his little brother, since he had the ball in the first place when Logan had pointed his finger at the little brother his mother knew that Logan was on his way to go clean his room and his brother had the ball. So everything had substantiated in Logan’s favor since he’s older and didn’t have the ball in the first place.

Another example in which lying is bad is for personal gain, say if a politician promises that everything will be free including houses, cars and food, the voters will cast their vote for him but in reality the politician has no real intent in what he had promised and the people had practically voted for a liar. The politician had one intent and that was to get elected in and maybe target that salary but he had lied about providing all the free houses, cars and food, he will receive backlash in the end but in that moment when he lied about the things that he had promised he done it for personal gain and only for himself only he didn’t care about the public’s needs. There’s always going to be consequences to lies you will lose the trust of people and when you lose the trust of others you lose something inside you as a person it might be your pride, value or honor and nobody will believe you, it’s like the boy who cried wolf you’ll lie and you’ll keep lying and then one day you’ll be faced with a consequence that you won’t be able to penetrate and handle yourself so you’ll wonder who’s left and nobody will be there. Being a Liar in situations as the Logan and his little brother situation that could push you and your brother into this grudge match or conflict and this could ultimately lose your brothers trust towards you, the truth should always outweigh the lie, once your known as a liar that label is very much hard to get rid of and you may find you are thought of as someone incapable of telling the truth for the rest of your life.

Lying also can be a great thing it could shield a person’s feelings and could make them feel great about themselves, the example with the baby and Courtney and Jake is a really good example of why lying should be okay because if you do tell your internal thoughts in that setting and conversation you’re only going to be labeled as an inappropriate person but everybody lies but there’s always instances where people have to be careful and how they interoperate there thought’s and how they project it. There are very many different ways why people lie and truth and honesty will always outweigh and beat the lie.

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