Gospel Study: The Concept of The Kingdom of God

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About this sample


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Published: May 24, 2022

Words: 1827|Pages: 4|10 min read

Published: May 24, 2022

Table of contents

  1. Historical Content
  2. Literary Context
  3. Passage Analysis
  4. Reflection and Actualization

Mark 9:1-8 tells a lot about the story of Jesus and the great thing he did and the symbolic meaning behind his robe when he was resurrected. He was wearing an intensely white attire that could not be done by anyone else but the son of God. Within this paper I will go on and talk about the transfiguration of Jesus. I will use several pieces of information to tie in all the information in the bible. A discussion about Mark and the learning of the Gospel with Mark is going to be an insightful light into what this gospel is trying to say. Also relating other theological themes in the gospel and certain sections. Through the paper I will use attack the areas of symbolism and bring light to this passage. Towards the end of the paper I will go on to talk about topics and how those topics are in relation to the concept of the kingdom of God.

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Historical Content

Through my readings and findings through out Achtemeier the article takes many different turns. The article mentions that the author who wrote the gospel Is unidentified and that Mark is an interpreter of Peter. Many believe that the author of the book could have been the fortunate son of a man named Mark. This seems a little to good to be true but many believed that Mark brings a strong message. We tend to think that the author had to of been a male and not a female but with the lack of evidence and sources backing up the information a female could of wrote these gospels just as easy as a man could do it. All though the identify of the author might not be known there are several clues that can be mad based on the teachings and writings she or he displayed throughout the gospel this is all according to. A couple of things are said through out the passage that are not necessarily accurate. Sidon is south of Trye, the Sea of Galilee is in the middle of Decapolis are some of the main things to point out that were not right. From they way the gospel is written and meant the author is believed to of lived outside of Palestine. This can be confirmed in that the authors origins by he or she’s writing technique and message. Mark refers to Jewish customs and traditions to help the reader understand that the readers of the gospel were outside of Palestine. Mark has a strong purpose for writing the gospels however he is not historically accurate. Mark’s goal for writing the gospels was not to solve historical problems he was more trying to solve theological problems this is all according to. Many theologians find Mark’s letters problematic because the letters are not in any type of order and theologians look for things like that to make new discovery’s and really dive deep into Marks writing’s. Since Mark lacks the thought of time or the representation of this the conclusion can be made that Mark did not have a purpose with putting that in the gospels. Mark talks about the rich history of his traditions and about redaction history. The study of this allowed theologians to expand their thinking of the adult life of Jesus from Nazareth. The organization of the Gospel of Mark must indicate where the laid priorities of his overall account of Jesus. This must also be understood in theological terms since Jesus is a strong and powerful figure. The writings of Mark’s gospel are written in theological terms and have very much importance to the story. Throughout the naritive we find other figures along the way, Peter, James, and John were up on a mountain and they see Elijah and Moses appear and they seem to think for some reason they are having a talk with Jesus. Jesus goes on to have a conversation with Elijah and Moses, the conversation leads to several things but Elijah represents the prophets and Moses represents the law. Jesus has this conversation because he doesn’t want to have it with just one prophet he wants to be having this with all of his prophets according to Oden. These two men were not rich and not the brightest but they were important because they withstood tyrants. Elijah only had his sheep skin and little other belongs and Moses had no possessions at all. These men did not like or seem to feel that the rich people where they were from really deserved it or needed it. Elijah and Moses are embraced with love and reign for the Lord the author feels that these two can lead people to Jesus. Going back to the three on the mountain Jesus brought them up there so that they could be isolated from everyone else. The main thing to take away from this is that this mountain is symbolic in the sense that Jesus took them there so that they would be alone and he could reply his message to them. Jesus is trying to decide who the chosen few are to carry out his wishes and he believes these are some of those people so he wants them isolated to hear his word. He does not want any distractions from anything that’s why the mountain is symbolic.

Literary Context

The book written by Strauss shows many key pieces of evidence and shows sections through it. These sections are broken in to three different ones. In the first section Jesus is the chosen one, is the Messiah and Son of God, the second section is showing how he will fulfill these promise in more ways than one, and the third section is to call his supporters and believers to go down the same path as the Messiah and the Lord God. The main thing to take away from everything is Jesus is the Messiah and the Son of God. Before the passage many things happen, Jesus talks to his disciples about the sacrifices that the son of man has to take punishment and suffer while also being rejected by elders and priests of many sorts, and to be killed, after those three days he will rise from the dead again. The people cannot believe what they are hearing but Jesus is basically telling them what is going to happen. After the passage Jesus goes on to tell the three prophets they must keep all they know a secret and not revel that information to anyone. Jesus wants to show them when he rises from the dead and proves that he truly is the son of God. A couple of key themes throughout the gospel of Mark for example the kingdom of God, discipleship, and Jesus. Looking back the clouds and voices from the sky when the prophets were on the mountain can be a representation of the kingdom of God. Strauss later goes on to say that has come near because the king or kingdom of god is present. The importance of James, Peter, and John going up the mountain is key because it states that true followers of Christ are willing to follow him up that mountain and believe that he has the answers. They show discipleship by always following him even though they did not through suffering and death.

Passage Analysis

J. Calvin explains “The revelation of the heavenly glory which Christ began with the resurrection and then more fully offered when he sent the Holy Spirit and worked marvelous deeds of power”. This quotes relates Mark 9:1 and the transfiguration story. God’s kingdom gained power and notion when Jesus resurrected from the dead, this seems to be a common notion throughout the new testament, many others have different beliefs according to. A couple of things to take away from Jesus being resurrected is that Jesus is somewhat transformed when he is resurrected his white attire builds the suspense that he has actually come back from the dead. Another thing to keep in mind is those clouds represent the kingdom of God so when we hear about the clouds over Jesus this is stating that the kingdom of God is with Jesus. In Mark 9:3 it talks about what Jesus was wearing and the importance and significance of his all white attire. Gundry’s commentary states significance about a light, the light Is the appearance of Jesus. Gundry’s Commentary states “The luminosity of the transfiguration brands it as originally and therefore before all the gospels, a luminous appearance of the risen Jesus a luminosity that starts in heaven and descends to earth, but not for an additional trajectory of decreasing luminosity”. This explains the light and who and what Jesus is or what he is capable of and this opens the eyes of the three prophets for know they see him as the true Son of God. Peter, James, and John are very key to the story of Jesus but why were they chosen to handle such a huge task. Jesus believed that the men were worthy enough and knew they would stick by his side throughout thick and thin. Lane goes on to speak about the importance of the high mountains these are the same mountains that Elijah and Moses received a true vision of God. Jesus was seeking many things when he decided upon this mountain he solitude and seeking the perfect place used for the mountain. The transfiguration in the New testament is challenging to understand and has left many people in many difficulties. Lee goes on to try and explain that the story is said to not be believed by many new people trying to learn about the story of Mark. They need to dive deeper and really understand the importance and significance of the resurrection of Jesus or the son of God. Many people see this as a symbol or a sign that things happen not that they actually did in some sense. Many people tend to only think things happen if they see them with their eyes, we have no way of knowing the true details but the book of Mark opens ae eyes to something we couldn’t witness only here about. later goes on to say that many people think the genre of this is out of place that it should have a different genre and not be in the same one as Mark says.

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Reflection and Actualization

The overall thought process of Mark when he was writing this is unclear, we don’t know the true reason he wrote this. We have signs and hints that point us in a direction that he could of taken it but many believe he did this to show people the true meaning and power behind Jesus and his rise from the dead. He is writing this for the Messiah and wants the people to understand why Jesus did what he did. Why he died on the cross for our sins and took that pain and punishment for us.

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