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Health Care Reform in The Us: Pros and Cons of Universal Health Care

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We all know going to the doctor’s sucks. Paying that $20 at front is your least favorite thing. Someone doesn’t want to get the best pill, or the best surgery because of the prices. They think universal health care will help them and many other people in the world. The harsh truth is that there are many negative side effects. The federal government should not enact a program of free health care because it will have a negative impact on the economy as well as a decrease in the quality of the care for patients seeking health care.

With health care being free the quality of care will be compromised. At the point when you’re wiped out you need to get the best treatment so the infection can escape your framework. In addition, regardless of whether you have the coronavirus that is clearing out many individuals from China to America. In the article “18 Biggest Pros and Con of Universal Health Care” have been reporting that doctors will have to rush each appointment to help many people as possible could overall decrease the care. In that event, it could cause issues like not getting the correct consideration. Which means the specialist would think you have the regular cold and give you medications for that, however since they hurried you would have the coronavirus and would not be getting the correct consideration. With people not being able to pick what kind of care they want from their health insurance will reduce people’s health care. A few people who make a decent pay are happy to pay some extra to have great human services. So, when you have to get a specific medicine that your primary care physician reveals to, you need and they need to ensure your insurance agency covers it. “Reported by a doctor, she was shocked one of her patients had a 4.5 year long wait to see a neurologist from Ontario”. By this happening people will think going to the doctors will be pointless.

Universal health care will be hurting us, but then it has a negative impact the doctors. Doctors go to school for about 6 years. Cause of that doctors will want to drop out of the medical practice the government is sharply lower the payment rate for a doctor (Slagle). They really work hard to get their degree and want to save people’s lives plus they get good cash. They will be disturbed on the off chance that they get told sorry your yearly compensation will be diminished. They will be disturbed in light of the fact that they went to class for such a long time. “Americans general physicians earn an average annual salary of $218,173. The comparable compensation for Canadians generalist was $146,286”. When a doctor might consider moving out of the country like to Candida and see the salary difference and be happy with the salary they have in the US. No doctor wants to have that huge of a pay cut. Going to college to be a doctor is a lot of money. By getting a good paying job will help pay off college. With no doctors going to school will cause a shortage and problems for people. The specialists we as of now have will be progressively distressing for them. From seeing such a large number of patients in a day and it will make it harder for individuals to see certain specialists for help. All-inclusive social insurance is harming individuals, yet we would prefer not to hurt the specialist’s compensation.

Since the care will be compromised people will stop caring about their approach to good health. Like individuals who take drugs won’t give it a second thought on the off chance that they overdose on the grounds that the emergency clinic will support them. Individuals should simply deal with their wellbeing it shouldn’t matter if the citizens are paying for it since you wanted to act idiotically. “No financial incentive to set fitness or wellness goals because anyone would access the basic care they require for free”. The vast majority won’t attempt to shed pounds or get fit. They will simply get a gastric detour medical procedure that will change how your stomach and small digestive tracts work with nourishment. Being healthy naturally can help your stress levels decrease with surgery, it may not work. People will overuse the emergency health care if they ever feel sick, but know it’s unnecessary. Specialists and patients would prefer not to manage individuals who don’t fall wiped out. Individuals could come in and enlighten the specialist regarding their side effects. As a general rule, none of it is valid and just getting the medicine since they are dependent on it. With people stop caring about their own health will cause an increase in our death rate. It would cause us to have lower premiums so we wouldn’t have special care since we won’t be paying for it. They know whether they are getting free human services, they won’t mind what kind of care. Truly, individuals ought to consistently think about their wellbeing on the grounds that not all prescriptions or surgery can help anyone that is in torment.

The economy will be in danger when the US debt and deficit increases. The legislature might want to utilize the majority of their cash for things that we advantage everybody. The administration and us would prefer not to build the duty as a result of somebody feels the scarcest piece of wiping out. According to the article “Will Health Care Reform Increase and Deficit and National Debt?” It is estimated that the new spending for Medicaid expansion will be over $434 billion over 9 years. That will make issues pay for different things like streets or even cash for standardized savings. On the off chance that you discovered a large portion of the duties for medical services for given to somebody to need plastic surgery to look beautiful you would be disturbed. The government funded health care would negatively impact the economy with the federal spending by $32.6 million dollars. With a federal spending’s we are such in a big debt already adding universal health care will hurt us badly. “The vast majority of the medical advancements which occur in the world today either come from the American free-market system of receiving funding from it”. We wouldn’t be able to find new ways to cure cancers or use robots to help do the surgery. In the US we like our money to go to thinks that will benefit everyone not just that individual.

It is clear that universal health care will cause people to be angry when they thought free health care will help us all. The quality of everyone’s health care will become compromised and will hurt many Americans. Then, before you know it people will stop being careful about their approach to a good health. When it hurts the economy, it’s going to hurt the doctors with a negative impact for them. Then the universal health care will increase the US debt and deficit. It’s time to come to a realization of this and make sure this doesn’t happen to the US. 

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