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How Being Honest as a Student Can Save Your Life

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Let’s keep the college lifestyle apart and face the bitter truth… What is college life? I don’t really know but almost everyone in the high school keeps saying it especially when they do something wrong. That’s when you will hear the popular saying “school life” which is used to mean that something which is wrong could have a consideration for the state of being a student. Why am I even writing this post one might ask? I’m doing this to lead you into the great benefits of being an honest student, not just for students but to everyone who wants his/her life saved being honest. Despite the fact that the majority of our parents train us to be honest at home and in our society but as we grow up we tend to deviate a bit or totally from it, thinking it will pay off good. Sorry, it does otherwise. Majority of the students in the tertiary institutions are teens and can easily get involved into things that are against the school’s rules and regulations but who is going to say the truth when the school management finds out, who is going, to be honest, to say things the way it happened?

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Many students see being honest as a daunting task and can tag dishonesty as an excuse. Such excuses are given to skip certain school punishments without knowing that increase in the frequency of use of such excuses will do them no good only to leave them as a bunch of liars in the end and it could be very late to turn the hands of the clock as it can easily become a habit to lie. Have you ever lied to your school teacher about homework? There are many ways students lie even beyond this. No matter what could be said for practicing such excuses, the truth still remains that one could not lead a better life with dishonesty. Dishonesty won’t take anyone anywhere far. If you have people around you who achieved what they are today through dishonesty, take a close look at them, you will find out it takes them no way. They rotate around a point all in the name of being in motion, to them they are progressing. Little or nothing do they know that being honest can take them beyond that current status they are even bragging about. You are reading this post right now because I decided to be honest with you and promised never to liar to you or even miss lead you. Being honest is what one can decide within self to be, as no amount of sermons can make you be honest if you have not made up your mind, to be honest. Being honest is what you can decide only when you found value in it, and that is why I have decided to share this piece with you, so you can see values that will leave you wanting to be honest in all you do even when it is too difficult to do so. So you really have to be honest with me, yourself, read and comment how this post relates to you and what is your next step to take in life as a student or a nonstudent. I will share with you life stories, and don’t get the title “how being honest as a student can save your life” twisted, not only for students, everyone needs to be honest. The society we are today seemed to become very hard on a daily, people in their own level of understanding will always devise means to make things work out for them, not minding how the other person feels.

This is very absurd… This is what they can also say when you try to correct their wrongdoing “shortcut” or “apian way”. What is “apian way” I can’t really say for sure what it means but almost everyone in my country keeps saying it? The “shortcut” as people who are not honest use, is a method of applying self-centeredness or excuses in all they do to reduce stress. I still remember the popular saying “there’s no shortcut to success” if you have heard about that and still being dishonest, can’t you see it is a big waste of time trying to achieve success by lying? Why are some students dishonest? Just as I mentioned earlier, many people use it as excuses which they will never admit as being dishonest a more preferable way of saying what they mean is “smartness”. How can lying make you a smart student? Have you ever thought about this and the record you will have for yourself when almost everyone will find out you have been lying? However, as you read this post, you might still be arguing within your mind “what are the benefits of being honest” if you’re guilty of this, I will reveal the benefits in the last section of this article. So long as the pursuit of personal interest without considerations for laid down rules and regulations exist, there’s this great chances of toying with honesty. I still remember back then in 2014, when I was the head boy in a public school. Where I was saddled with the responsibility of helping the school management put students in order and maintain a good academic environment as conducive as possible to foster learning alongside my other functionaries. Read Also: 17 Productive Ways To Read Without Sleeping (A Practical Approach) I faced some challenges which the very one I could remember vividly is “student’s dishonesty”. As at that time it is referred to as being a smart student, later on after secondary school days, I do see some of them in the town and I can tell the repercussion of what we call “school life” could be very dangerous in one’s life if proper care is not taken. Some students would come to the school very late, it has become very habitual of them and to some extent, they can claim to be sick when they are caught or even fake injuries on their feet before entering the school premises and walk briskly to school so they can skip punishments/charges against them. Finally, if it works out for them as planned, they are smart and not dishonest.

One of the major aims of the school is to train students to become responsible citizens of the state, to be honest, and stick to it even when all the available factors encourage otherwise. So if you fail to learn this, then you are not yet educated. You will need to know the difference between education and schooling. There’s no such thing as a “smart student” if you play tricks or give unnecessary excuses to run out of responsibilities. What I consider in my soul judgment as being a smart student is studying your books, shun exam malpractices, write and pass exams with high grades. This shows your level of smartness and understanding of what you are being taught in school. In What Ways Do Students Lie To Their Teachers And Parents? Students being dishonest, the major persons they lie to are their “school teachers and their parents“. There are many ways students lie, which I can try to mention only but a few of the students lie. Some students give excuses for failure to do a given homework or even claim they did it on their own whereas they didn’t even try attempting it, they have gotten help on it. Dishonest students cheat in the exam hall and even bribe some sick lecturers to write exams and make good grades. Some students have taken their parents as a payment machine, I have seen students collect extra fees from parents using forged school memos/text messages. Most of the time, students who failed to listen to the teacher while in class will always complain to their parents about how unskillful their teacher/lecturer is. They can even steal other students property and stand a strong denial of knowing the way about the missing item. Some students will claim to study their books, only when their teachers/parents are around and will while away their time if there’s little or no supervision.

The above is just to mention but a few, you can add more popular students lie in the comment section below. How To Become Honest And Save Your Life People who always lie to their selves and others would always ask the question “what are the benefits of being honest?” they do so not that they are yet ready, to be honest, but might want to know if it beneficial to other people who are honest. Being honest has a lot of benefits, who am I to mention all the benefits? Yes, I want to be honest… That’s if it is as easy as it sounds. Yes, you can be honest but this will take you some time and commitments to achieve. It is not something you can wake up one day and see yourself doing. You have to, first of all, decide within the mind, to accept the fact that being honest has a lot of benefits and you’re ready to share a part in such benefits and then begin to learn how to become an honest person. Being honest for some days can change your life, being more honesty will change your entire life and you will achieve great things with ease. If you really want to learn how to be honest, you need to carry out this little exercise: Be honest with yourself first, always tell yourself the truth. Avoid giving excuses for every little thing you do. Start being honest to people and things around you. It is not as easy as it sounds, but am very sure if you’re able, to be honest for a day, and keep on repeating it, you will see the positive impact after a while and even more as you continue to be honest.

The Importance Of Being Honest Honesty makes you courageous: This has a huge payoff but is pretty hard, to say what you feel, to express yourself, to choose to be honest and fearless even when others are against you. Honesty is the real you: Another way honesty can save your life is that it gives a real self-expression of who you are and reflects on how easy it is for people to believe you easily. I know you don’t like to be yet another fake person?. Honesty is a magnet: What you are, serves as a magnet and attracts others. Being honest has an enormous positive magnet that will draw other people who are honest to you and create a great connection flowered with love.

Saves you from trouble: There are instances that require you to only remain honest, even when you are at fault what everyone needs from you is just for you, to be honest and accept that you’re wrong. Your forgiveness is pretty easy when everyone can attest to what you said as the truth.

Filters mixed feelings: So long as you’re being honest with yourself and others around you, you will have less or nothing like mixed feelings, your feelings will always be straightforward and positive.

Honesty builds trust: No trust no business, I don’t think no one in his/her right senses will like to go into a business with someone who is not honest. Honesty builds trust among people across different discipline and creates a big link for business because trust exists through honesty.

Honesty makes your conscience free: When you say the truth, you will be free and won’t feel guilty anymore. In the words of Mark Twain, “if you say the truth, you don’t need to remember anything”.

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Conclusions: At what circumstance do you feel to lie is the only way out? How do you feel having something in your possession or skipping responsibilities by lying? Only if you feel alright and would be happy if it’s done to you, then we can consider lying, as a good thing to practice in the society. At this point, I believe you’re able to learn the benefits of being honest as a student and also non-student also able to acknowledge the fact that nothing could be said in praise of lying that makes it worth doing. A bitter truth will always be better than a sweet lie because in due time the truth will find its way out and everyone will learn what you have in the box all these while.

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How Being Honest as a Student Can Save Your Life Essay

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