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How The Border Wall of Mexico Will Harm The United States

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From the reckoning, being scares of nation being over populated is not a bad thought; although, thinking and blaming all the Mexican for this reason; then build a border wall directly to stop them from moving in the United States is not a good thing. After the construction is finish, or even during the construction, the wall will lead to many problems which are natural disasters and economics of the United States will be worsen. The progress of building the wall is already on going, and to keep protesting to Trump to stop this matter; it is impossible. The best solution is to wait and see all of those effects occur to Trump at once- it will not be an easy task for him to deal.

It will harm the economics of United States, when you hear the word “wall” you might think it is something tall and enclose a perimeter to secure things inside and will benefits things inside of it, but this border wall is somehow the opposite of it “The enhanced border wall may result in a trade war that would negatively affect U.S. consumers. Mexico is the third-largest trading partner of the United States. American businesses export $231 billion in goods to Mexico annually, and the overall trade number is $525 billion, which represents 14% of America’s total trade volume. Enhancing the already-existing 653-mile border wall will antagonize Mexico and chill the relationship with our southern neighbor.” (Chopra). The construction of the very tall wall that mostly closes the border might be a bad result to American buyers. Due to the fact that Mexico is an important nation to US in the trading way- Mexico ranked number three for trading with the United States. Between these two nation the value of their trading each year is approximately $525 billion; it is a high value for trading and if the value were to put in a percentage it would be 14% of an entire America’s trading amount. From the standpoint, the United States already developing 653 miles border wall, and sooner it will set against Mexico, then it would deduce the diplomacy of the United States, Mexico, and other nations in South America. It is not such a good idea of building the wall since everyone knows it will harm many nations and United States itself. “The cost of the wall could range between $8 billion and $40 billion. While Trump has played down the costs, his own Department of Homeland Security estimates the wall would cost just over $20 billion, and a separate MIT study pegged the cost for concrete at $8.7 billion alone.” (Chopra).

Imagining that building something huge would cost a lot of money, but this is more than enormous. It is very long in length, and the price of it would be extremely high. By building this wall, the price could be anywhere from $8 billion to $40 billion. By making sure that the price is not going to be too much, Department of Homeland Security told the United States that the price would only going to be around $20 billion. Following by MIT that said the price of concrete material itself should be $8.7 million. This is not the price of everything; it does not include the labors and many other things. As you can see, the price of building the wall is pretty high, and refer back to the first quote of this paragraph said the wall will affect trade income; if Trump keeps the wall going until it finishes. The United States will highly get more into debt because the country spends money on a useless project that will not give any benefits and profits to the nation. The effect of the wall is big, because the estimate length of the wall is about 1,000 miles; during the construction and after it, many effects will be occurring to the nature “The US-Mexico border region is a delicate ecosystem with regular animal and bird migrations moving between the north and south of the American continent.” (BBC). By this statement, between the area of America and Mexico frontier is a precise regularity environment for many animals’ species. They are always use this route to travel back and forth through the northern and southern part of the continent, and not only that some species do live around those area too. “A number of species need to cross the border to mate with their genetically different cousins, including the endangered North American jaguar and black bears, which would be threatened without being able to mate with Mexican bears.’ ‘The wall would also have to take into account natural flooding zones as well as large areas of sand, where the ground effectively moves.’”(BBC). To get into more detail is that many animals species that are hard to find such as the North American jaguar, and black bears will surely be in a high risk of extinction. Because these animals naturally have to travel through the border area to meet with the Mexican bears, so that they could be hybridize with the other to keep their species on going. But when the time the border wall is done it could say that it is impossible for them to get pass by this big obstacle object. Not only for the animals, the border wall will affect the area that regularly flooded; more to that, it will take effect in a big scale of ground that is full with sand. The problem is not the sand but it is the big zone of where a landslide and earthquake happen. Don’t interfere with the nature; otherwise, it will give more damage back to us.

Trump scares of the nation being over populated, and this is one of the reasons that lead him to build the border wall, “Donald Trump’s wall is about dividing Americans – playing upon the racial fears and anxiety he has drummed up and amplified to rally his base. Trump’s wall is a political campaign promise that he has to fulfill to keep his base happy.” (Gallego). In this article, it’s explaining about the border wall main purpose is to keep the United States isolated from the South America; especially, to the Mexican because of Mexico is a southern border of the United States and due to its poverty in Mexico. Many Mexicans want to escape their country either by legal or illegal ways, but most people choose to do it illegally. Then this situation makes Trump to be scare of his nation being over populated, and he doesn’t’t want those refugees to take over American people’ jobs. “As a presidential candidate, he began his campaign by attacking Mexican immigrants as criminals and rapists and kept the show going by attacking a federal judge of Mexican-American descent in a way that Speaker Paul Ryan described as ‘the textbook definition of a racist comment.’”(Gallego).In the time that he became the president of the US; he did not stop blaming the Mexican, on the other hand, he keeps accusing them that they are the troublemakers in many ways he could think of that they are: violating the laws, culprit, outrage against other people, and etc. These reasons are even make the Mexican got angrier because not all of them that did this and it’s not unfair that they got blame on.

Imagining that you are planning on doing something useless and unbenefited, and you are being warn about it by so many people. Then you just don’t listen to them and being stubborn. In this case it could be compare about the project of building the border wall of Mexico by Trump’s idea. Not many people are enjoying in his idea because the wall will not do anything good. Merely protecting the United States’ border, but it will be the pain back to the United States. These are the three main reasons to say that this wall is a pain: Trump scares of the nation being overpopulated, the effect of the wall is big, and it will harm the economics of United States.

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