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How Did The French and Indian War Lead to The American Revolution: Essay

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How Did The French and Indian War Lead to The American Revolution: Essay essay

Throughout history there have been many feuds between various nations and tribes. When it comes to studying historical events, you will notice that some of these disputes turned into wars, several of which triggered other wars, or revolutions that led to the creating of a new nation. One example of this is how the French and Indian War was the catalyst for the American Revolution. There are a few results of the French and Indian War that doubled as causes of the American Revolution discussed in this essay.

The biggest connection between the two wars is that after the French and Indian War, the parliament of Great Britain started putting heavy and ridiculous taxes and laws on the colonists to help pay for the cost of the war. A few of which include the proclamation of 1763, the stamp act, and the townshend acts. The proclamation of 1763 stated that in order to keep peace with the Indians, the colonists were not to settle west of the Appalachian mountain range. The stamp act was a tax that was placed on all paper products; including books, newspapers, legal documents, and even playing cards. This tax was repealed by parliament in response to the colonist’s strong negative reaction. The townshend acts was a tax that was placed on different items such as; lead, glass, paper, paint, and tea that was imported from the UK. The colonists decided to boycott these items in order to get parliament to repeal the townshend acts, which, as a bad parent would do to a whining child, they took away all of the taxes on these items except for the tea tax. Later on the Boston colonists dressed up as Indians and did something that we all know as the Boston Tea party. They dumped all of the imported tea that had just been delivered and dumped it into Boston Harbor. In reaction to the colonist’s naughty childish behavior at Boston Harbor, the British punished the colonists by passing the “intolerable acts” as the colonists called them. These five acts consisted of the Boston port act (no shipping in Boston until the wasted tea was made up for), the Massachusetts government act (the royal government has more control over the colony), the administration of justice act (royal officials can petition a change of location if charged with criminal act).

There are a few causes of the American Revolution that were results of the French and Indian War. The French and Indian War was the catalyst for the American Revolution. This is an example of one of several wars which led to another war, or revolution that led to the creating of a new nation. Some of these wars originated from small disputes or arguments between colonies. There have been many feuds between tribes and nations throughout history.

Causes of The American Revolution Essay

The American Revolution, which officially began in 1776, was not simply the result of one event. Though it has direct causes, there were several underlying causes of the Revolution as well. Some indirect causes originated a long time before the idea of a revolution even existed. The combination of both direct and indirect causes sparked a drive in colonists to successfully carry out the American Revolution.

The direct causes of the Revolution are those which affected the colonists directly, either changing aspects of their daily lives or changing their feelings in general. One direct cause was Great Britain’s arbitrary authority. After multiple occasions, the British became arbitrary, ruling over the colonists unfairly. After the French and Indian War, Parliament began taxing the colonists to pay for war costs, but the colonists had no representation in any decisions. Acts, like the Quartering Act, invaded the homes, as well as the rights of colonists. Another direct cause of the Revolution was the book Common Sense by Thomas Paine. This book is said to have actually “sparked” the Revolution because it embodied Enlightenment ideas, like natural rights, urging people to think about breaking free from Great Britain.

The underlying causes of the American Revolution indirectly affected both the colonists and the British, making them think differently. The Glorious Revolution, in 1688, established a constitutional monarchy, therefore limiting the power of the king. The Glorious Revolution inspired John Locke’s idea that if a social contract is broken, and the king fails to meet his obligations, then people have the right to revolt and take power. The British practiced a policy of salutary neglect toward the colonies from 1607 to 1763. This left the colonists with no choice but to govern themselves. This self-government caused by salutary neglect also indirectly caused the Revolution because the feeling of independence that the colonists developed could not be taken away from them.

Before 1775, no one in the 13 colonies had any intentions of seeking independence. Colonies viewed themselves as totally separate, with Great Britain as the mother country. After the American Revolution, the colonies were subject to their own rule. Eventually, an entirely new government was established as a result of many efforts. The Revolution broke initial ties between Great Britain and the colonies and created a form of democracy.

The American Revolution was influenced by a variety of factors, direct and indirect. It is now conceivably one of the most important events in history of the United States. The American Revolution was not a war that started instantly, as it was instead the result of what would become a repeated, lengthy build-up of constant mistreatment towards the colonists by the ruling British. A series of acts committed by the British that were what the colonists viewed as economic and political abuse, along with a general disdain for monarchical ideas, would all eventually make them finally declare their need for independence from the monarchy and take to the battlefield to obtain their freedom.

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