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How The Internet Has Affected News

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Forty-three percent of Americans get their news online (Gottfried and Shearer). When everything went online, so did news, and the industry was deeply affected by the move. Things had to change to keep up with the pace of the Internet, some for the better, and some for the worse. The Internet has impacted the outlets, shifted the content, lowered the credibility, and affected the response to news. The Internet has drastically changed both the way news is distributed, and the way it is received. The Internet has had a significant impact on news outlets. More and more people are relying primarily on the Internet as their source of news.

A decreasing number of Americans claim to get their news from cable television, and only 18 percent of Americans say that they get their news from print newspapers (Gottfried and Shearer). This has taken a toll on the standard business model of news outlets, which was built upon advertising revenue (Michael Griffin). The Internet does not generate the same quality of advertising revenue, and traditional outlets have suffered as a result.

Many have been forced to make major cuts to employment, meaning fewer professional journalists in the field. According to the Pew Research Center, the number of workers employed in newsrooms dropped by 23 percent between 2008 and 2017 (Grieco), and 36 percent of major newspapers suffered layoffs between January 2017, and April 2018 (Grieco et al. ). With a change in writers comes a change in content. The Internet has shifted the content of news. Because there are fewer professional journalists in the industry, gaps have opened up that traditional news stories used to occupy.

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The Internet, which already consisted of bloggers and ameteur commentators, has filled the gap with an increase in commentary, opinion pieces, and overall less in-depth reporting (Michael Griffin). For the professional journalists left in the field, their new time demands, which have been spurred on by the rapid nature of the Internet, mean that they have less time for investigative reporting. As one reporter put it, “The whole idea of giving reporters time and space to explore just doesn’t seem like an efficient way to do business” (qtd. In Klinenberg 57).

The content has also shifted to better suit the advertising model of the Internet. The value of advertising on the Internet is centered around the concept of targeting content to appropriate consumers. “Everything about the way the web works. . . reinforces the idea that there’s a feedback loop that constantly redirects us toward what we’re already interested in. It’s a natural human quality to want your already-held opinions and perceptions about the world reinforced” (Michael Griffin).

This means that the news people see tends to align with what they want to see, creating informational “echo chambers” (Michael Griffin). These difficult factors and more play into the decreasing reputation of news. The Internet has lowered the general credibility of news. In 2002, 69 percent of journalists believed that internet news was not as credible as traditional news sources (Cassidy). The fast paced race to cover news first leads to careless journalistic tendencies, and more rushed errors (Cassidy).

The open and accessible nature of the Internet is also a big reason news on the Internet is not as trusted. Sources on the Internet are often vague or simply anonymous, and it is difficult to decide who to trust. Readers often judge the credibility of news based on the civility of the surrounding content (Kjerstin et al. 291), and many readers trust in Internet sources that have connections to traditional news establishments (Cassidy). Just as the credibility of news has changed, so have people’s reactions to it. The Internet has affected people’s response to news. Social media allows for instant coverage and response to news as it happens.

Through the use of hashtags and trending features, users have created large interactive movements surrounding reactions to breaking news (Willis). The overwhelming amount of content made available by the Internet is another factor in how people respond. Some people respond positively, and allow the news they take in to make the more engaged in the subject (Prior 587). Some people, however, respond negatively, and let themselves become numbed by the information overload (Prior 587). Ultimately, it is up to the reader to respond appropriately to the news they recieve.

The Internet has forever changed the industry of news. The outlets, the content, the credibility, and the response to news have all been affected by the Internet. Bigger, broader, and faster, the Internet has forced traditional outlets to reinvent the way that they cover news. The way news is published and received has been drastically changed by the Internet. People should be mindful of the change, and proactive in finding accurate news sources. While the Internet provides plenty of benefits for both journalists and readers, it should should be treated with the same diligence given to previous news forms.

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