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Increased Terrorist Attacks Large Chances of a Gas Attacks

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Table of contents

  1. Abstract
  2. Introduction
  3. Anniversary of Japan’s Subway Gas Attack
    The Background of the Sarin Gas Attack in Japan and the Aftermath
    New York Police Department Test Gas Ordeal
    The Terrorists Plot Targeting New York City Subway System


This paper explores different published articles that report on the events and the results of the sarin gas attack that happened in Japan in the year 1995 and its influence or relationship on whether there could be another gas attack this time in New York City’s (NYC’s) Subway System. Various articles suggest that the sarin gas attack in Tokyo’s subway was planned and executed by a religious extremist group. The surge in terrorist attacks in Europe and the west Seem to suggest that there is a possibility of a major attack on NYC’s vast subway system. Solomon a widely quoted intelligence analyst in his thesis and suggests that the sarin gas Attack in Tokyo Japan could be a working template for ISIS, and likeminded terrorists against the United States and Europe. Suggests that New York police

Department released an “odourless, harmless” gas into the NYC’s subway system as a precautionary test for potential chemical or biological terrorist attacks. Chemical and Biological Weapons including toxic gases such as sarin are the target of terrorist groups such as the Al-Qaeda which is out to destabilize the west.


Tokyo and New York are some of the largest cities in the world with a population of over five Million people. The subway systems in these cities used to transport people are huge with more Than 3 million people using them daily. New York subway system being the larger of the two and the busiest can be a prime target for the terrorist to attack the unsuspecting and innocent public. The Use of a poisonous gas such as sarin is preferred by the terrorists since it is more fatal in terms of Casualties and it is easier to carry undetected since it can be carried in drink cans in liquid form just like what happened in the sarin attack in Japan.

The gas attack on March 20th 1995 that happened in Tokyo’s 3 subway lines left 12 people Dead and 5500 were treated in hospital. The attack was said to have been planned and executed by five members of a religious cult known as; Aum Shinri Kyo. (Yergler, 2002)

There was no indication of any foreign involvement in the gas attack. Sarin is a volatile and highly toxic nerve gas developed in the 1930’s by Nazi scientists. The gas is dangerous and Complex to make but it can be produced by a trained chemist with publicly available chemicals. Sarin paralyzes the lungs and attacks the central nervous system hence causing difficulty in Breathing. This paper seeks to discuss the relationship between the sarin gas attacks in Tokyo Japan and the imminence of another gas attack in New York City’s subway system.

Anniversary of Japan’s Subway Gas Attack

Recently, Japan commemorated the deadly sarin gas attack on Tokyo’s subway system. The anniversary that was conducted in Japan was to remember the death of thirteen citizens and more than a thousand others who got injured. The anniversary conducted could act as a motivation for the enemies of United States of America to conduct the same sarin gas attack in the NYC subway system. The anniversary carried out could be have been a reminder to the enemies of the United States of America of another way of conducting murder of a large number of people which does not involve violence. (AT, 2007)

In the contemporary society, terrorism is a global phenomenon that cannot be predicted. The anniversary conducted in Japan could be a lesson for the terror groups such as Al-qaeda to hit the United States through New York City, by planning sarin gas attacks on the people surrounding the New York City’s subway system. Research shows that Al-qaeda has been an enemy to the United States of America for several years. The terror group has planned successful attacks in the United States of America, its major target for several years in the past. Recently, the United States of America, killed the leader of the terror group, Osama Bin Laden, who was the world’s most wanted criminal until when he met his death under the operations of the U.S.A security intelligence.

It is common knowledge that terrorists normally plan and executes retaliatory attacks on countries that prove to be superior to their terror groups. The retaliatory attacks are usually aimed at the innocent citizens in order to hit the nation’s government where it hurts most. For instance, the Al-shabab terror group in Somalia recently carried out a terror attack in a University College where innocent lives of promising students were lost. As noted earlier in this paper, terror activities cannot be predicted since the terrorists are also wise in making their plans. The New York City’s Subway System could be a chance for the Al-Qaeda terror group to plan and execute sarin attacks on the people. Terrorists could use the ideas derived from the anniversary of the Japan gas attack in 1995. During anniversaries, the whole brutal attack is remembered including how the attack was conducted. This could be a chance for the terror groups to learn and invent more ways of planning future sarin gas attacks in various cities including New York City.

The anniversary of the Japan’s sarin gas attack in Tokyo is evidence that the families and friends of those who passed away and those who got injured still feel the pain of the attack. Research conducted by humanitarian organizations show that a good number of Japanese citizens still have health implications that were caused by the gas attack by in 1995. (Pangi, 2002) Anniversaries could also be a way of looking forward to preventing such occurrence in the past.

Research also shows that New York City has got a lot of Japanese citizens who carry out their jobs even in the New York City’s Subway System. Given that Japan as a country is well experienced with modern technology, many Japanese are employed in the subway system for effective operation. Investigations indicated that the gas attack in Japan was executed by Aum Shinriyo cult members who probably believe in the death of their fellows as a religious practice. As noted, the large number of Japanese individuals in the NYC’s subway system could be an opportunity for the cult members to conduct such heinous acts in the world class city of New York. Back in Japan, the cult members are known for their awkward practices and they could transfer their practices to other potential places like the NYC’s subway system. They could just plan the attack using the same criteria they used back in Japan.

The cult leaders are also well organized that nobody can easily realize their operations. For instance, they used an odorless gas in Tokyo to execute the gas attack in the subway system. It is therefore necessary for authorities to be vigilant in their operations in the New York City. In the contemporary society, cult practices is on the rise and it is right that people should be alert since the subway system in New York City could be an advantage to the cult members who are yearning for human blood. Assumptions cannot just be made that the cult practice is just in Japan. They might be operating globally to recruit and increase their evil deeds. (Yergler, 2002)

The Background of the Sarin Gas Attack in Japan and the Aftermath

Since the gas attack in Tokyo, Japan, news has been all over the print media, the television as well as on the internet of how the attack was executed and those who perpetrated the attack. The sarin gas has been described severally in the social media thereby creating awareness on the gas type and its effects. The gas has been described to be odorless, colorless, and highly toxic gas that can be easily sneaked into a place. The effect of the gas has been on the headlines for several years since people have not been able to believe on the brutality of fellow human beings. Posting the information in the social media could be a training ground for people who may want to carry out experiments to test whether what they read from social media is true. (Poolos, 2003)

The youth and children who may have access to the gas could be tempted to try using the same gas elsewhere. Children are known for trying many things in their lives as part of their games or as a way in which they learn. Due to curiosity, reasonable children may board a train with the gas or sneak it in to see the results of the action. Social media therefore acts as a ground where the youth and children learn how to execute crimes. It is not only the young people who might get tempted to carry out such act. There are adults who are tired of life and might wish to end their lives. According to research on human behavior, adults experience a lot of stress and might opt to end their lives together with other innocent people. Such influences blended with the ideas from social media could cause havoc in the New York City’s Subway system. The subway system is therefore not safe at any time except for when it is under tight security by the security personnel and even security intelligence agencies. From the social media, we learn about the coordinated multiple terror attacks in Tokyo on March, 20, 1995. We learn a lot from the background information on the gas attack in Japan, ranging from how the gas was sneaked into the subway system to how it was released, leading to multiple deaths and several injuries.

We are informed of the activities that took place prior to the gas attack through social media. We learn of a lawyer who was murdered together with his family in Yokohama. A lot of crimes went unsolved by the Japanese authorities just before the sarin gas attack. The subway system could have been the last option to target some people by using the poisonous gas. Critically, thinking, the criminals who did the act of killing the lawyer and his family might have colluded with the cult members who were held responsible to have committed the heinous act. New York City might not be an exception of a place that criminals might use to execute their duties. The New York subway is a perfect ground for criminals who want to target some important people in the community whom they envy. The subway system could be a way of achieving the murder of people who criminals have been tirelessly looked for but have not been successful in their acts of cowardice. It is a ground that can be used to accomplish acts of cowardice through the use of chemical gas.

News had it that the lawyer who had been killed was among the people who were trying to save their children from the cult that was held responsible for the Tokyo gas attack. There were three other judges who were being plotted to be killed for presiding over a court case that involved those who were in the cult. Evidently, the gas attack was behind the evil cult practices that also led to the lives of judges and a lawyer. It is clear that criminals supplement their activities with the Tokyo gas attack in order to allow for the existence of the cult. No one knows whether the cult members had targeted the three judges by planning and executing the gas attack in Tokyo, Japan. New York City subway system should therefore be on the watch of criminals who might want to use it as their last option while planning murder of individuals. ( Okumu et al, 1998)

According to the background information on the attack, five men boarded separate subway lines and they all headed to one place. The men dropped their bags of sarin on the floor of the train and punctured them before they could get out of the train. The result of the act of the five men is that the gas evaporated and affected both the people in the train and outside the train. In fact, it is the liquid in the train that evaporated and cause harm to the passengers. Those who were overcome by the gas were mostly those who were trying to provide assistance to the people who had been slightly affected. In the process, they came into contact with the gas, leading to the many deaths indicated in the books of history.

New York Police Department Test Gas Ordeal

Study on the state of the New York City Subway System reveals that the New York Police Department has started releasing into the air what they claim to be a set of harmless gases. The police department has explained their action as an experiment on how chemical weapons could be used by criminals and terrorists to cause murder in the recent times.

Such attempts by the police departments to test on the way gases spread has been condemned by scientists who reason that the gas the police used by the police can cause harm to the brain and heart if used persistently. Furthermore, the air bubbles are released only on some parts of New York Subway System hence it may cause harm to a specific group of New York citizens. Such remarks have been made by environmental preservation officers who understand the effects of long exposure to the different types of gas. The action the police are undertaking may be an indirect gas attack to the people who are consistently exposed to the gas released by the police. The police in investigating how poisonous gas spread and trying to find out how the gas is used by criminal and terrorists may cause a gas attack to the New York City subway system through consistently using the gas to carry out tests.

The Terrorists Plot Targeting New York City Subway System

Some time back, the United States intelligence agencies learned of the attempt by the Al-Qaeda terrorists group to plan and execute a gas attack in the New York City subway system. Reports indicate that the terror group was ordered by their leader; Ayman Zawahiriwho was as at that the deputy to Osama Bin Laden. It is said that they had planned to execute the attack using similar gas used to execute the attack in Tokyo, Japan. It cannot be assumed that the attack was called off by the Deputy leader of the terror group as it is widely said. Maybe the attack was postponed to be carried out on a later date which no one knows. The New York City subway system is therefore at the risk of gas attack from the Al-Qaeda terror group in the Middle East. (Dahl, 2011)

Given that the Al-Qaeda group has chemical engineers who understand better how gases like hydrogen work with other gases to cause damage, the NYC’s subway system can still not be safe even if the production of the sarin gas is stopped at the factories. The people are still at the risk of being attacked by the Al-Qaeda terror group using different sets of harmful gas. Given that the United State of America killed the leader of the Al-Qaeda terror group Osama Bin Laden, the NYC’s subway system could be the best way to carry out retaliatory attacks to the United States of America. The terror group might even plan on more deadly chemical weapons that can be compared to atomic bombs. The New York City subway system is not guaranteed any safety given the impending terror attack that was called off by the group’s leader. Perhaps the deputy leader decided that they should carry out deadly attacks whose effects would be felt for hundreds of years to come. It is upon the government of the United States of America to provide extremely heightened safety measures so as to curb insecurity at the subway system.

The information that was leaked out to the government regarding an impending terror attack could have not been true. Maybe somebody in the security intelligence team was bribed to hide out the truth from the government. Due to the love for money in the contemporary society, the security intelligence agencies may not be fully trusted with information regarding terror activities. The NYC’s subway system could be attacked by the terrorists under the influence of corruption in the society.

In a nutshell, increased attacks by the terrorist organizations such as The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and Al-Qaeda have led to an increase in the chances of a gas attack in the world’s largest subway system in New York City. Consistent political instability in the Middle East countries could be an indication that the subway system may be attacked if the United States of America decides to take sides in the war. The government of the Unite States therefore ought to teach its citizens techniques of survival in case of a gas attack at the subway system.

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