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Integrity Versus Despair: Life Satisfaction Among Elderly in Attaining Successful Aging and Their Behavioral Changes

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This issue has been investigated by the social scientific study of aging that there is a significant relationship among aging and successful adaptation which it defines as morale, life satisfaction or well-being. A successful life is not determined in their achievements but by how they feel grateful about what they have done no matter if it’s big or little. In addition, life satisfaction is variously regarded as the main component of having a worthy living, if they feel satisfied they are never afraid of what will happen next.

Successful aging can be perceived as a flavor to have a meaningful drive and the circumstances are the foundation that leads to a healthy adulthood life. It also be implied as both outcome and a process. It’s either you feel worried or gratified if you take a long process although the idea is still a blank vision. Hence, the lives of the elderly are associated with various factors such as social, economic, and family matters. These factors can be influential in raising their life satisfaction and how they perceive things around them. Based on the studies show that the health of the elderly would probably depend on how they execute their daily life, it contributed on their personal growth as an individual. Taking care of them should be one of the initial steps to making them feel that there will be someone who stays with them together. Physical aging is part of everyone’s chapter and no one is excused or even exempted to this phenomenon; aging is inevitable. In this stage, older people are aggressively working on their personal wants and needs.

Building a connection in any form of relationship is really vital for the elderly for them to grow in different ways, they can express themselves as who really they are. One of the reasons why there are consequences of not meeting developmental challenges included stagnation and emotional despair. When people don’t get what they want it tends to make them feel that something is incomplete and the feeling of regrets takes place into oneself. In other points, the totality of human beings are probably be affected.

In several recent theories emphasize that the impact of an aging population on the economic aspects has its negative outcome, particularly in the labor power of the elderly. However, in this issue, they believe that the world has facing various conflicts and it need have a serious act of solidarity to practice the right and voice of the elderly. One of these is the health change to outlive better quality because discrimination among aging people is rampant. Then, in the aging process positive self-evaluation is related with increasing the quality of life and longevity. They come up with the idea of life satisfaction is subjective, everyone has its own perception and it differs among various cultures, so respect one another.

Using the data from the Philippines Longitudinal Study of Aging 2007 presents the current status of the elders’ situation in the country wherein he results shows that successful aging, as defined in the Philippines context, is composed of the following domains that affect their everyday routine which includes functional health, engagement with life, absence of pain and weakening conditions and maintenance of vision and hearing. Thus, aging among Filipinos examining the relationship between successful aging and life satisfaction has the highest probability of being satisfied regardless of their socioeconomic status, and way of living and there are several significant differences in their gender as a result in the study.

Based on the data from a large, representative national sample, this article replicates some earlier analyses regarding life satisfaction and old age. This found out that persons over age 65 were found to be only slightly less satisfied with their lives than persons aged 40 to 54 and 55 to 64. These reasons are because of poor health conditions, companionship, and financial problems are the strongest correlates of life satisfaction across age groups. The negative correlation between age and satisfaction must control these three factors to fewer conflicts. This also has a relative strength of a number of possible predictors of life satisfaction within different age groups among the elderly.

Furthermore, Rowe and Kahn, the authors believe that social support is demanded in upholding a healthy aging lifestyle, and in that he presented these reasons which hinder to adulthood to attain a kind of life they want to be, one of the factors is the isolation that may bring the risk that leads to poor health; social support – such as emotive sense, physical, and personal contact can give a progressive impact on elders health status; social support can buffer or reduce some health-related effects of aging and it really helps protect to be stress -free. This addresses factors that are unbeneficial which hold to have a flourishing life instead. The authors believe that it’s never too late to reverse bad side health habits into a more healthy way of living.

Integrity Versus Despair

A review of recent research provides a new concept that can be added to the idea of Erik Erikson’s theory. The stage of integrity versus despair is one of the most challenging parts of being in adulthood stage. This chapter of older people tests their potential in survival, to resist in a relationship and environmental atmosphere. It has a particular implication to them which includes various changes, particularly in their mental behavior and attitude.

Generally, occurring in old age involves conflicts if those individuals fall to despair, they are alarmed in too little time left to achieve what goals they have. The knowledge of life is realized through experiences. The present study attempted to demonstrate the validity of ego integrity and despair as opposing attributes in the elderly‘s attitude as they get old and to provide support for this theory. The Elderly wants to have enjoyable retentions as much as possible, time should be well spent not to experience despair, and in fact, ego integrity is a crucial component of life satisfaction because it’s a matter of reflecting on one’s self. The older adults are the ones who feel content with their life experiences, a feeling of completeness and gratitude is said to be a fulfilled life, when a person is not complaining and asking for anymore and beyond.

Life Satisfaction

Several explanations and definitions of life satisfaction can be observed as it is not an easy to understand notion because it has not exact meaning and each life is totally different among anyone else, each can give meaning to their own life. In the idea of Summer, 1966 he says the life satisfaction is a positive evaluation of the conditions of your life in which requires balance and measures up favorably against standards and expectations.

Whereupon, according to Andrew 1974, he points out that the life satisfaction of adulthood is all about forming a good outcome from personal experiences that help them to become even better despite what they went out through the journey of being in that stage of their life. In recent research conducted life satisfaction is probably determined on the degree of having a positive emotion experienced, the trait that someone should have is a bright outlook in life.

Research points out that there are individual differences on how the meaning of life is to one’s sense of well-being. The determinants of well-being and life satisfaction are highly individualized and personalized, it is depending on their values and orientation.

Similarly, in the idea of Ashton,1974, reported interactions between race, age, and life satisfaction across age groups. Studies concerning the influence of sex on life satisfaction have reported inconsistent findings. In a study averaging thirty years of age, men perceived themselves to be happier than women. Then, Spretzer and Snyder, 1974 found out that there’s a slight correlation between sex and life satisfaction, but with an interesting interaction between age, sex, and life satisfaction. Women, up to age 65 have higher rates of life satisfaction than men after age 65 men were more likely than women to have higher levels of life satisfaction, this belief that he age among them affects due to certain needs. Hence, according to Clemente et. al,1976, the aging of man and women have found no difference in satisfaction by sex.

Successful Aging

Numerous studies have explained in their documents that the enhancements in psychological welfare across life-span, in the face of the incapability due to the declining of their age as well as their physical and cognitive state threats. Moreover, to describe various facets of successful aging is continually growing to be aware on healthy strategies and promote well-being. Physical limitations at their age is said to be successful aging already.

Lifestyle factors are associated in successful aging and these will be the components of one’s life as what Bosnes et. al, 2019 stated. A recent study found out that older people’s plan and wishes for successful aging are related to activities, engagement with life, and health. No doubt, that this would be a lifetime process may be the life of every individual has successful aging at one point in their lives but not the same with others. Understanding older adults’ beliefs about successful aging can be a valuable tool for the provision of support to elders engaged in this process (Buchanan, 2016).

Importantly, Rowe and Kahn, 1998 acknowledged successful aging in two different factors which he discussed the genetic and extrinsic lifestyle factors. His idea are both concerned in psychosocial aspects of aging that simply help to view it clearly as a focusing dilemma.

Behavioral Changes

The research found out that older adults have the capacity of composing their emotional power control and emotional constancy. The elderly have greater impulse control primarily because they can use of more efficacy coping strategies. In fact, agreeing with Park et al., 1999 he believes that older people are able to change their behavior on their own. In contrast, it’s also possible that older adults see fewer opportunities for change on the belief that their efforts to change will have less positive outcomes. However, when people seek for opportunities, the need for change is constant through life happens in a way that they improve themselves. Such attitudes have a profound effect on well-being throughout the lifespan. It’s said that whether older people are more or less likely than younger one to initiate change but it’s clear that aging often entails making a change if they can have it and their freedom to live to enable them to achieve their purpose as their ultimate destination.

Current Study

Different research findings on stability and change in life satisfaction with aging have yielded inconsistent views because at approaches used in measuring this construct and in quantifying its change, particularly in their exhibited behaviors and style of life acquired from the elderly. This study assumed that there’s a relationship between having a fulfilled life as the age changes. In regards to this, unsatisfied aging affects their behavior and well-being and fails to achieve personal motives resulting in a feeling of despair. The aging process is both creating blissful moments or in a point that adult people tend to feel worried about themselves because of unfulfilled desires.

Succeeding this assumption, the older people getting on aging are the ones who make double time to uplift their potential to meet a bundle of possibilities. Lifestyle is one of the factors which contributes in attaining healthy and successful aging. Thus, this investigation gives much attention on discovering if the elderly still have an interest to look out for their source of happiness or keeping up to believe that it’s t too late enough to do much. Lastly, this study seeks to understand adulthood lifestyle, growth, and learnings in having a satisfied milestone.

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