Interview of an 18 Year Old Elitekits Gamer

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About this sample


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Published: Jan 29, 2019

Words: 1679|Pages: 4|9 min read

Published: Jan 29, 2019

IGN:SethayRank:UltimateAge:18Timezone:Eastern Standard Time/EST

'Why Violent Video Games Shouldn't Be Banned'?

Do you have a microphone?:Yes.

When did you join?:I've been playing EliteKits for a while now I've always changed my IGN because I was always bored of having the same name, You can even see in my NameMC so that's why noone really ever remembers me but I heard about this server back in like 2014 or so my friends Skilled and Withat4 showed me the server and I really loved the style of the Soup PvP Gamemode and since this was a great Soup server is the reason why I've always been playing on here I don't remember a time Elitekits Wasn't on my Server list, But the time I started actually playing more often was like some time in 2016 I believe [ I'm terrible at remembering at the moment ] and I would just hop on and basically chat a lot most the time I didn't even really PvP it was just quite funny to interact with people on here and I met some cool people on here and I would never regret joining this server it's really fun because when I first found out about this server I was playing servers like McDreamz and McCritz stuff like that and It was a pain to actually work your way up on those servers and once I used my /kit pvp and died I would basically log off and that's why Elitekits was so cool to me because it was my first Soup PvP Kitmap server and I would just spend hours playing on there because you didn't have to work for any gear you just pick a kit and go fight people and it's not rage indusing at all you die it's no big deal you don't lose anything and you weren't fighting for too long.

Do you have any previous or concurrent infractions?:Nope How well can you screenshare?:So about screensharing, Honestly I haven't been staff on a server in quite a long time really and I'll be honest I'm not too good at this but I would certainly try to learn. I sort of know the basics but I'm not going to lie and say I'm a god at it but I would love to learn how too, I know there's really good "screensharers" On this server and I feel like, me, not knowing much about it is really my biggest flaw but I'm sure I can learn from the other experienced staff members and I'm honestly slowly learning how to just watching Screenshare videos is quite informative and I've been watching Tenebrous for a while so I learned some of it

Previous experience?:Ocean Prison/Sky Prison:This is a really, really old prison server I think I was staff on here in 2013, Sky Prison is their main server now but back then they had a Network with 2 Prison servers and one was Ocean prison I was quite young when I applied but It somehow worked out, they gave me a chance at staff and I was Moderator. I was a moderator for a couple months but I was demoted later on When I was staff I really wasn't ready. Honestly when I would get critisized I would just not be able to handle it, I was quite anxious that when anything bad happened rather than trying to fix it I would just shy away from it and that's what happened when I found out I did something wrong with muting someone when I wasn't supposed to I thought I would get demoted and I was scared since this was my first time being staff on any minecraft server and my first server I fell in love with I just hid away from a long time, almost 3 weeks because I couldn't face it I don't know why but I was just way to scared over getting demoted and obviously this didn't help but at the time it felt right I don't know what was going through my head. But after being demoted I was then promoted later on as a Guard which was a small staff rank it only had /Tempmute and /kick and I was a guard until the server shut down. The server just wasn't getting enough consistent players and they had to shut it down but they still have Skyprison which is their most successful server.I haven't been staff on many servers honestly because I never thought about doing it and I just thought it was extra effort I always thought, Why would you moderate people playing the game when you can just play the game which is more fun. But I feel like it's more about the experience and since I rarely get to be staff on many servers I haven't really experienced it, I don't get why but on any server everyone wanted staff and I was wondering what's so good about it? And I sort of understand but I would like to try it out and experience it myself.

Why do you want moderator?:MaturityI'm really mature when I need to, sure I can joke around and be childish but everyone has to have some fun once in a while but when the time is needed I can be mature, some examples where maturity is really needed is.When your staff and interacting or helping someone you have to be mature because you're a face of the staff team and if you act immature it'll just make the staff team as a whole seem like their immature. Not only that it's just like really not a time to be immature when you're helping someone and you make a comment or just act immature it could make them feel uncomfortable or inferior.InspirationI've known a couple people that were staff on here and I thought it was really cool Skilled is one of my close friends that was staff on here but he was staff a while ago and I thought it was quite cool he told me a lot about how it was on the staff team, The goods, and the bads.

I kind of looked up to him because he's a great person and really good at interacting with people, He's really mature when he needs to and when he talks to random people that he hasn't met he respects them and he's not judgemental at all to people, I mean when I first talked to him oh my lord I don't know how he was able to deal with me but he never insulted me, Judged me or anything this was back in like 2012 when I met him and damn was I an annoying squeaker. Enough about my life story but he's tought me a lot about finding cheats and knowing when people are cheating but this was a bit of time ago he doesn't really play anymore and he told me what hacks looked like in game when ghost clients were still new so I don't know if what he told me is still relevent today.


This is one thing I think it's quite good at I'm basically always recording and always have proof of everything, I use Mirillis Action! And GeForce Shadow Play so I'm basically always recording so going back and investigating if something was sketchy or suspicious I have time to research, I would never take action on something I'm not sure about but that's why I record everything because if something like I thought someone was cheating but I wasn't sure I would always get a second opinion and have proof so people can see. It's funny because since I'm not the best is the reason why I record everything to get a second opinion rather than being like "oh he's definitely cheating" and just ban them because I THINK they're cheating is a really bad way to go about dealing with stuff you don't know.


With everything I put my mind to and I feel like is important to me I always dedicate my time to and always make sure I put my best effort as I can, When I have a goal I try and reach it simple as that just like how I want moderator on here if I get denied and just give up then did I really want moderator no. I don't want to sell out or anything but a good example is that on my YouTube channel I like to stream every single day and hope to one day be a full-time streamer and I'm putting all my effort and dedication to reach that dream no matter what.I'm honestly kind of a Forum Junky and I'm always on like 3 Forum pages on different tabs at once, I just love reading the things people write about and just seeing other peoples opinions on things is really facinating to me. Why do I feel this is important? Well the forums is where you get the most detail with anything like how the Community feels about a certain change or when the community makes a suggestion, or if someone needs help with something and it's really the best place if you want answers and have questions and I'm here to answer them most of the time.

What separates you from other applicants?:I feel like my reasons why I want to be a moderator is what seperates me from the crowd. I feel like my dedication is something that makes me stand out I mean I've wanted to be staff on here for a while but once I was really wanted to be staff the server shut down and I missed my chance at it. I honestly don't remember if I applied before I might have but I don't think it was even set to Accepted/Denied It was near the end of Elitekits.

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Anything else?:I know I kept jumping to different topics but that's just how I am when I'm writing my mind just jumps randomly or just sticks to one topic for way too long but honestly I love it, when I write about a small catagory I like to write everything that's on my brain.​

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