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The Introduction of Gmo Foods as a War on Food

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  • Published: 10 April 2019
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War On Food

When genetically modified food was first introduced in the 20th century, it was a break through for mankind. Imagine, being able to eat any type of fruit or vegetable all year round! Sounds pretty amazing at first, right? I beg to differ. Instead of helping the population, like many thought, it has made thousands sick, and even some serious disorders have become more common in the last twenty years. Not just the human population is suffering from GMO crops but the environment is suffering as well. Unfortunately Multi-billion dollar companies, such as Monsanto, don’t care about these hazards but care more about getting their dollar. If we continue to put GMO crops into our bodies, our health will continue to get worse over time. More citizens need to be aware of the negative effects of GMO Crops and the corruptness of Monsanto.

The War on food is the unfortunate increase in genetically modified food products, that completely take away the security of organic and have not yet been proven safe to ingest. Genetically modified crops are slowly ruining our land, environment, and bodies. Over the last twenty years GMO crops have gone up and the farmers that haven’t committed to Monsanto are blacklisted. Even the farmers with clean crops are still heavily effected by GMO seeds because of the wind blowing the toxic herbicides into their fields. Recently, GMO Alfalfa was approved and will start to be planted very soon, just this crop will release 23 million more pounds of toxic herbicides into the environment each year, and the government is supposed to be green? Sounds a bit opposite to me. It is important to be aware of what exactly we are putting into our bodies, and what is in season. I, personally, don’t want to ingest something that is going to release millions of more toxins into our already polluted environment.

As well as getting my view in the subject, a close and well respected friend of mine, Amy, was kind enough to speak with me about her views on the war on food. Amy is a lovely goddess from Longmont, Colorado and is an extreme believer in small farming and organic clean products. Her boyfriend and her became more aware after first watching Food Inc. and began to only ingest food that was truly all natural. After keeping up with the food democracy groups and researching as much as she could, her and her boyfriend decided they were going to move to North Carolina to become small organic farmers to try and help our food industry, so hopefully in twenty years, we will have the choice of all natural products. When asking Amy why she decided this was so important she responded, I decided to act upon this because it is slowly killing us and our planet. People may not be aware of it now, but when researching and noticing that none of the vegetables in the store are in season, where do they think they are coming from? GMO food has not yet been proven to be safe for humans to eat, or even an animal to ingest. I am a young able bodied woman and I wanted to do my part. Especially being only twenty-one, I could drop everything and go farm in North Carolina without much consequence. I also asked her if she thought we had any chance of getting what we wanted from Monsanto and the government and to stop ingesting so much GMO food, she said there was not much of a chance. We are so out of control with our politics, and Monsanto is the biggest producing industry today, us citizens really don;t have much of a say, unfortunately. Just this past February when the Obama administration passed GMO sugar beets and alfalfa, over 300,000 people had commented, email, or called the administration saying they were against the new proposal, and every single one of those people was evidently ignored, considering it was passed.

The ig man behind it all, Monsanto. When going online to Monsanto’s website, it looks like the American dream, and this company is helping us take steps in the right direction, well, don’t be fooled. Under Who We Are on the website, it says Producing more, conserving more, improving lives. That doesn’t seem to be the case, they may be producing more but improving lives? They’re actually helping us ingest poison into our bodies. They continue to go on about how they could not exist without the farmers, sounding like they truly respect them. In multiple documentaries and articles, those farmers don’t talk so well about Monsanto and sound like they were completely disrespected by those employed by Monsanto’s. For example, just these past couple weeks, a group of organic farmers have sued Monsanto for to stop the corporation from unfairly litigating them over the spread of patented seeds. In response, the farmer caring industry is now threatening to file law suits against the organic farmers for the mixing of seeds considering it infringement. Which basically this all means, the organic farmers are tired of the gmo seeds carrying over with the wind onto their lands, which are causing the crops to no longer be fully organic and Monsanto’s response was they could file lawsuits for their seeds being in the crops, even though the organic farmers do not want them mixed with their crops. In the article, David Ravecher, whom is director of the Public Patent Foundation, said It seems quite perverse that an organic farmer contaminated by transgenic seed could be accused of patent infringement, but Monsanto has made such accusations before and is notorious for having sued hundreds of farmers, Now, that doesn’t sound like Monsanto truly appreciates the farming community. Monsanto is also extremely tied in with the government, many government officials are also connected with Monsanto, or extreme supporters of the corporation.

One thing that I believe to be very important is knowing what foods are in season at the grocery store. King Soopers seems to believe the same thing, because they have a sign hanging in the fruit and vegetable section telling you what is in season. As of right now, nothing is in season, although in May, the potatoes will be! Not just myself, but many people have tried to make a stand and help our community become more aware of Monsanto’s destruction and the food we put in our bodies. Documentaries like Food Inc., The Beautiful Truth, and even ones not so apparent like Super Size Me can show the destruction we our doing to our bodies just by eating certain foods.

In ten, fifteen, or twenty years I could possibly be a parent, and have a family of my own. Wouldn’t you want the choice of whether you could feed your family genetically modified injected foods, or organic natural foods? When the company behind it all not only owns all the food that they are injecting with these chemicals, but also the medicines to help make us better when we fall ill. It could all just be a coincidence yet it seems to be working just fine for the Multi-billion dollar company. People truly need to awaken to this destruction of ourselves, and our only home we have, Earth. If we continue to put GMO crops into our bodies, our health will continue to get worse over time. More citizens need to be aware of the negative effects of GMO Crops and the corruptness of Monsanto.

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