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Judging Others Based on First Impression

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Judging a book by its cover has always been a debatable subject. A person’s presentation, that is, physical appearance, clothes, voice, and movement, is often how society views and assesses first impressions. However, first impressions are often unreliable indicators as it takes more than a first impression to be able to identify a person’s true self and values. In today’s generation, people usually make comments about others without knowing or discovering who they really are.

For instance, based on my personal experiences, my physical appearance has caused both my peers, family, friends, and co-workers to misjudge me. I even feel like I am judged by people on the internet and strangers around me. Being 5’9” at age 18 with a lean but toned stature, many people view me as not having the ideal masculine symbolic dimension of being strong. Furthermore, I have been told that I am an attractive young man with sky blue eyes with a clean and flawless skin portraying me as a delicate individual which contrary to people’s beliefs, I am very athletic, powerful and vigorous which clearly illustrates the social construction theory.

In addition to my physical appearance, what I wear and how I wear it is also misleading by the public. My wardrobe does not entirely reflect who I am. Yes, I am an athlete at heart and most of my wardrobe is athletic in design, but people only see that side of me wearing my baseball caps, Adidas track pants, my Nike t-shirts and my Michael Jordon running shoes, but really this is all just a sociological imagination. People do not see the other side of me when I attend family functions, friend’s birthday parties or other social gatherings when I dress professionally and trendy with my Gucci and Versace apparel. Some people may think that wearing designer clothing demonstrates wealth and vanity, but for me, it does not represent arrogance or egotism. People instinctively recognize that if a person chooses to wear expensive clothing an intentional statement is made showing wealth and taste. For me, it simply shows that I value keeping up with trends. I believe, like the cover of a book, first impressions are not always what is in fact the truth.

In my opinion, it is not until you start reading the book or getting to know someone when you really find out that what you see is not always what is. Moreover, my co-workers view me differently when I am in my McDonald’s uniform serving customers as well as preparing food in the kitchen. Again, judging me by wearing a uniform which is universal by all employees does not truly reflect my identity. I began my journey at McDonalds as a crew member, then advanced to a team leader and now am training for a managerial position. Being a leader for such a reputable franchise, I am responsible for training employees and ensuring that the restaurant is running efficiently.

Consequently, I use body language by crossing my arms and looking intimidating as well as alter my voice from a nurturing and comforting tone to a powerful and stern tone to enhance my superiority and leadership role which does not define who I am. Those that know me well could easily recognize that these are not my innate characteristics as I am not condescending or arrogant, hence, one should not judge someone by their body language or tone as first impressions are not always accurate. In Today’s society, people often make comments about others without knowing or discovering who they really are. It is unfair to others that the initial impression they give off forms a judgement in our mind. As discussed in our lectures, Oppression is full of contradictions. Thus, globally, there is a need for new opinions and new theories to make sense of the power relations. The way a person may act and behave has a possibility of influencing the way others form their judgements when meeting them for the first time. Due to the fact that many of these judgements resonate with us until we get to know the person further, many of these assumptions are technically incorrect.

Unfortunately for us, as humans we cannot see past a person’s looks as we can only see what the eye allows us to. Therefore, first impressions are often the worst means of judging a person because you truly don’t know anything about the person and just see the “cover of the book”. For instance, do we judge a book by whether it is big or small, attractive, colorful? Similarly, do we judge a person based on their height, weight, race, attractiveness? Judging a person by his/her looks can be detrimental to the way a person forms personal relationships, feelings, and job opportunities. In addition, judging a person by their initial impressions exclusion by specific groups according to what is accepted. As society is slowly starting to have more diversity in not just ethnic backgrounds, but physical appearances, It is important to understand that there are varieties of differences everywhere in our multicultural communities. Despite our faulty human nature to judge someone by their appearance, even though it should not be that way, our external appearances are genetic therefore uncontrollable. It’s the way an individual carries themselves, and their open mindedness to new things that should be looked at-not looks.

Referring back to voyeurism, when we watch movies we tend to notice that the “nerdy” character as the funnier role. Their lifestyle is entertainment to us, while the more desired character we look upon as the more luxurious life. Most of us humans, would like to be the dominant class which achevies hegemony. The way we come up with these conclusions is because of our critical thinking skills. Without even knowing, we use: who, what, where, when why and how as question starters to have a better understanding of the movie. As a whole together, should stop treating others differently based on how they look and really get to know them better before judging them. The only way that this will occur, is if the change starts from yourself. Everyobdy needs to have another way of thinking and another way of acting such as trying to find an alliance throughout common causes and building empathy with one another.

There are several factors that can affect the first impression that one receives from another. An individual’s physical appearance, attire, voice and body language can misrepresent a person’s personality and behavior. Initial impressions are generally misleading and untrustworthy markers since it takes more than one impression to recognize a person’s true identity. Just as we should not judge a book by its cover, nor should we judge a person on the first impression. Instead, let us open the book and look inside to be able to see and reflect on what is the truth.

Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student.

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