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KIK for PC

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Installation of mobile apps on PC is as hectic as it is and with the presence of several Operating Systems in the industry. It is necessary for you to select the optimal solution that would save your precious time and energy. With the evolution of the web and social technology, several messengers, both premium and free have arrived at the market. In this article, I would provide you with the necessities that would be necessary to install Kik messenger, which is also known as Kik, is one of the most prolific instant messaging application and software developed by the Canadian organization named Kik.

Apart from the platforms of iOS and Android, it is also available for PC. The unique feature of the application is the user anonymity that is facilitated by the application. this allows the credentials of the user to be kept confidential. As per the claims made by an investigative report on Kik messenger, it is now regarded to be extremely popular amongst teenagers and children and is held in high regards as the defacto application for grooming children. However, it can also be said that its significant and most unique feature is also the reason for its downfall in recent times. In order to register to this messaging application, all the user has to do is to enter his/her name, e-mail address and the date of birth, with the exception of exclusion of phone number that has made this application different from the other applications present on the web.

Development: This application was actually developed in 2009 by the University of Canada and was brought out to the world in the latter half of October in 2010. It is now considered to be one of the most trusted software for the sharing of texts, videos, and photos. As per a current survey carried out by Google, almost 500 million people have downloaded the application. newly promoted bots for chat has been added to improve the provision of conversation with other people. it is one of the first types of messaging services that have provisioned the exchange of messages without any concern regarding phone bills.

Things to ponder prior to installation: The Worldwide Web is now considered to be an open treasure of information. The development of new gadgets and technologies have resulted in the privacy of information to be a major pain. Hackers and tech-savvy people are quite competent enough to leak your chats on the web, and this might prove to be an additional burden on you already strained life schedule. Prior to the provision of setting up a username, there are some aspects that are needed to be considered by the user. In order to sustain privacy, the username needs to be totally different from any other social media network as the same username can destroy the privacy of an individual, as the corresponding profiles are synchronized with the application. However, the settings related to privacy is totally dependent upon the preference of the user. When Kik is compared to any other messenger related to social media software, there is a significant difference related to the matters of privacy. Several accounts for social media incorporates the users to reveal their actual names and information. Even though these settings can be appropriately enabled or disabled, most users who are not tech savvy, do not know the exact procedure of adjusting these specifications. As a result, they are the final ones to realize that their profile is open to the outside world and end up with the revelation of information. In addition to this, since there are several messengers out there, it would be quite comprehensible for a user to select an age-appropriate messenger. The reason, applications such as Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp is prioritized over this app is because of kid-friendly content. As this is an open-world application, the credentials of people are vulnerable to be revealed in public. End-to-end encryption of conversations has not been implemented to date and as a result, chats are not secure.

Methods of installation: There are two ways of using Kik and its services. The first type involves the utilization of the software online without the need for downloading it on PC. Now, on the web, there are several emulators present that guarantee you to be satisfied with the execution of the application. In order to carry out the operation, the Manymo android emulator needs to be installed on the corresponding PC. This android emulator provides the user to use any mobile application via the services that are made available online. Here are the 6 steps that are required to be followed by you in order to install Kik for your PC: The Android emulator does not require any charges and posts downloading the application on the device, all the features of the Kik messaging service can be utilized. Prior to the downloading and installation of the Kik messaging file on the PC, the application file for messaging needs to be downloaded.

  • Following the downloading of the .apk file, signing up for Manymo would be necessary by utilizing the password and the username of the corresponding user. The .apk file that is downloaded is the uploaded to the Manymo emulator and the launch button is then clicked upon. Following the successful execution of these steps, this application can be utilized via a PC.
  • Excluding the aforementioned emulator, there are several other emulators, which also provides the usage of the Kik messaging application. Android and Bluestacks are several trustworthy emulators as well, but critical acclamation suggests Android over Bluestacks.
  • First and foremost, Android is downloaded and post downloading, the emulator is then installed on the corresponding device. Following the process of installation, the instructions are needed to be followed out appropriately and the permission is needed to be accepted.
  • The following link can be used to download the software on PC:
  • Post acceptance of permission, the user needs to login into the corresponding account of Google. As the user now has a login, the account would be synchronized with the application and then the user can download and install the messaging application easily. In order to download Kik by using Bluestacks, the Bluestacks software is needed to be downloaded and installed on the corresponding device.
  • Bluestacks is needed to be opened and Kik messenger is needed to be searched in the box. Following a click on the application name, the software would start to download. Following this, the software needs to be opened and the number of the user is needed to be provided for verification and authentication reasons and only after this, a user can enjoy the services of this application. In addition to Bluestacks, Kik is also now available on the Extension Store of Chrome and as a result, the Kik Extension for Chrome is needed to be installed.

Why is Kik unique: Unlike several premium messaging services out there, Kik does not charge a single penny for its utilization. The user can connect with anyone from around the globe, provided that user to has an account in Kik as well.

  • There are several interactive features provisioned by the application which the user can utilize. Several social platforms are supported by Kik that implies that videos and images can be easily shared via Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.
  • However, in MAC, the intended user cannot download emulators such as Bluestack or Android to execute the application. The only acceptable emulator for MAC devices includes Manymo. However, in order to install Manymo, Windows Operating System needs to be installed on the corresponding MAC device via Bootcamp. The user also needs to install the disk for installation of Windows on the corresponding MAC device.
  • In order to execute the application on a PC, two options named Login and Register can be utilized and depend upon the feasibility of the account on this messaging service, the aforementioned options need to be chosen. When the application is opened initially on a PC, it would seek permission from the user to access contacts.
  • When the “OK” option is clicked upon, this application synchronizes the contacts of the user with that of the messenger. For seeking and adding extra friends on this messaging service, the speech bubble, present in the upper right-hand corner of the PC, is needed to be clicked upon.
  • Then, the KIK of the friend is needed to be sought regarding the username of the PC. Following the initialization of adding friends on this messaging service, the speech bubble would also display the friend’s list of the user.
  • The email address is needed to be confirmed on behalf of the user as it would allow them to reset the password, in case it is lost. In order to chat with a contact by using this service in a PC, the intended contact needs to be chosen and the message needs to be typed or an attachment needs to be selected and the send button needs to be clicked upon following the execution of the previous action.
  • There is a set of new features in the PC version of this messaging service that facilitates the recording of videos and sharing them with any contact. A whopping number of 50 people can be added to a group conversation in this application.

Using Andy: Andy disintegrates the barriers that prevent the installation of this application on any device, irrespective of the OS and platform would not be a problem behind the competence of installation of this application. Any Android application can be executed via Andy. It has been powered by an entire Android User Interface and is supported by the windows 7 and 8 versions along with the OSX Operating system of MAC. Following the downloading of Kik, a copy related to Kik for PC is available for Andy OS. Andy is compatible with any browser of desktop and synchronizes everything with the open emulated software.

Kik Reviews: There are several issues that are faced by users while executing this application on the PC.

  • One of the most common issues faced by users include the problem of the .NET framework, and this problem generally appears on the XP version of Windows.
  • This might take place during the installation of Android or Bluestacks software on the intended device. However, this can be easily handled and the issue can be addressed by the appropriate upgrading of the graphics card.
  • This application, however, has surprisingly able to garner over 275 million downloads to date but the age demography of the users generally comprise of teenagers who intend to meet new people over the internet.
  • This application features the utilization of usernames rather than real names on Facebook and Twitter, and as a result, people can conceal their identity while interacting with an unfamiliar face for the first time. If you have been a user of Snapchat, then I can assure you that this application would keep you more engaged as compared to it.
  • Perhaps, in the world of Instant Messaging, Kik possesses the most elusive set of features regarding user satisfaction, ease of usability and the quotient for fun. The unique feature is to incorporate these specifications into 2 screen-taps or clicks.
  • The definitive parameters that have made this application one of the most successful software of its genre include the ease of sharing of photos within chats. There are some catchy specifications that would empower you to share this application with your kith and kin, thus adding an extra j in enjoyment.

They are: Easy sharing of photos can be done using this application. Now you might retaliate with the provision of User Interface in other similar apps. Then, I can counter argue with you by saying that this application enables the combination of pictures and gifs with texts. This is quite similar to the phenomenon of Snapchat meeting Facebook, only cooler, as the user does not have to leave that window at all.

  • Excluding WhatsApp, one cannot make use of GIFs while expressing their emotions. This is enabled by this app that considers the emotions and playfulness of the user, unlike most messengers that are considered to be quite bland.
  • Adding friends is like taking candies from a baby while using this application. This is powered by a quick definitive scanning of codes that would result in the addition of new friends to the list.
  • Last, but not the least, the most searched question regarding Kik is “Whether or not the international rival to Whatsapp is actually safe. The application has been falsely plagued with accusations of snatching of data.
  • However, it has been critically acclaimed by renowned tech-gurus that users can utilize this application without suffering any hiccups. In addition to this, the user can sleep in peace knowing that the company strives to meet the bugs with regular updates as well, thus taking care of any malfunction, significant or otherwise. Although, with such positive praises, there are also some negative nancies that have pinpointed the flaws out of this application. According to several reviews shared by parents on the web, this app has resulted in Issues of severe cyberbullying and sexual harassment. This app is considered to be dangerous when operated on cellular devices as the inbuilt GPS facilitates and at times, give away the location of a minor to a pedophile.
  • There has been a case where a kid has been sexually provoked in Western Australia. Furthermore, this app is ground with “hook up” type games apps and voting for a cute lad or lassie.
  • It has been emphasized by Forbes and Point that Kik is generally cited to be the most deployed law enforcement tool utilized by predators as it is easy to set up free of any additional overhead and the users are able to privately share digital information.
  • Instances of cyber bullying and sexual predation are not only exclusive for Kik but are also extremely prevalent amongst the social media conglomerates such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

However, the additional security that is provided to predators in Kik involves the anonymity that is provided to users and this facility is provisioned with the usage of usernames rather than real names. A spokesperson related to Kik has expressed his grievances related to the increased number of crimes on this messenger that was initially developed keeping the teenagers and children in mind. According to him, safety was, is and always would be of the foremost essence of the organization and it makes a promise of carrying out a better job regarding the erasing of fake profiles and profiles of users who have been charged with harassment, child abuse, and extremist crimes.

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